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Mel Gibson and Oksana -- Dueling Birthday Parties

10/26/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baby Lucia will turn 1on Saturday, and there are two separate birthday parties she will never remember ... one thrown by Mel Gibson, and the other courtesy of Oksana Grigorieva.

We've learned Oksana will have physical custody of Lucia on Saturday -- per the custody schedule and Oksana plans to throw a shindig for the kid.

But Mel will also have a party for Lucia around the same time but not on Saturday.

So which party will be more fun?



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Christina G.    

Only two people will be at Mel's party--himself and the kid--because he doesn't have any friends.

1456 days ago


mel's house cause more people will be around probably. Let's hope this does't become a competition. Too bad restraining orders are there and this has become a fight that Ox has brought on, they could have celebrated this with both parents there in a place somewhere else besides the homes....but oh no, the woman wants money.

ummm, I guess I better remind her that her platform is "I am broke"...and couldn't do anything for Alexander. Poor kids.

1456 days ago


I want to wish little Lucia a very happy and blessed birthday.

This little one has no idea of the dark clouds swirling over her innocent head,and I pray to God it will all be resolved well, and that Mel will win full custody, so that her childhood can be happy and tranquil.

Happy Birthday, Lucia!!

1456 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Hey 'X', do us 2 favors:

1) Get a job.
2) Jump up your own ass & die.


1456 days ago

working mom 2    

I thought Oksana was broke. That was her claim when she asked for more child support. I guess $20,000 will buy alot of cake and parter favors.

To Christina G - there will be more then 2 people there. Your thinking of Oksana's party. There would have been 3, but her bodyguard blew the whistle on her so he's not invited anymore.

1456 days ago


What are O The Ho and her friends going to get the Lakers to do for Lucia's birthday?

1456 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


THis b*tch had no money to evenbuy Alexander a gift?? But she has plenty of money to throw a party for Lucy.



1456 days ago


Will a one year old appreciate basketballs and jerseys from the LA Lakers since Oksana likes to beg that she has no child support when she was getting $7500 tax free support a month while living in 2.4 mansion everything paid, courtesy of Mel Gibson including all insurances, health included--medical expenses, free car and expenses, food, clothes, etc.? Isn't that what gypsies and grifters do? (Kate Gosselin did this too on GMA show while living in mansion and millions in the bank begged for freebies, begged/conned from churches)

1455 days ago


I wonder how this will make Sascha feel, to see so much attention and expense paid to Lucia, and his birthday was a publicized charity case. Poor boy :(

1455 days ago


Mel Gibson has no friends, hahaha! Mel Gibson has 7 children and Robyn, whom I'm sure will love up on little Lucia just fine, along with his sister. Mel Gibson has millions of "friends". Too bad some stupid idiot..cough, Ari, cough, Zach, cough Jewish media, cough don't see it. I'm sure Mel would be happy to include Lucia's other brother, Alexander, in the celebration too. Goodness knows, the boy could use the attention. Mamma is always off with her 41 or looking for #42 "lowers".


1455 days ago


Want to give that poor child a real present? Give up your parental rights to her. I feel so bad for her. Her parents are going to destroy her life before it even begins.

1455 days ago


Poor Sasha...He got a charity gift from the Lakers yet mom can put on a b-day party for Lucia....way to go, Oxy...What a dumb c.unt!!

1455 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I wonder how this will make Sascha feel, to see so much attention and expense paid to Lucia, and his birthday was a publicized charity case. Poor boy :(

Posted at 11:48 AM on Oct 26, 2010 by ohreally

Terrible! That's how Aleander will feel and rightly so. The horrid thoughtless stupid selfish egotisitcal evil woman, ugly inside and out! I HATE her! How can she do this to her son!!? How can she be so evil and mean???

I WANT to slap her up side the head with a bat!

This story turn my stomache.

1455 days ago


this makes me sad i believe that if a kid's parents split up they should still work together with stuff like this. to set there and have two parities and on top of that have them at the same time is just selfish. they are making this child's birthday about them and not the kid. so you know what i would not go to neither... this isn't about celebrating a child's day of birth, it about two grown ass people that can't get they're egos out of the way long enough to give they're child a calm birthday and enjoyable birthday.

thank god the kid is only one, but they need to get some stuff worked out before that kid gets to the age were she understands that her partants are being selfish

people real need to do whats best for the kid, then doing what they thank is best for themselves. when you have a kid you can't be selfish.

1455 days ago


Did anyone save the video of Oxy playing piano in her nighty? Bard was asking and the links I had saved of the video no longer work. Seems Oxy's camp is trying to damage control.

1455 days ago
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