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LeBron James -- Payback's a Witch

10/26/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lest anyone forget -- LeBron James is still the most hated man in Cleveland ... as evidenced by this video of self-proclaimed "Wiccans," aka witches, casting spells on King James just in time for his Miami Heat debut.

LeBron James
The coven gathered this morning at 100.7 WMMS in Cleveland ... armed with a pentagram, pig and cow bones, a fake skull, and a voodoo doll to curse LeBron before tonight's Heat-Celtics matchup.

One of the evil chants -- "Tie a knot against the king. May he die without a ring."

Hey Cleveland ... isn't it time to move on? Ya still got Drew Carey.

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As a wiccan myself these people are going to get some Bad Karma. First for parading around as Wiccans and not being. Plus they where messing with things that they do not even understand.

Check out http://www.magickattic.com
For all you New Age Needs!!

1455 days ago


the heat just lost. they suck without any mumbo jumbo. GO LAKERS ! ! ! The CHAMPIONSHIP CEREMONY is starting. Go Pau Gasol.

1455 days ago


TMZ, i really wish you said anything but "wiccans"
Im a Pagan whom believes in 1 god, THE GOD
calling them witches is fine, but wiccan? Is offensive.

@susan #33
We are taking offense the same way ANY Christian would take offense to the slander of God or Jesus.

1455 days ago


Oh my goodness. It was a silly radio stunt. Why are people getting so worked up about it? No one in their right mind believes these were real Wiccans or Witches or whatever...I took it as a joke, which I am guessing it was meant to be.
I live in Cleveland, I am NOT a loser, and I don't give a hoot about LeBron James.

Posted at 6:46 PM on Oct 26, 2010 by Susan

Susan, it's a disgrace to the city. Maybe Bo ( morning PD) should find something else to do with his mornings at the station instead of making us look like laughing stocks....

1455 days ago


Looks like it worked.

1455 days ago


Some people take sports way too seriously. If you've ever uttered the phrase "my team" and you're not actually a paid member of that team, well you're a loser who needs to get out and actually participate in a sport.

1455 days ago


I love Lebron's new commercial. What do you expect him to be?

1455 days ago


Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers will take care of him, Id be worried about that Karma for puttin that negative energy out, its a bitch.

1455 days ago


Thats the reason why they lost. GO LAKERS!

1455 days ago


Did you forget we have Halle Berry too, not just Drew....although we love Drew more....

We don't care about Lebron........

1455 days ago


Wiccans would not do this totally fake for hallowen, very shoddy and prejudiced journalism. Also wiccans do your own homework on satanists b/c you don't know wtf you are talking about either.

1455 days ago


Instead of being called wiccans(for those offended)how about Ascended Masters here to help create Heaven on Earth? Peace, Love, and Non Violence

1455 days ago


Besides being offended at the stupidity of this stunt I think TMZ as well as the radio station should apologize to all Wiccans and Witches for this blatant disrespect. If they were using statues of Mother Mary or of Jesus heads would be rolling.

@Susan Even if it was a "stunt" the reason we get worked up is because we are constantly having to explain to people that we are not Satanists or devil worshipers to ignorant people who see a pentagram and freak out. I have been a practicing witch for over 15 years and at least once a week have to deal with some stupid comments made to myself or my children because of idiots like this that play on fear and insecurities of the unknown.

Either way these people will get there Karmic due regardless of what or what they don't practice.

Blessed Be!

1454 days ago


Don't blame Cleveland because of a couple of idiots doing stupid shiz.

1454 days ago


I think it sucks that they used the word Wiccan. Outside of that, come on people....it was a bit on a radio show. Let's not make too much of it.

1454 days ago
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