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Cain Velasquez -- Man of Few Words

10/24/2010 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most UFC fighters would have been talking serious trash after taking out Brock Lesnar in the octagon -- but not freshly-minted  UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

We got the champ leaving Ecco in Hollywood after the fight, and he only did one thing -- pay homage to Lesnar.

Classy dude.

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1425 days ago


When I first saw this fight I knew who was going to win and was thinking how quickly a rematch was going to be scheduled. I see other comments that are similar. It is a business and decisions are made. Say what you like but the lead up to the fight and the almost obvious dive left me and my friend shaking our heads.

People speaking like this is what is needed to clean up the sport. Once again?. Hell I could have taken Brock in this fight.

1425 days ago


Im sure those that say that UFC is fake never fought before. With that being said, you guys should go train for UFC, since its so fake, anyone should be able to it, you can get paid good money to act like you just knocked out with fifteen stiches on your forehead. Since, ofcoarse, im sure you guys speak from experience.

1425 days ago


viva mexico cabrones were taking over this sport just like we took over this country

1425 days ago


for those of you who dont know the great white hype biggest talent was that he was excellent wrestler collegiate wrestling not that fake wwe stuff where they dont even touch each other. all the opponents the hype had faced up to this point had been mediocre wrestlers so they couldn't deal with brock on the ground.
cain was a 4 time state champion in high school and a 2 time NCAA champion. He is just as good hype in wrestling and thus neutralized the hype's only talent and thus made the fight look easy. there will be no rematch for at least a year or two as hype is going to have learn how to fight standing up

1425 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Put your kids college funds on JDS (Junior Dos Santos),
Cain will lose the title on his 1rst defense if these two fight next. People will tell you “no way don’t do it, Cain is here to stay, or JDS is overrated,” Just reply “oh okay, I won’t do it then,” Then a few days before the fight surreptitiously withdraw your kids college funds, liquidate all of your assets and put it ALL on JDS.

1425 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

fortunamente yo no puede llame nuevo uno uno para 'el fight', porque la dama no puede parla espanol!!! eh, ..i mean 'english'.

1425 days ago


I love the UFC but the integrity of this fight just isnt right. The past month they have been building up Cain. Informing people of his mexican heritage and all the fun stuff. Knowing that Anaheim and the entire state of California has a huge mexican population. This past Monday, the UFC held a rally for him. A RALLY. They have never done that for anybody else. And it takes place in LA. Do I need to even say that 99.9% of the audience were mexicans or of mexican descent? Seriously, theres all the talk of him becomming the first Mexican champ and the fact its Mexican heritage month....you couldnt be more set up to win.

If you look at it, Cain vs. anyone else for the belt without having beat Lesnar wouldnt sell. Lesnar beat Carwin to show he could beat the best strikers. So when he comes up against Cain most people thought he would go through him too. But with all I said in the above, Cain wins and now Cain vs. Junior Dos Santos next year will SELL OUT and have a huge amount of PPV buys compared to what it would have because Cain is the first mexican champ, even though he is from Arizona.

just like carwin beat lesnar but the ref didnt stop the fight..lesnare is dana whites big cash cow..coincidence that the ref didnt stop the fight??

1425 days ago


I watched the fight, and I can't say difinitively that Brock Lesnar took "A DIVE", what what I can say is, IF HE DID, it WOULD NOT BE THE 1ST TIME HE DID. When he was in the WWE he took plenty of dives, and recieved his paycheck for the dive just as he would for the win.

I'd like to know how Cain can have his Racist "BROWN PRIDE" Tattoo all across his chest and nobody says a thing about it. So I would be let to believe that a White Fighter should be able to have the same type of Tattoo in the same place saying "WHITE PRIDE" would be okay. would that be correct?

1425 days ago

deuceswild 76    

The champ says," SHUT YO MOUF!"

1425 days ago


What's the big deal? This is all staged and faked. Everyone knows who's going to win before the even get in the ring.

Posted at 8:28 AM on Oct 24, 2010 by janet

WOW Janet,You are one dumb bimbo. Thats the wwe you are talking about. Not MMA. You should go back in the kitchen and learn how to cook or go give your man a bj. Cause I am guessing thats all you are good at. Freakin stupid woman, stick with watch the idiots from the Jersey Shore.

This is still very simple. I'm getting beat up for an honest comment.

1425 days ago


Now that a Mexican won the title people wanna make the sport seem mediocre or not legit. I swear people are quick to put people down instead of congratulating them. It takes hard work and dedication do even participate in the UFC. It is also a business, so in regards to Dana White, hate the game not the player. You can talk all you want but in the end you are on your computers hating on the man while he is out there hustlin. Mr. White to mind these HATERS, they just cant see people doing better than them. If you are here talking **** and cant respect people for their work and youre BROKE, then the way you are thinking isnt working.Get your mind right. Things arent always what they are supposed to be, it just it what it is.

1425 days ago


No Janet you're getting beat up for a completely moronic comment. There is nothing honest about blatant ignorance.

1425 days ago

I Chinee    


1425 days ago


It's funny how no one claimed the UFC to be fake while Brock Lesnar carried the championship belt. After all, he was the big "Bada**" that no one could beat, right. Now that a Mexican wins, "it's all fake, and everything is about money"
I'm still waiting for TMZ to post a picture of Lesnar eating a "burrito with a Corona beer." It looks like Cain fed him a big can of "Chinga tu Madre." The "Great Viking Warrior" got torn the f*ck up! Mexicans may not be tall and bulky, but they know Putasos very well.

1425 days ago
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