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Canada to Randy & Evi Quaid -- Don't Go Too Far

10/22/2010 9:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Canadian police will release Randy and Evi Quaid -- once they post a cash bond of $10,000 CAN -- but they're not free to leave the Great White North ... not without checking in with officials first.


Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board just ruled on the Quaid's release, scheduled their next hearing -- for Thursday -- and slapped some strict travel rules on them ... such as reporting weekly to the Canada Border Services Agency if they leave the country.

Randy and Evi were arrested yesterday in Vancouver on outstanding warrants for a felony burglary arrest in Santa Barbara last month.


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I am a Canadian and I love Americans. :) We have wackjobs up here too so we can just throw 'em in the nut house with the rest of em. I moved to BC recently. (Victoria). I read an add on the bus that said 1 out of every 100 people in BC has schizophrenia. I don't know maybe there are lota ceral killers here. Pig farmer maniacs, 8 right feet floating down the georgia straight, chopped up girls on the goose trail, hells angels making snuff films ect ect. Neither country is perfect eh?
Don't think I'll be staying in BC Long tho sorry BC don't be offended you WAY too sensitive anyway LOL And screw all u delusional peeps. Canadians- we grew up on american tv and they are part of our culture wheither you like it or not. If you think about it some of your very favorite people are americans. America- stop treating us like dumb snow rednecks. It hurts our pride and really we want you to approve of us. (**** wat da posters say). Don't shoot off people, it makes the bad energy. And that **** spreads like crack. These news stories are just them distracting you from the truth anyways. (STILL don't see the LIGHT??) it's right in front of you. Baaaaa Sheep!!! Square and true it is right in front of you.

1457 days ago


You guys don't seem to understand. there is a group of people who are in the business of ruining other people. Offing people and causing their reputations to go straight down. Have you ever noticed the trend of Hollywood actors dieing of strange drug overdoses, or careers going down because of some strange charges. Happens ALL the Time.. to a very Random group of people. Seems as though it's too frequent with some questionable celebrities, to just let slide as poor judgement calls. I truely feel like some people are under the MICROSCOPE (like Michael Jackson at Interscope) and when they act out of place or against the establishment... they get dealt with.

Quit just buying in to this. If you guys actually watched an interview with this couple, you can tell they are scared and don't know where to run! Their accountants screwed them, the police are attacking them and they had to leave the country only to find out that they can't run from these people.

Wake Up! See the Light, the illumination will blind you with grieve. don't buy into their one world nonsense! Peace be with you all.

1450 days ago
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