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Charlie Sheen Hospitalized After Drinking Binge

10/26/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized early this morning after a drinking binge that ended with Charlie allegedly trashing his NYC hotel room.

New York City police were called by security at The Plaza Hotel, who reported a disturbance in Charlie's suite.  When cops entered just after 2 AM, they found Charlie drunk and naked.  Chairs had been thrown around the room and a chandelier was damaged.

We're told an unidentified woman in the room told cops Charlie flew into such a rage that she locked herself in the bathroom and called security.  There's also a report out that Charlie accused the woman of stealing his wallet.

Police sources say Charlie went voluntarily and that Charlie was "intoxicated, irrational" and "emotionally disturbed." Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Charlie was "emotionally disturbed" and they gave him a choice -- go to the hospital or jail.  Charlie chose option 1.

Sources who have spent time with Charlie recently say he's been "a tortured soul for months" and his friends openly talked about how they feared for his life.  Another source very close to Charlie echoed the fear that Charlie's most recent downturn could end tragically.

Charlie's rep just put out a statement that the actor was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction to medication ... though the information conflicts with what TMZ has confirmed ... that drinking was a factor.

"Two and a Half Men" is on hiatus this week and Charlie isn't due back on the set until next Tuesday.  We're told producers have a jet ready in NYC to fly Charlie home today.

Sources connected with the actor tell us he'll fly into L.A. this evening and he'll go right home.  Sheen won't be staying at Promises in Malibu -- where he's stayed on and off since earlier this year.

People connected with the show tell us ... Charlie doesn't think he needs to go back to rehab, even though some of his friends and associates tell us the situation is pretty desperate.

Cops did not find any evidence of drug use in Charlie Sheen's NY hotel room early this morning ... this according to law enforcement sources. 


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No Avatar


If Morons like the ones writing this current line of CRAP would shut up these "little brainms" in Whorey wood would quit thinkin they were priveledged.

1455 days ago

Mason Herrald    

We need to be praying for this man. It's never to late to turn his life arround. May God bless you Mr. Sheen. "One day at a time"

1455 days ago


guess even the "deaf" hookers will steal yo wallet homie!

1455 days ago


as a parent of two alcolholic adults - 30 & 36, there is nothing a parent can do except see their inner being chipped away at by the actions of their adult kids - ultimately, the problem person has to recognize the problem and seek their own help.....all this after my other son was killed by a drunk is very complex

1455 days ago


Holy s--t Marlene, when did this become about race? I don't understand why blacks feel the need to lash out at the rest of society for what has happened a century ago. I'm almost positive that all those you come in contact with have never owned a slave. Also if you go back to the formation of th U.N the blacks of this country have been privy to over 1 trillion dollars worth of programs and support. WTF there are only two people who have their own day as a holiday and one is Jesus Christ (presidents are now lumped together) GET OVER IT!!

1455 days ago


Charlie Sheen needs a new hairpiece!! Take it off and show the baldness he has always had but never showed and set yourself free.

1455 days ago


Charlie Sheen----Nude--Drunk---Acting like an Ass....WHAT would you expect from a Far Left Liberal???

1455 days ago


Charlie is not a dumbass. Part of getting such great ratings is because he can play his market on or off screen like a rock star & have fun doing it. The Beatles,Stones,Cream,Ozzie etc..
contoversy SELLS

1455 days ago

Joe Papierz Jr    

Charlie Sheen has wasted his career by partying too hardy. He is another fool who just can't learn how to behave. Too bad.

1455 days ago



1455 days ago


First the article and photo of Charlie and just below, a photo of Michael J. Fox. One has a horrible disease he deals with, showing only class and optimism. The other is spoiled, immature and should be darn grateful for what he was given. What irony.

1455 days ago

The Gunny    

Charile is a Good Guy, What he needs is what everyone needs, a few Good Real Friends, I don't think He has any now. It's always tough to see someone you like go down this road, because it always ends at the same place.

1455 days ago


What a total loser...from an "insider" point of view....What a great example you set for your children...what a shame for them...

1455 days ago

Analyze This    

What Charlie needs is a movie prop hotel room he can trash to his hearts content! When he gets done, the set crew can rebuild it and have it ready for his next fit!

1455 days ago


You people, for the most part, are a bunch of judgemental hypocrites. Has NO one heard of the genetic disease of addiction and alcoholism? Charlie needs help and understanding, not to be crucified by a bunch of hate mongers without feelings other than obvious jealousy. Ugh!

1455 days ago
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