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'Hiccup Girl' Charged with First Degree Murder

10/25/2010 9:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Mee -- better known as "Hiccup Girl," after her appearance on the "Today" show back in 2007 -- was charged with first degree murder in Florida this weekend.

Hiccup Girl arrested - Jennifer Mee.
According to police, Mee was a key member of a robbery-gone-wrong Saturday night -- in which she lured a man into an ambush, in which he was robbed at gunpoint by two men.

Cops say the victim struggled -- and was shot and killed at the scene.

According to police, Mee and the other two suspects have "admitted to their involvement" in the crime -- and have each been charged with 1st degree murder.

All three could face the death penalty if convicted.

Mee became mildly famous after she appeared on "Today" back in 2007 -- suffering from a condition which made her hiccup 50 times a minute for five weeks.

Unlike her current situation, the hiccup thing just went away over time.


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Her myspace:
Her facebook:

1462 days ago


Her Myspace says "Im single& not lookin but if a real ***** comes along then im here:)"

Looks like she got what she wanted...
The guy they murdered only went there, because he thought they were friends.
This world is such a piss hole.

1462 days ago


Wow I guess if you go on TV burping for a few minutes you earn the privilege spot of being a TMZ news story if you ever get arrested for attempted murder. Even if you made your tv appearance going on 4 years ago.

I will have to remember this.

On the bright side atleast someone is in the news for being a criminal "celebrity" who makes Lindsay Lohan look like an Alister.

1462 days ago


Went to her myspace page and she said she is "making so much money she doesnt know what to do with it". I guess all that money came from robbing people, what a POS.

1462 days ago


Dang HICCUP GURL!! now you are HANDCUFF GURL!! she was faking the hiccup stuff but she cannot fake this one!!!..OFF TO PRISON U GO!

1462 days ago


Here's Jennifer in her own words (Myspace):
My name is jennifer, im almost 19 but dont let the age fool you, the struggles ive been through has made me grown up so much. Im always havin fun chillin or vibbin to some gucci:) im a down ass chick and all the others will never compare so dont try me like im the next hoe. Ive lived in florida for a while now but my heart is still in vermont? im trying to better myself and just move on in life. Im single & not lookin but if a real ***** comes along then im here:) hit me up if you need to kno anymore.

Read more:

1462 days ago


That is so fake, she hiccups after each sentence and not when she is obvious that she's seeking attention wit her get a life...........

1461 days ago


Jennifer Mee Hiccup Girl Biography (Photos, Video) see it here

1461 days ago

Zahra Khan    

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A woman in Tampa Bay, which was plagued with hiccups for months is charged in the murder of a man during a robbery, police said.
Jennifer Mee, 19, of St. Petersburg and two others are charged with first-degree murder for the death of Shannon Griffin, 22, on Saturday.
Hiccup Girl

1461 days ago


I cant believe they picked up her hiccup story to begin was so fake it was beyond belief..When I get the hiccups they dont magically stop while I am speaking..Often its funny when you hiccup mid word..She never did..during her interviews it magically stopped when she talked and started as soon as she finished her word..Kind of explains why home remedies and every bit of medical assistance failed doesnt it?

1461 days ago


"Cops say the victim struggled -- and was shot and killed at the scene. "

I guess you could say....

*puts on sunglasses*

the robbery had a few hiccups.


1461 days ago


I always thought she was faking. I had the hiccups constantly for over 24 hours once and I couldn't speak a whole sentence without hiccuping, and the hiccups were violent, painful, body shaking hiccups. If they had went on for 5 weeks I certainly wouldn't have been able to go on the Today Show and be all smiles like that. Just a couple hours of it alone was enough to have me on edge and my nerves completely frazzled! A family member also had the same problem, but theirs went on for a week, and like mine they could not speak properly and were kept up 24/7 with them. Try going 5 weeks with intense painful hiccups, no sleep and hardly anything of substance to eat and see if you feel like going on the Today Show and joking around. She looked completely alert and healthy. I used to think maybe she just had a tick, but if it had been a tick I think it would have went on for much much longer. She was just looking for attention and obviously the fame and notoriety (and money from what i've heard) wasn't enough for her because the guy that these monsters killed only had about $60... on him. If they split it that would be twenty bucks each. They obviously don't think that their own lives are of much value. They have traded (quite possibly) their entire lives for a few bucks. Pathetic.

1461 days ago


Does anyone else notice that every single time they made a noise? I don't know about everyone else but the only time mine make a noise is when I'm breathing in. It also seemed that they got "worse" as soon as someone from the show was around. Notice how before she sees the camera how they're barely going on then all of a sudden BOOM! She sees the camera and they become more common and closer together. F!cking money grubbing attention seekers!

1460 days ago

amanda r. j.    

thats hilarious "handcuff girl" well i bet she wishes she was stuck with the hiccups instead of n jail & handcuffs. there needs to be more states like florida that carry the automatic life in prison when a murder is committed. they took a young mans life & ruined his families lives in an instant & all 3 of them need to be put away! way to go hic-cuff girl!

1460 days ago


I lived next to this girl and her family. Here is a single Mother (Rachael Robidoux) with her 5 daughters (Jennifer, 19, Ashley, 17, Kayla, 14, Destiny, 10, and Mackenzie 8). Mother was a hardworking woman who worked at Denny's to support her family whlie her on again off again husband (Chris Robidoux) was a stay at home father, cleaning, cooking, etc (because he couldn't work because of an alleged charge for stabbing someone) and their uncle Mark (who was deep into drugs and was allegedly kicked out of the house numerous occassions. They moved in next door and within the first week, Jennifer was sneaking black young thugs into their home at 2 and 3 in the morning. It wasn't shortly thereafter that Jennifer was kicked out of the house and shacked up with her boyfriend Reggie. The father Chris Robidoux was unaccepting of the fact that Jennifer's boyfriend was black. So of course it wasn't shortly thereafter that Ashley had a black boyfriend, Kayla had a black boyfriend and even the 10 year old Destiny had a black boyfriend. The girls were nice girls, but they were all very provocative. I let my daughter play with them and it wasn't even 20 minutes before my camera was full of provocative photos of the 14 year old ready to be posted on Myspace. After that day I never let my daughter be alone with them. This mother gave up on her children. She spent her day at work and was NEVER home. Their father really didn't give a cr*p about anything but making sure he had his packs of cigarettes. This girl from the get go was going straight down the wrong path as soon as she began sneaking these black thugs inside their home and she was dragging her family right down with it. No one stepped in or got her the help she needed or the guidance to live a happy normal and successful life. I read all over the place how Mom is saying this isn't the Jennifer she knows, but IT IS. This is the Jennifer you let your daughter become by NOT BEING THERE AS A PARENT.

1460 days ago
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