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Lindsay Lohan -- Face to Face with Michael

10/22/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her estranged father Michael spent some quality time at court this morning -- about two seconds worth.

After Lindsay went through the metal detector, she walked past Michael ... but didn't slow down in the slightest.



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Sad sad    

Ernie haha. At least so far he hasn't done a press conference. He probably really was attacked. I'm surprised he doesn't get attacked more. Lots of people don't like him. It's so funny he's so happy in that little corner.

1430 days ago



1430 days ago


She needs to grow up - she is responsible for her own actions as she is an adult and has had a lifetime to work thru childhoold problems. The Mother is as bad as the Dad, but nevertheless, she needs to forgive them both.

1430 days ago


While I don't like some of the tactics he uses, I admire Michael Lohan for trying to stay in his daughter's life and be there for her despite the obvious machinations Dina has used to turn Lindsay against him. This child will never get better until extensive family therapy is utilized, and that includes Michael Lohan's presence. If she doesn't want him in her life going forward, that's fine ... but it needs to be worked through and addressed.

1430 days ago


After all is said and done, he is still her father, even if he hasn't been the best father. Maybe, just maybe, he could really love and care for his daughter? I think this is the case, not stalking.

1430 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

Why can't he just leave her alone?

1430 days ago


AS long as she carries all that resentment towards her father her recovery is in trouble. Yes her father did some bad things, but come on. She a spoiled little Bitch and as long as Dina keeps up all this drama about her father she is hurting Lindsay recovery. I think Michael is going to go off the deep end if she keeps this up. I think she went to rehab so she could stay out of jail and when all this court stuff is over. She will be right back to her old ways. Dina will be sorry some day.

1430 days ago


Linda- he did SOME bad things? That's the understatement of the year, he beat her Dina in front of her when she was little, she sold taped phone conversations for money, he tried to sell pages of her diary, he disowned her afer she came out about her relationship with Samantha? And of course he never shuts up about her to the press, that's not just a few bad things, if my dad did all that sh*t to me I would've never wanted to see or talk to him again, I don't blame Lindsay one bit for not wanting to say one word to this lowlife piece of trash.

1430 days ago


Everyone comes on here making jokes and comments but to me this is very sad. This woman really does need her Dad and I hope they are able to reconcile one day.

Yes he's all the things people say about him. But he's paid his debt to society and we keep bashing him. The whole family is fractured and needs healing.

Every bone in my body tells me that she need's a loving supportive Dad in her life. So what he should do is focus on his own recovery, get himself better, and only then will he be ready to have open arms for her.

1430 days ago


That's so sad. My dad left when I was 8.... we didn't see each other again till I was 18, but I forgave, and we built a relationship. When I was 19, he died. You never know what will happen. Family is family. I honestly think all of his attention-whoring IS in the interest of reconnecting with his daughter. Good intentions, but terrible, terrible methodology. Just doing it all wrong. I hope she forgives him.

1430 days ago
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