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Charlie Sheen's Friends

Feared He Would Die

10/26/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been hanging out with some "bad people" over the last few months -- and some people who were trying to save him felt he might die ... this according to multiple sources connected to the actor.

Our sources say Sheen -- who is currently hospitalized after a drinking binge that ended with Charlie allegedly trashing his NYC hotel room -- has been having renewed substance abuse problems since August, shortly after he entered his guilty plea in the Aspen domestic violence case.

We're told several people came into Charlie's life soon after the court case ended that took him "in a bad direction."  We're told when Charlie was at the Playboy mansion in August, he was already drinking again.

One source who has been working with Charlie recently says he's been "a tortured soul for months" and his friends openly talked about how they feared for his life.  Another source very close to Charlie echoed the fear that Charlie's most recent downturn could end tragically.


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Dear Jon Cryer:

Hope you didn't make any big purchases. Especially big purchases on credit. I'd stay within a tight household budget because Sheen is going to kill that golden goose of a show, isn't he?

P.S.: Pass this message along to your "show" family and the scene-stealing, smartmouth maid.

Uh oh--it's time to put my agent on alert for "new opportunities"

1437 days ago

Mel Stinks    

Charlie bit me, and that really hurt.

1437 days ago


Money doesn't buy happiness.

1437 days ago

lisa hightower    

I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, -- we can chew him out all to his soul. But everyone is just " talking to the bottle" or the " drug". He needs help.
How (?) someone come up with it .
lisa hightower

1437 days ago

Pound Sand    

"Charlie Sheen has been hanging out with some "bad people" over the last few months -- and some people who were trying to save him felt he might die ... this according to multiple sources connected to the actor."

Charlie Sheen IS the "bad people". Maybe the sources should be worried about his friends!

1437 days ago


Two men and a drooling grandpa, hard to keep playing the playboy Uncle when Charlie looks 60 years old!

1437 days ago


Why is he allowed around his kids? And that other nut he was recently married to his no better than he is. She's supposedly being treated for crack. Do the authorities and Child Protective Services even give a damn about those kids? Well, I guess if you have money and are famous, you can get away with anything.

1437 days ago


It clearly seems there is a huge double standard going on. When female actresses are caught up in their alcohol and drugged lives they are dragged to the bottom even though they are barely out of their teens. LiLo is a perfect example. HOWEVER, she was caught drinking, driving. Britney was condemned in a different but kind of comparable way.

Now, Charlie Sheen, a 45 year old dad is caught tearing apparent one of the best suites at Plaza Hotel across the room when his kids are staying. He is crazed and apparently pretty dangerous with a porn star/sex worker hiding in the closet because she feared for her life. He had been drinking heavily and binging on 8 balls of coke in the days.

CBS is contacted and they call it a private matter. A few days later they reportedly express hope and concern that he can resume filming his series, yadda yadda yadda.

No one pursues any charges against him. He is not required to do any more rehab although he is obviously a sick twisted addict. Somehow his employer thinks all of this is acceptable. People crack jokes about the wild Charlie being back to his partying, nasty ass ways. You hear some talking heads condemn him. End of story.

Importantly he is mocked but not ritually condemned to Hollywood hell, whereas many of his female counterparts have done a lot less and are trashed to pieces for years. Sexism such as this is more than disgusting, it is vile.

I like Charlie Sheen as an actor and he is talented but I will never watch another thing he has done. SHEEN gets a FREE PASS, girls in the same position wear a SCARLET LETTER for LIFE. Something is wrong with this picture. It is totally wrong.

1435 days ago


I cant believe comments that i have read here esp by Lori. No one chooses to become a drug addict EVER it just happens esp when you are depressed or sad then u try self medicating and when it works the first time you are hooked. Everyone thinks these actors are vulnerable since they have money but money makes things worse and they like us are just human and have problems too and because the money are able to get more drugs than the many other addicts out there that dont have near as much money. Have you not ever had a friend or family member struggling with drugs or alcohol? Its a very sad situation and I really like Charlie and love the show and hope he can get straight and come back and not be found dead

1280 days ago
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