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Billionaire Divorce

$100K a Month in Child Support

10/22/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian is used to writing big checks, so it may only come with a wince that he has to pay $100,000 a month in child support -- for one kid!

Kerkorian -- who had one of the nastiest and richest divorces ever from ex-wife Lisa Kerkorian -- has been fighting Lisa's bid to drastically increase support for their 12-year-old daughter.

So who woulda thunk?  Kirk and Lisa settled ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the agreement, in which Kirk agreed to double the current monthly support, which had previously been set at $50,000.

Child support king Michael Trope managed to squeeze out an additional $10,250,000 in retroactive child support for his client, dating back to 2002.

As part of the deal, Lisa agreed to drop a civil suit she filed against Kirk -- which could have been worth tens of millions of dollars.

And here's the most incredible part -- Kirk may not even be the biological daddy.


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1430 days ago


aughchhh ... makes me want to puke, I wonder how we are going to eat until month end and .... blah

1430 days ago


I need extra cheese on my Whopper!

1430 days ago


Dr. Kervorkian owned MGM? $100 g's is a lot, what kind of life does the kid live. I have to work 3 years (altho p/t) for one month's check.

1430 days ago


DNA that slob and find out for sure if its urs because if its not any support that has been paid must be paid back..100K a month what a slobby trash skank no job havin sleeze...i swear if i ever won the lottery or became rich i would never marry because of all these money hungry slobs that get with an old guy who is rich for a year leave em and get tons of alimony and child guys out there.................dont trust the tramps!

1430 days ago


katherine jackson only even gets less than half that per month for 3 kids for petes sake.make these lazy slob custody having welfare grabbing parents out for a job, gf`s ex gets all kinds of state aid work for welfare type programs my gf works and he is very capable of working but wont...she has to pay support to that trash ball...sickening disgusting appauliing!

1430 days ago

karen lee    

yeah! What LOOK stupid OSKAN-KA ... THIS LAW FIRM got the $10.5m BOTH $100k/child support...

STUPID Russian gold-digger ,,, she JUST FIRED this SAME FIRM (Sorrell-Trope).

SHE FIRED THEM ... for the WHORE=o-ritz lawyer & Lisa Bloom.

POOR, pathetic LOSER .,..

1430 days ago

Big Daddy    

What an idiot. I guess money is not a big thing. If it were, he would have been giving it to a good looking woman instead of this thing. Send him to an eye doctor. If your going to get a gold digger, at least find a good looking one!!!!!!

1430 days ago

Gayle Miller    

That's just WRONG. If he isn't the daddy he shouldn't have to pay support. Too many men are being hurt by this kind of nonsense. And what kid needs $100,000 per month in support? It's ridiculous.

1430 days ago


gibson is reaching for a tequila bottle as he reads this!!!!

Posted at 12:10 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by TMZgossip

This couple were married. HA!

1430 days ago


Wow!! I got 35.00 a week when I did get it!!! WTF would she need that much for, most women spend it how they want to anyways, on her!! There really isn't any rules to go by when cashing that check, just spend it like she owns it!!!! BITCH!!

1430 days ago

Just Saying    

Lucky Alexander is not Mel's kid or Oksana will be ringing up Lisa to ask for the name of her lawyers --oops that's right, the lawyers she (Oks) "sacked".

1430 days ago


SERIOUSLY! And he might not even be the father? That is flipping insane. He better have the right to see that child when ever the wind changes for that ridiculous amount of money for 1 child. She obviously slept around and he is paying her millions. That civil suit must have been one heck of a suit for him not to order a paternity test.

1430 days ago


This is ridiculous. A child costs the same thing whether you make 30,000 dollars a year or 30,000,000 a year. As a woman, I'm offended when other women go into court and try to milk ridiculous amounts of 'child support' out of a man just so THEY can keep living in mansions. Your kid needs a decent roof over their head, money for doctors, food and clothing. Oh, and by the way YOU are ALSO supposed to be paying for half your kids needs. He shouldn't have to pay more than 2000 a month AT THE MOST...because it doesn't take 4000 dollars a month (that would be YOU providing half your kids needs) to take care of one kid.

1430 days ago


I don't care how much money a person has or where they live. No kid needs more than 5000/month to have a really nice existence. I hate the law.

1430 days ago
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