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Michael Lohan -- Scarface

10/22/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Michael Lohan's slash wounds on his neck and arm -- which he claims he suffered during an attack outside of his Santa Monica home late last night.

Michael claims his attacker used a "sharp object" to slice through his flesh. Judging from the overlapping scratches on his neck -- the suspect either took two swipes at Mike's head ... or used two sharp objects.

So far, the suspect is still on the loose. Cops are investigating.


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Is he RIGHT HANDED? Sure looks like it could be his own handy work.

1431 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

In other news, Mel Gibson was seen driving along in a Santa Monica neighborhood late last night with a crazed look and holding two sharp metal onjects in his hands....

1431 days ago


Take a look at that watch! Why didn't his assailant take that?

1431 days ago


I bet he has an unnatural attraction to Lindsay, and may have done some naughty things to her when she was younger. There's just something about him that sends out those vibes. I could be completely wrong, but I'm guessing he touched the forbidden fruit.

1431 days ago


He won't make anymore public comments about his family so he has to do something to keep his ugly self in the tabloids. His "wounds" look pretty superficial. They are probably self inflicted.

1431 days ago

john smith    

I heard on the street that Michaels ex boyfriend from the joint who is a thai ladyboy scratched the **** out of him while DP ing his ass.

1431 days ago


So much for being done with the media ...

1431 days ago


what a faker...he looks like he did this to himself...Paaallleaase GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!

1431 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

a little bit of salt and tequila should make it better....;D

1431 days ago


I find it >VERY< interesting that he has " cuts" on his Left Arm, and Right Side of Neck .... Bet you anything he is Right Handed ...WOW, guess he didn't think this one through to well.HUMMMMM seems this "attacker" was very careful not to scratch up or scuff his HUGE flashy watch ... What A JOKE this man is! He outdid himself on this one. Does he really think people are going to believe this story ? I think at this point, I really do feel sorry for Lindsay for the 1st time, and can FULLY understand why she is like she is. Between this man as your "Dad" and Dina for a mother,these poor children do not stand a chance. Very sad.

1431 days ago

Throwback kid    

Are there any laywers on this board? If so, If it can be proven that Michael Lohan made these cuts to himself then filed a fake police report, is that enough for this creep to spend some jail time or would he only get probation?

1431 days ago

South Beach    

I've gotten worse scratches than those from wrestling with my black lab. He'd better be careful what he puts out there. I'm sure there are enough crazies out there who'd be happy to make his story come true, but the "scratches" would be...deeper.

1431 days ago


Hey, give em a break. He vowed not to talk to the press about Lilo, and he was itchen' for some attention. His description of the attacker is priceless. Dressed in all black, head to toe. He just left out the sack w/ a dollar sign on it. His whole stupid act is like a cheezy movie.

1430 days ago


This is completely self inflicted. I think he needs to be arrested for filing a false police report and also for stalking his daughter. This WILL escalate! He will next hurt his daugher....mark my words.
He needs to be committed to a psych ward in a hospital for the psychiatrically ill and criminal. if law enforcement does not do anything right now then they are compliant to whatever he will do next.

1430 days ago


What hand does he write with? Loks like he is right handed. People wear their watches usually on the hand they odn't write with. In this case, his left. My guess is these are self inficted. Does he have wounds on both arms or just one? If you look at the way the cut on his arm is, it's angled and looks like he did it to himself with his other hand. If someone stabbed him, he'd have punture wounds, smaller, shorter cut and his hands would have been cut. This guy is an attention seeking nut job!

Same thing with his neck "wounds". He's right handed and I'll bet he has no wounds on the right ide of his body.

1430 days ago
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