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Kanye West's

'Runaway' Video

30 Minutes of WTF?

10/24/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So Kanye West put out a 30+ minute preview music video for his upcoming album -- and in it he seems to fall in love with this bird woman who fell from the sky, but people judge her, so she flies back to wherever she came from. And in the middle there's a dinner party.

But the music is awesome. Seriously.


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Jonny Blaze    

Video was alright but the music was very good. I give the guy credit for whatever knucklebrain things he does, he continues to make great music.

1424 days ago


stop using the word 'artistic' for forced originality

plz stop it, it makes me wanna vomit

1423 days ago


Why can't this turd get hit by a bus, the world would be a much better place. Hey turd, why don't you go to Haitti and drink alot of the water there. :)

1423 days ago


Feather bird woman falling from the sky... what is this video about Kanye... stop smoking the bong brah!!

1423 days ago


Kanye's girl is a fallen phoenix that has landed on earth. The point of the video is that people don't understand something that is different from them. Because of differences humans have enslaved, colonized, segregated, discriminated and killed one another. Kanye's trying to enlighten you simple minded folks. Stop that Illuminati nonsense

the phoenix is a mythological creature! just like the unicorn... theres no devil reference to this. kanye is interpreting his career as a phoenix, falling from grace only to rise as something greater

1423 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Kayne West is a RACIST ! ! !

Why would anyone care what this R A C I S T does?

1423 days ago

Mike S    

The best way to watch a Kanye video is to set the video sound on mute, ignore Kanye and just watch the beautiful models.

1423 days ago


So obviously I'm not on the same level of consciousness as Mr. West so I can neither crucify nor glorify the video. However, what I can say is, interesting.

1423 days ago


No s**t dumbest thing ive seen in a long time.

1423 days ago

M Myers    

Who wrote the description from TMZ? A recent hs grad? She wasn't fleeing the mean girls in the cafeteria, she was leaving behind her love to be true to herself and return to her home. Leave Kanye alone already. The video was amusing and awesome.

1423 days ago


every time i'm one step to liking him, he comes out with more stupid stuff..................can someone send him to the SHRINK. He needs one. and for real, WTF, I mean WTF, does he really think i'm that stupid.

1423 days ago


For me this video was artistic. And a lot of people here in America can't understand because he doesn't follow the beat of the drum because he has his own. People judge when you are different and dont want to be like all the lame asses on this site. America wake up and quit being closed minded about things!!

1423 days ago


efff all of u HATERS!!!. Kanye is a genius. he's making millions while all of u hate more and more. stfu and get a life

1423 days ago


I careless what anyones says...dude has creative smarts and cinematography was awesome in HD. Music is good as always but dude doesnt have a good heart. He is not a good person but a very smart business man and artist. Thats the bottom line.

1423 days ago


Yeah,whites serving blacks at the table.BUT THIS IS JUST A MUSIC VIDEO!!!In real life they made black people slaves to serve white people!!!That's some real f*cked up ****!!!You people should be upset about that!!!

1423 days ago
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