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Michael Lohan -- Scarface

10/22/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Michael Lohan's slash wounds on his neck and arm -- which he claims he suffered during an attack outside of his Santa Monica home late last night.

Michael claims his attacker used a "sharp object" to slice through his flesh. Judging from the overlapping scratches on his neck -- the suspect either took two swipes at Mike's head ... or used two sharp objects.

So far, the suspect is still on the loose. Cops are investigating.


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lmao looks like he was fighting a medium sized house cat

1469 days ago

TMZ needs a poll..."does Michael Lohan have self inflected wounds"?? YES!! He did it to himself because he's an addict. ADDICTED TO THE MEDIA! LOL

1469 days ago


Wounds look just like a wrestler who cuts him/her self. Also, picture could be anyone. What barf!

1469 days ago

former cop    

Self-inflicted wounds.

He's right handed and the cut on his arm is done in a downward motion on his left arm. It's not a defensive wound.

The ones on his neck appear self-inflicted as well. Unless he decided to stand there and then let someone slice him ones on the neck, then again in the same position and then stand there with his arms down at his side (while being attacked) and let someone slice him on his arm.

It appears someone needs attention.

1469 days ago

Moe Green    

As usual he brings ugliness to the beautiful Lindsay.

1469 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

These pictures are way too graphic to be shown on the Internet. I don't know how this brave man survived these ghastly injuries. Shame on you TMZ

1469 days ago


RE: These pictures are way too graphic to be shown on the Internet. I don't know how this brave man survived these ghastly injuries. Shame on you TMZ

THAT was funny :)

As for ML, he's one scary sonofa b. I told you he was a crazy, megalomaniacal sociopath and he keeps proving me right.

1469 days ago


I agree, self inflicted. Also note the body languge of the officers on scene. Very telling. A false report coming his way?
Put him in jail for awhile. He really is something, very sick.
Cutting is a personnel painful emotional thing. This is attention getting, no doubt.

1469 days ago


i don't nuy it. very odd how that blood is on the car. nope it's fake

1469 days ago


self inflicted.

1469 days ago


Gee; what a coincidence that he got media coverage from this "life threatening" attack on his life after telling the world he would not longer be speaking to the media. And on the night before his daughter's well publicized court appearance? I am sure there are several dozen people out there who would gladly take the credit who have nothing to do with Lindsay but can't because the injury looks self inflicted. Somebody needs to be committed under a 5150 and for once, it's not a celebrity. He's a true whackjob.

1469 days ago


Please stop putting out stories about this guy. You are feeding his ridiculousness. Don't be the problem, TMZ.

1469 days ago

comanche black    

What a loser. The reason he probably listed the suspect as a man in his "50's-60...'s," was so MiLo could come out on top with little damage. Those injuries and blood smear ain't nothing. Open a few more veins next time Micheal. Maybe I'll believe you then.

1469 days ago


Self inflicted. Next Case Bailiff.

1469 days ago


WOW, what a *****........

1469 days ago
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