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Eva Longoria -- Wasn't My Fault!

10/25/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria is firing back -- saying any implication she was the one at fault for her car accident last week ... is just plain wrong.

Eva Longoria car accident.
As TMZ first reported, the other driver in the accident has lawyered up and says he plans on suing Longoria -- claiming the accident was completely her fault.

But a rep for Longoria tells TMZ: "According to the police report, the other driver was clearly at fault AND admitted to fault at the scene of the accident. Longoria’s eyes were NOT red and bloodshot."

The rep goes on to say, "There is absolutely no truth to this claim, and any indications to the contrary are completely false and untrue. Longoria made no sudden turn, did not violate any traffic violations nor did she make any sudden lane changes. The other driver is clearly trying to make a case where there is none. All charges are frivolous, without merit, and will not hold up in a court of law.”


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Can you say cha-ching. the other driver saw who it was and $$$$$ in their eyes. I am sure they will stead fast that she was at fault, even if they had been responsible - good luck Eva.

1458 days ago

Lynn M    

Thank goodness there was a police report done immediately. Good luck, Eva!

1458 days ago


Utterly ridiculous and a transparent effort to get at some of that nice money of hers. I am so tired of these types.

1458 days ago


Eva is not a nice person. I know from experience, so I hope her no luck. (to say it very kindly)

1458 days ago


This guy thinks he smells money -- The thing is, it wouldn't even be her money if he DID have a case. That's why we have car insurance.

1458 days ago


No cameras at the scene? What a shocker! I think she's relying on a police report that said the guy made an "unsafe left turn". But, she's not above to lying, in fact, she makes a living out of it. It really just all depends...did he cut in front of her or was she speeding/not paying attention?

1458 days ago

vo thi quynh yen    

I believe Eva. Poor the man

1458 days ago

go home!    

Eva should counter sue the guy for endangering her life, career, emotional state, etc.

Good luck buddy. Try getting a J. O. B. instead of wasting the courts time, loser.

I really wish there would be fines imposed upon people who file frivilous lawsuits.

1458 days ago

bring back recent posts    

idiot...this will b dismissed pronto!

1458 days ago

mary b    

you know..On another subject, I was watching Eva on George Lopez the other night and I have always loved her!! But damn!! what happens when these people's ego's start blowing up... She was acting so fake and phony and the fake laughter coming out of her was like finernails on a chalkboard!!! My husband usually likes her too and even changed the channel until she was done because she was acting so phoney.. Very disappointing! and Eva remember you are Latina... Why are you dying your hair lighter!

1458 days ago

Pretty LL    

#4 what are you talking about? this is one of the nicest and funniest women in L.A. and yeah I know from experience!

1458 days ago


I was actually there minutes after the accident. I saw the whole thing. Had I known it was Eva, I would had filmed it. There was NO WAY Eva was speeding given the position of the 2 cars after they collided! Traffic was backed up that night! Surprised it was just a minor injuries to both of them.

1458 days ago


she is guilty as hell,and this isnt the first time she rammed someone from behind while looking at herself in the mirror and sexting on the phone..

1457 days ago


Hey Dana,

If you were there MINUTES after it happened, you DIDN'T see anything!!!!!!!!!!!!END OF STORY!!!

1457 days ago


Here is a little known fact about auto accidents and police reports. If the police officer DID NOT witness the accident, the police report is meaningless and inadmissible in court. The only thing that will matter is the statements from both drivers, points of impact on the vehicles and whether or not there was an Independent witness(independent means not in either vehicle involved in the accident). Even if Eva is found to be at fault I would have to think she has auto insurance, so she will not pay a dime out of her own pocket.

1457 days ago
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