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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Orders Her

to Rehab

10/22/2010 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was just ordered back to rehab until at least January 3, 2011 -- no jail time.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Lohan is due back in court on February 25. She will be subject to drug testing in between her release from rehab until her court date. If Lindsay does not test positive for drugs or alcohol before her next scheduled during that time, he will convert her sentence to unsupervised probation.

The D.A recommended Lindsay get 180 days in county jail. The judge specifically stated he wanted Lindsay in rehab past the New Year.

1022_lohan_arrival_small_viThe judge said to Lindsay at one point, "You are an addict. I hope you understand that." Lindsay nodded her head in agreement.

He added, "I don't want another train wreck."

Lindsay's estranged father, Michael Lohan, sat on the opposite side of the court from Lindsay's mother, Dina.

Lindsay was in tears at the end of the hearing and when asked if she understood the judge's ruling, she responded, "No, your honor. I understand. Thank you."

Our reporter in the court said Lindsay showed off her SCRAM bracelet to her mother during the hearing and motioned as if she really wanted it removed. We're told that will happen soon.



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I am tired of hearing about Lindsey Lohan..I am also tired of all the breaks she get's by the judicial system because of her money.

I don't care where this girl goes..She needs help and the Judicial System and her family do not seem to understand this and keep protecting her.

Is it going to take her to kill one of my children, grandchildren before she is put away where she can't harm anyone..It is by the grace of God that she hasn't killed an innocent victim with her drugs and driving..And the legal system protects her and to hell with those innocent people on the streets where she is driving..

Sad, Sad..

1425 days ago


I would of served up the death penalty

1424 days ago


Why do all you LiLo haters feel the urge to try to hurt and destroy such an angel. Afterall, she is an intelligent, beautiful, talented young girl who happens to have an unbelievably screwed-up family and a (not so good) set of friends. She didn't ask to be placed into that environment, she was simply born into it. I'm just hoping she will stay in rehab, (for the judges sake), and stay away from those who continually try to exploit her talents and her easy ability to make serious cash and just leave her alone. It's that simple, if you don't really care for her - stay the hell away from her. As for me, I will be pulling for that precious little angel to continue her career and flourish, despite all you haters. Good Luck LiLo!

1424 days ago


she need to go to jail

1424 days ago

maxine hammond    

its just to bad that a lovely girl like lindsey has about ruined her life. its sad and she is losing her looks,for thats what drugs and alcohol does to you.i just hope she can overcome this horrible thing thats got a hold on her before its too late.i hate to see a life wasted like this,and thats what this is , a life wasted.

1424 days ago


So Then Jay.. Paris and Lohan and all the other ppl should be in jail...

Posted at 3:13 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Elle...

Umm yeah that kind of was my point. If Lindsay was poor she would be in jail right now no doubt about it same with Hilton.

1424 days ago


I agree with most of the other comments. Where is the justice when it comes to the Stars?! They get away with this & its un-fair to the rest of us who get locked up for a traffic violation & this spoiled brat & others like her get special treatment. Too, where are the charges against all the older guys who dated her when she was 16, 17? & not just her but Miley too ect? Its a mockery of the justice system. There is my 2 I'm broke!

1424 days ago


How old is she now? Probably have a few more years before she can join the 27 Club.

1424 days ago
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