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LeBron James -- Payback's a Witch

10/26/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lest anyone forget -- LeBron James is still the most hated man in Cleveland ... as evidenced by this video of self-proclaimed "Wiccans," aka witches, casting spells on King James just in time for his Miami Heat debut.

LeBron James
The coven gathered this morning at 100.7 WMMS in Cleveland ... armed with a pentagram, pig and cow bones, a fake skull, and a voodoo doll to curse LeBron before tonight's Heat-Celtics matchup.

One of the evil chants -- "Tie a knot against the king. May he die without a ring."

Hey Cleveland ... isn't it time to move on? Ya still got Drew Carey.

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Thanks puddingtang.... come on TMZ...Wiccans would never cast an evil spell on someone. You should've wrote they wished a weeping willow would fall on dude's car......sigh. check your s*^t out better .......

1466 days ago


that isn't even cute and that stuff is plain dangerous. may God have mercy.

1466 days ago


This is just utterly ridiculous. Being Pagan, a Wiccan, the first thing we are taught is the Karmic Rule of Three; Whatever One does comes back to them three-fold. And the Wiccan Rede, "An it HARM NONE, do what thou will". So, there is absolutely NO BENEFIT in 'cursing' someone. And cursing someone is TOTALLY AGAINST everything Wicca stands for.

A REAL Wiccan, a RESPONSIBLE Wiccan, would NEVER curse another person. The ones on this show are sad fringe people who're just looking for attention. They DO NOT represent REAL Witches.

Blessed Be!

1466 days ago


As far as pentagrams go, I ALWAYS have one on my altar. Although, there's no hard n' fast rule about this in Paganism.

As far as upside-down pentagrams; Most associate it with Satanists. However, there are some Covens who assign an upside-down pentacle simply to show which degree the coven member has attained. Like anything, it's all a matter of perception. But wearing an upside-down pentagram doesn't always signify one is a Satanist.

1466 days ago


True Wiccans would never, ever do this, as they believe that whatever negative energy you put out there comes back to you three fold. Plus, they know it's just plain wrong!

1466 days ago

eat me     

I am very upset that these self proclaimed wiccans are casting a spell on this man. I am a wiccan and the first rule of wiccans is harm no one and NO PERSONAL GAIN. Also, why are they wasting their time on this??? geez its true they still have drew carey haha

1466 days ago


You never hex anyone like that. Why would you even but something up...bad for them, the station and this site.

1466 days ago


Yeah - you do realize that Wicca is a religion and by posting blatant false information about any religion you are encouraging prejudice and fear. The basis of the Wiccan religion is to perform only good or 'white' spells. Like others mentioned - Wiccans do not perform black curses or engage in voodoo. These are not Wiccans, and if they claim to be they are playing the wrong game & are gravely miseducated - they are witches who are not wiccan (black witches). If TMZ was the least bit responsible, you would correct this article with accurate terminology.

1466 days ago


Ok I think it's pretty safe to say Cleveland is the most pathetic city on the planet. I'd be embarassed to live there at this point. It's a friggin game. These are also clearly not Wiccans and know nothing about it, just a couple of complete idiots.

1466 days ago


Hahahaha!!!!!!! lmao

1466 days ago

Vicky Bershok    

I am Wiccan and I am insulted. That curse will come back on them three fold. True Wiccans know better.

1466 days ago


As a Clevelander, I find this embarrassing. Yeah, Cleveland may still be pissed at the former "king" but this is just plain ridiculous!!

1466 days ago


these are not true wiccans. this is highly offensive.

1466 days ago


Oh my goodness. It was a silly radio stunt. Why are people getting so worked up about it? No one in their right mind believes these were real Wiccans or Witches or whatever...I took it as a joke, which I am guessing it was meant to be.
I live in Cleveland, I am NOT a loser, and I don't give a hoot about LeBron James.

1466 days ago

get a life ho    

the spell may be working .,.,they are losing by 11 points with 3 minutes left .,.,.,.,

its looking like he Heat is Cold.,.,.,,

1466 days ago
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