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Charlie Sheen -- No Rehab for Now

10/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ... is back home, acknowledging he screwed up in New York City, but has no plans to return to rehab ... sources connected with the actor tell TMZ.


People who have direct contact with Charlie tell us ... he knows he messed up early Tuesday morning but wants to "move on." 

Charlie went home Tuesday night after landing in L.A., and his plan in the next two days is to nail the 4 pages of dialogue for a small movie role he's doing for a friend.

After that, it's on to "Two and a Half Men," which resumes shooting next week.

So no rehab ... at least that's the way Charlie feels tonight.


No Avatar


Can we just move on now... enough coverage.. let the man be.

1459 days ago


Yeah movies and tv are more important for him and us...oh and the TMZ website and google tv and color nooks and kindles and halloween candy...we are all moving on

1459 days ago


It was all a lie to get him shuffled out of the state as soon as possible before any charges could be filed. Think about it - the police gave him the option of going to jail or hospital. They couldn't have taken him to the police station for NO REASON - so there had to be something they could have charged him with.

I hope he gets locked up for something before he kills someone.

1459 days ago


Dammit Charlie you need fresh WOMEN! You need them now! They are what you need to get better...

1459 days ago


#8 you get a razzie...along with charlie

1459 days ago


It's good to be home after a nice, relaxing family vacation. . .

1459 days ago


Oh...he be in rehab fast when CO calls him into court for violating his probation! Then he'll skate on the jail sentence and be in Betty Ford with Lyndsey. The Christmas bonuses at the Betty Ford Center are going to be STELLAR this year!

1459 days ago


Poor children. When will he actually feel the suffering - his own and that he causes his family? Hollywood just keeps supporting him.

1459 days ago


he beats woamen, he does drugs, he is a s*** bag. only in hollywood do they reward this. people are 'scared' he might die from his behavior

1459 days ago


The dirtbag will OD and die in less than a year. Then Randy Quaid will say the Holleywood Hit Squad did it!

1459 days ago


I don't think he needs rehab BUT, I do think he should check in with his sober coach. Welcome home, Charlie. Glad you are okay.

1459 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Who is surprised by this?
When I see a headline with Charlie Sheen in it, I fully expect to see cocaine and hooker in it.

I fully expect that when he dies, the headline will be

"Charlie Sheen found dead after OD'ing on cocaine after an orgy with a group of hookers/strippers"

1459 days ago

Peter Sc    

2010 has made it clear for me that rehab in most of the cases is of no use. In best case it doesn't destroy more so the client ends up worse than before the client started rehab.

There is too much fashion involved in the rehab. It seems that people actually at one point needed to have a stay in a rehab on their resume, so they could make a name of themselves.

I am also a parent. I am happy that I live in a place there teenagers can drink alcohol and I as parent cannot be punished when they do it. What I have seen here is that rehab where you sit down young people and get them to learn of how much wonderful all kind of drugs are which lead them to abuse only makes the clients want to try all the other stuff they havn't tried yet.

I would only taunt my kids if they cannot hold their stand when enjoying alcohol. It would never choose rehab.

Charlie is making a wise choice there. He knows how worthless these places are in his case.

1459 days ago

don rychlick    

lock this "man" up before he kill some 1!

1459 days ago


hollywood needs to stop paying this guy top dollar....
he needs to go to jail

1459 days ago
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