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Charlie Sheen -- Hotel Room Photos

10/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained pictures of the New York City hotel room Charlie Sheen trashed early Tuesday morning, along with information about what happened inside.

We're told Charlie's alcohol-fueled rampage began at a restaurant called Daniel, near The Plaza Hotel where Charlie was staying. He, three other men and five women had an 8:00 PM reservation Tuesday night and Charlie was drinking heavily. Denise Richards, we're told, went to the dinner but left fairly quickly after things got wild.

Charlie brought one of the women back to his hotel room and soon thereafter people on his floor heard what they say was primal screaming and swearing from inside the room. Charlie was calling the woman a whore and other names, when people started to complain.

We're told Charlie ripped the curtains, overturned tables, damaged a lighting fixture and broke glass, which cut his toe open.

All in all ... a real mess.


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Ronald Austin    

Looks like Mel Gibson tore through that place like a Nazi looking for a Jew. Is that Harvey Levin hiding under the bed?

1459 days ago


you gave him a slap on the wrist,he went back to work, his coworkers applauded his return, he,s a hero?no he,s a rich junkie,like lohan,hilton gibson,you let these rich people get away all the time,he is a time bomb,when he kills some whore as he calls it,everybody will be so sorry for charlie,lock them all up for their own safety,thanks

1459 days ago

mak savlov    

charlie's been thru so much hell, he deserves to able to beat on any bitch he wants.

also, he's the only celebrity giving publicity to the truth about the 911 conspiracy, so he deserves a break

1459 days ago


Whether his wallet was stolen or not does not give him the license to mess up his pillows. I am appalled that someone would stoop to the level of pillow rustling.

1459 days ago


So that's what passes for carnage in a hotel room these days, huh? Maybe he helped the pillows get together for a group hug and should be commended. I feel the man is probably a homicide waiting to happen but dude is from LA so he knows how to trash a room and that aint it sorry.

1459 days ago


I don't see the big deal about the hotel room personally. I've done worse damage than that myself.

However, I do see what happens when these "stars" live their lives with no consequences.

Brooke should throw those divorce papers the lawyers way and run with those beautiful babies.

Charlie needs to get over himself...he is NOT that hot!!
Time to man up Charlie.

1459 days ago


Whether his wallet was stolen or not does not give him the license to mess up his pillows. I am appalled that someone would stoop to the level of pillow rustling.

Posted at 4:23 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by Confused


1459 days ago


A rumbled up bed and a broken chair leg. Why the hell did the cops take him to the hospital? Probably put his little pansy ass on an IV drip and gave him a sedative like a little frat boy who had too much to drink.

1459 days ago


people tear up hotel rooms all the time but they are not on probation...put him in jail...and let bubba teach him a few lessons while he is in there,,he wont want to go back..problem solved

1459 days ago

My bedroom doesn't look any worse than that when I wake up in the morning. And all I do it sleep. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and the rock n rollers I hung out with really trashed rooms this doesn't look trashed to me.

1459 days ago


I think Charlie Sheen is a sorry sorry person!! It's not fair that he gets out of going to jail or rehab just because they want to keep a tv show on the air. STUPID!!

1459 days ago



Oh big deal. One broken lampshade and a broken leg on a chair. Oh yeah, and pillows all over the bed. Someone is really enhancing what damage was done to the room. It's nothing.

Posted at 1:09 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by JLS

wow talking about hypocrisy.

Charlie Sheen had done worse than Mel Gibson yet JLS persecuted Mel on other threads.

Charlie Sheen could kill someone one day and will be forgiven because he haven't said a words "jew and ni gger" How many times Charlie Sheen was arrested for wives battery and illegal substance abused,also calling the woman a whore.
People will kept making excuses for Charlie because he is not anti-Semites, homophobic or among other things people attached to him.

One day Charlie either killed himself with drugs overdose or killed someone, but he will be excused.This is we called Hollywood hypocrisy.

1459 days ago


Money talks.And he's obviously got very good lawyers!!

1459 days ago


Good lawyer's doesn't come to it, it's Hollywood manipulations.
Charlie Sheen need help more than Lindsay Lohan but people around him hates to lose millions of dollars for the hit sitcom of "two and half men" they don't care about his well being at all, just about money.

1459 days ago


This sort of thing happens everyday. So he got upset. Big deal. Nobody got hurt.

I think that this story has more to with making Mr. Sheen look bad because he questions 9/11 and demands the truth.

Where is the real news?

1459 days ago
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