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Charlie Sheen -- No Rehab for Now

10/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ... is back home, acknowledging he screwed up in New York City, but has no plans to return to rehab ... sources connected with the actor tell TMZ.


People who have direct contact with Charlie tell us ... he knows he messed up early Tuesday morning but wants to "move on." 

Charlie went home Tuesday night after landing in L.A., and his plan in the next two days is to nail the 4 pages of dialogue for a small movie role he's doing for a friend.

After that, it's on to "Two and a Half Men," which resumes shooting next week.

So no rehab ... at least that's the way Charlie feels tonight.


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This man is an embarassment and a failure as a man. His father is a great actor, this punk is trash. I feel sad for his kids, having him as a father.

1428 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This is LiLoser soon. Still denying they have problems and pretending they will go away if they ignore them. That's if LiLoser doesn't OD after her fake rehab. I can only dream these two OD or kill themselves one day.

1428 days ago


Charlie was upset when his escort turned out to be Barney Frank in drag and when he went for it he found Barney sh-long or in Barney's case sh-short.

1428 days ago


If instead of Charlie Sheen having trashed the hotel etc. I wonder if I would have been allowed to walk away and 'put it behind me'!

However, why does Lindsay Lohan have rehab FORCED on her and Sheen gets to return to his normal, if not distorted life.

1428 days ago


Sheen was so loaded that cops had to button his shirt for him after telling him to get dressed. He told police that he had been out drinking and doing cocaine earlier before ending up in his suite with the hooker, sources said.

Read more:

He just needs to go ahead and off himself. His children will be better off when he does.

1428 days ago


Rehab is not for him, he enjoys getting high and rehab can't change that. Look at Rick James jail, stroke, nothing could stop him until the Grim Reeper took over, and that is Charlies future just hope he doesn't kill some young dumb hooker before he goes.

1428 days ago

moe l.    

Charlie - Michael Jackson is calling for you - don't keep him waiting.

1428 days ago


I agree with Nobleday. Two and Half Men is terrible. I cannot understand what anyone finds the show funny or amusing. I wish the show would go away and that Charlie would go away. He has no regard for the pain and worry he causes others. I guess he doesn't mind his kids growing up to know their dad is a violent drunk. He has no regard for himself or those who are his potential victims.

I'm surprised that TMZ is not blaming his wife, ex-wife or girlfriend for his behavior. They seem to like that story when it comes to male celebs.

1428 days ago


lol @ "Two and Half Men is terrible".

I guess that's why Charlie makes $7.7 million a year for acting in Two and Half Men. He's one of the highest paid actors in television.

1428 days ago


Oh...he be in rehab fast when CO calls him into court for violating his probation! Then he'll skate on the jail sentence and be in Betty Ford with Lyndsey. The Christmas bonuses at the Betty Ford Center are going to be STELLAR this year!

Posted at 10:40 PM on Oct 26, 2010 by cbadmum


Buy a clue Aspen doesn't care about this, not at all and Charlie's not going back to rehab. What happened in NY? There were no drugs found hotel room, no charged filed by the hotel, the woman, or anyone else. What are they going to violate him for, having a bad reaction to medication and breaking some furniture he paid for? Needing to seek medical treatment for a drug reaction? disturbing the peace, despite not even having been arrest for it by NY cops? lol

Aspen wants nothing to do with prolonging the Sheen case. As far as they're concerned it was a petty misdemeanor that's already gotten to much mileage. They're done with it. They've already said as much.

1428 days ago



1428 days ago

Peter Sc    


The reason why Lilo is in rehab is that she has biased judges who want to waste the time and money of the taxpayers.

Lilo should never have been in rehab. She should have been sent out along the roads cleaning up junk until she had served her time.

1428 days ago


Charlie and Lindsey ought to couple up. Now there is a match made in heaven!

1428 days ago


Poor Charlie, I dont think so. I really think he needs to get slapped in the face with some sort of jail sentence he is not learning anything. If it was one of us we would be in jail. It it time for us TV watchers to go on strike and not watch the TV show it is just showing what his life is all about, drinking and prostitutes. IT isnt funny anymore...I am tired of watching Charlie slur on TV, is he drunk when he is on TV... no acting required for him...SAD I hope Denise Richards opens her eyes and realizes he is no father for her kids. Satan would be better

1428 days ago


He just wants to move on........ I just bet he does.

When will they stop him? When the result is him killing someone due to his rages?

Well, Hell......He'd just pull an OJ and if the glove doesn't fit, you ..........

1428 days ago
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