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Charlie Sheen -- No Rehab for Now

10/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ... is back home, acknowledging he screwed up in New York City, but has no plans to return to rehab ... sources connected with the actor tell TMZ.


People who have direct contact with Charlie tell us ... he knows he messed up early Tuesday morning but wants to "move on." 

Charlie went home Tuesday night after landing in L.A., and his plan in the next two days is to nail the 4 pages of dialogue for a small movie role he's doing for a friend.

After that, it's on to "Two and a Half Men," which resumes shooting next week.

So no rehab ... at least that's the way Charlie feels tonight.


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Self destructive people always want to "move on" quickly,
He looks 60 years old, he's done an awful lot of
"moving on"

1426 days ago


Work hard...Play hard!!! Charlie is a hard working man letting off some steam, the Hotel handled their end with class!

1426 days ago


My Experience is it is Not Denial. It's Delusion. When you have Money, people that are enablers along with Pride & Ego it's nearly Impossible to see how broken you are. At this point Jail would be the best thing for him, but unless he really screws up that probably won't happen.
He's more likely to end up like a lot of others who just kill themselves accidently trying to stop the pain of Living.
The Hookers, Cocaine & Rage are his Coping Mechanisms. Pretty soon even those things will stop working and he will either get help, Die or go Insane.
I wonder what happened to him a long time ago.

1426 days ago


How do they do these things? I'm thinking of the scared woman who locked herself up in the bathroom and called the police when he lost it. Did his "people" take care of her, offering her money for her inconvenience and letting it be understood she better not talk? I suppose he didn't have to clean up his own mess, apologize to her and so on. He is moving on.

Something has been wrong with Charlie Sheen for a long time, and his family has been trying to help. He has been drinking, taking drugs, hired prostitutes. None of it obviously eased the tension within him. I think he - like Mel Gibson - needs a thorough medical checkup. They may both have disorders they're not aware of.

1426 days ago


Why does this tool just get the chance to "move on" from all the heinous,ridiculous, disgusting crap he's done...sure, get arrested? "I just want to move one" threaten your wife with a knife to her throat "I just want to move on" DUI'S, HOOKERS, DRUNK IN PUBLIC "I just want to move on" Must be nice to live such a charmed life!

PREDICTION? This is going to be another "Phil Spector" type demise...wait and see, some hooker is going to end up dead.

1425 days ago


Is this guy EVER going to pay his dues for anything?

1425 days ago


I can't understand why he is still so relevent. He's done more messed up things during his tenure in Hollywood than a whole AA meeting combined.

What is the attraction to him that make people want to still stand by him and love him and think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread ?

He's had a million chances, he skated on all of them, and now less than a year after threatening to kill his wife he's back at the bad behavior.

NYPD dropped the ball on this one. But maybe, just maybe they will get pressure from the higher up's to actually press charges against him.

He needs a BIG time-out like a year or two in prison. And sadly even then he'll come out of prison looking like a rock star and people will still love him.

1425 days ago


You can't get two years in jail for being naked and angry and smashing up two chairs and damaging a chandelier. No drugs in the room.

People stick to Charlie for the same reason they stick to Mel Gibson - they feel some obscure need to excuse this type of guy. You would need a psychologist to understand why.

1425 days ago


Yeah! he's the half-a-man without the brain.

1425 days ago


the man works his ars off to make us laugh and he's not aloud to have any fun on his own time?? LOL any one checked how much they pay him for 2 @ 1/2 men? Oh no charlies drunk again? And what ex actually is your point?? LMAO GO CHARLIE!!!

1425 days ago

FL Dude    

He's in the clear temporarily, until he gets called back into court for violating the terms of his parole. Plus, Mueller and Richards will be petitioning the courts for supervised visitation. Sheen's a train wreck. He puts the capital D in dysfunctional and N for narcissist!

No better than Mel Gibson, but he just hasn't been caught on tape yet!

1425 days ago


I predict he contracts AIDS from one of the many whores he hires and due the extent of drug and alcohol use he will die of AIDS before he ODs.

He never wanted to be an actor. He wanted to be a professional baseball player. I don't think he ever came to terms with this and that is why he wants to be numb all of the time.

Charlie, PLEASE get help if not for you then for your CHILDREN.

1425 days ago


What this jerk needs is a padded cell.....what a joke our judicial system has become....too bad someone’s daughter will have to die at his hands before he goes to the slammer…

1425 days ago


My question is: Why wasn't he arrested for the following?

* Drunk and Disordially
* Disturbing the Peace
* Vandalism

Any non-celebrity would have been arrested if we did this so why wasn't he?????

The issue here is the special treatment he is getting not that he is a cokehead drunk, everyone already knew that.

If I were a NYC resident, I would be very PO'd. I live in Denver and I PO'd that Aspen is giving him special treatment.
Part of his probation is that he cannot drink in excess.....WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey, it would be nice if you could address this!!!!!! You're a lawyer, what is up with this??????????

1425 days ago


The day "Two and a Half Men" is off the air will be a happy day. Why anyone watches that show is a mystery to me.

For starters the leads in the show are unwatchable...yuck. Second whenever I've seen bits, it's just not funny. The whole show creeps me out.

Charlie needs to get himself back to rehab.

1425 days ago
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