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Kobe Bryant -- Creepy Fan Holds Candlelight Vigils

10/26/2010 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is so famous -- dude gets religious candlelight ceremonies in his honor before he's even dead.


As Kobe left a practice session in El Segundo, CA yesterday -- the Los Angeles Lakers superstar had a religious experience ... caught on tape.

Check out the video -- this random woman is either crazy or a genius ... because the whole "I prayed for you" thing scored her two autographs from the Lord of the Rings.


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cabrona( 0 )( 0 )    

If U want to see crazy fanatics google JJB and check out the threads for Jolie & Pitt. Now those are some crazy women.

1437 days ago



Lets go lakers!

1437 days ago


Did he rape anybody after practice?

1437 days ago


That woman is nuts.

1437 days ago

Mike w    

LAKESHOW BABY! BTW # 4 kill yourself.

1437 days ago


Because he raped somebody I should kill myself? Hmmmm.

1437 days ago


Only in LA I guess will everyone worship a rapist

1437 days ago

Blue Lake    

The fan may be nuts but Kobe is the creepy one.

1437 days ago


Eff this rapist and eff Obama for having this POS at the White House last year. I wanted to puke when Obama was kizzing is ass while his dumb wife looked on all proud and loaded down with gaudy Mr. T bling.

Wonder if he would like some creep to do to one of his daughters what he did to that poor girl in Colorado? This man and that gold digger he is married to deserve everthing they get from each other.

1437 days ago


I didn't know Kobe was "convicted" of rape.

1437 days ago


Kobe Bryant? MVP! Champion! He WILL be a champion again in 2011 as well. Oh, and btw, Kobe doesn't need to rape anybody. He's like a sailor, with a girl in every port. He's got tons of chicks, therefore he doesn't need to rape anybody. The girl that accused him of rape, had sperm from 3 different men. She's a whacko who accused him of rape. Are there any more whackos who want to accuse.

1437 days ago


Once again, the idiots are out in force. Quit being fixated with something that he was accused of years ago. He was never found guilty, and the woman was a slut. #9 Sammy says, "what he did to that poor girl." That poor girl was getting effed the whole week by three other men. Get over it already.

1437 days ago


Will he be raping women still after his death?
What a raping loser. Hey, pal up with Roethlesburger.

1437 days ago

The Ascension    

Funny to see the white racist come out when a athlete is getting Love It sucks to be you but you will get your back very soon

1437 days ago


To #12 CCC:

I don't care what kind of a "slut" that girl may or may not have been. Nobody has a right to rape ANYBODY...EVER! It's a sad state of affairs that our society rewards dumb as rocks b-ball players with ungodly amounts of money and lets them commit crimes like rape and they get off scot free

Do you think the D.A. in Colorado goes around charging people with rape willy nilly? Don't you think an intensive investigation was done, evidence was gathered and the police and the District Attorney came to the conclusion that:

A: Mr. Bryant committed a crime
B: The case was winnable in a court of law

Believe me, contrary to what some people may think, the police and the District Attorney are very careful make sure all the dots are filled in before an arrest is made. Taking a case like this to trail is very serious and very costly to taxpayer. No way would the D.A. go ahead with this if they did not know for a FACT that a crime has been committed. This case had ample evidence that a crime has been committed. The District Attorney was prepared to go full speed ahead and prosecute Mr. Bryant to the fullest extent of the law. The victim in this case was receiving threats on her life so she refused to cooperate and that is the ONLY reason Mr. Bryant did not do any jail time.

Please people; pull your heads out of your azzes. Just because somebody is rich, can put a ball through a hoop and drives a nice car does NOT mean he is a "good person". Kobe is vile, arrogant, and fully admitted to the police that this was NOT the first time he had had sex outside of his then new marriage. His wife chooses to stay with him because she is a doormat who does not have anything else in her life. I guess she thinks being married to a rapist Laker star is better than being married to some average, non violent, non criminal joe blow down the street.

I am not surprised by the comments on this considering the celebrity worship in our society and the general lack of critical thinking skills most people possess.

1436 days ago
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