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Lindsay Lohan Clothing Line -- Sketchy

10/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was worried her clothing line would go belly up if she went back into rehab -- but TMZ has learned the company is doing just fine with LiLo ensconced at Betty Ford ... thanks to some LiLo sketches.
 Lindsay Lohan 6126.
As TMZ first reported, Lindsay told her probation officer she thought the company, 6126, would fall apart if she went back to inpatient rehab. But a source close to 6126 tells TMZ the company hasn't missed a beat ... because Lindsay has been sketching like crazy since checking into B.F.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay doodled her designs for both the Fall 2011 collection and the Spring 2012 line.

We're told Lindsay is actually a micro-manager, approving almost every detail.

But we're thinkin' ... keep your eye on rehab, Lindsay.



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Could someone tell me why she looks so awful. I could understand it if she were out on the street, but she is in a very expensive facility with great food, rest, and recreation. She looks like she has been on a three week toot!

1421 days ago

for now    

Her clothing business has great partners and great employees.
She keeps in contact with them. Things are fine,

1421 days ago


ensconced... good word TMZ

1421 days ago

comanche black    

She needs to give this endeavor up before she really embarrases herself even more. She is a good shopper, but that doesn't mean she can design clothes. Does she even sew? Doubt it. LiLo leave the "designing," to Mary Kate and Ashley. They at least have a good head on their shoulders, understand business, good fit and give their on-staff designers credit where credit is due.

1421 days ago


Wake up people! she is not in that rehab to get rehab she went for the sole purpose of not going to jail... think of it this way... she is on vacation only she can't leave the building. LOLOL They think they have fooled us all!

1421 days ago


Has anybody read any of the posts here by "Nicole" ?

This ding bat cracks me up.She knows every detail when it comes to Lindsay.It's more than obvious she's on the Lohan payroll.

1421 days ago


she should release t-**** for her clothingline saying

1421 days ago


Actually, I doubt that she's a "good shopper", more like she simply overtakes some expensive store, orders one of everything in stock (or even available), defers payment until litigated, hires a stretch-forklift to deliver yet another pallet of goodies to her apartment, then calls her "friends" over to show how much money she spent in an effort to make them jealous. Doesn't seem too unlikely - not in Lindsay's world.

1421 days ago


Lindsay is designing sweatshirts that say "I LOVE REHAB" going down the left sleve and on the right seleve it will read "ADDUICT"
The back will read "sorry suckers I love my drugs"!

1420 days ago


A new song called "Stay" leaked

She should focus on her music by writing and laying down tracks until she gets off probation on Feb 25th then she can make club appearances fly worldwide etc

1420 days ago


58- Check it out, Ive closed 4 Wherehouse music record stores and an Fye, and let me tell you the Industry will never be what it was again. If you dont play your cards right, you could end up getting the bill. Further, Executives like Tommy Mottola may be able to open up doors, but they all lead to the Cryptkeepers basement

1420 days ago


I didn't know Lindsay had a clothing line, so I went online to check it out. WHO in their right mind would pay $88-176 for leggings? I can get better looking ones online at Victoria Secrets cheaper. Her clothing line is ugly and plain, sorry. It doesn't take much to design that stuff.

She needs to make a living, but she needs someone who can design clothes and tell her what necessary changes are needed so she can be successful. Those people are just robbing her of her investment money if she put anything up.

1420 days ago


I knew it was only a matter of time before another one of her songs was leaked. I wonder if her songs are being leaked on purpose, "Too Young To Die" was conveniently leaked right around the time she got sentenced to jail this summer, and now another one gets leaked only a few days after she got sent back to rehab, dosen't sound like a coincidence to me, maybe Lindsay's the one who's been leaking them.

1420 days ago


Oh yeah Nicole-ANOTHER song of hers was leaked today-Walka Not A Talka, which features Snoop Dogg, it's a pretty catchy song.

1420 days ago


Quick - before it's all sold out... I'll take two cases of Lindsay Lohan Transmission Fluid. My AmEx card # is 3013 **** **** 6674. Please hurry. My world will crumble without it.

1420 days ago
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