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Mel Gibson Can't See Lucia on Her Birthday

10/29/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson won't be able to spend a second with baby Lucia tomorrow on her first birthday, after being shut down by the judge.

Mel gets Lucia today but is supposed to return her to Oksana in the PM. Problem is ... Mel's primary nanny -- the one who takes the baby back and forth -- is sick, so Mel asked the judge for permission to return the kid on Saturday morning.

But team Oksana objected, arguing Mel has another nanny who is perfectly capable of transporting Lucia.  And Oksana claimed in her legal papers she feels Mel already has too much visitation.

In the end, the judge kept the status quo, which means Mel must return Lucia tonight.


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Jade evergreen    

@t me no one is jealous of vile filthy gold digger ugly donkeytazz whore name Oksanagreedy who only care about getting money not about her two kids who she used and see as meal tickets espeicallly Luic and Oksana not a real mom know
real mom would let their ex see their child on the child birthday and real mom love their kids and do not used them as meal tickets and real mom go out get job and do not extort
their ex husband that what real mom is and Oksana is far from it ever being real loving mother to Luica and Alex and Oksana is cheap whore ass whore who beg people to give her 13 year old son gifts because she claim she had no money which is a lie and didn't used the money she get from Alex child support to get him birthday gift damn how embarrassng for Alex that his mom was begging strangers to send money to her so she could buy gifts for her son and no real mothers would ever have a felon around their kids but Oksana did have felon around Luica and Alex

Oksana is very selfish gold digging c-u-n-t who only cares about money

1423 days ago


emjay, from what I recall, Mel did offer Oksana a 15 million dollar settlement which she turned down. I don't get why he's still being urged to settle with her when she was the one who accepted and then rejected his offer. Why should she be entitled to more than 15 million, when she was never his wife to begin with? And as for JLS, you're not in any position to criticize Mel when you support someone like Charlie Sheen. Oksana is trying to alienate her child from her father, which is totally sick. Not even Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller have done that.

Posted at 2:16 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by chunx

$15 million is chump change to Gibson. Lucia is entitled to be brought up in the same comfort as his other children were. Just because you don't like her mother, the child shouldn't suffer. You people are shocking wanting to see a child punished because you are jealous of her mother.

Posted at 2:30 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by me


15 million dollars is similar to what his other kids would be inheriting as well, and if Lucia should be brought up in the same way his other kids are, then she shouldn't be entitled to 20k a month. Mel and Robyn did not spoil their kids, they tried to raise them in a normal environment as possible. Lucia is probably the one with the most benefits out of all of them, which is ironic since she is not even his legitimate child. Oksana is already living in a million dollar house rent free, has a car given to her by Mel, and doesn't have to worry about paying any bills or running out of food. Oksana is being extremely petty to deny her child's father the right to see his daughter on her first birthday. She already denied him his first father's day with her and now she does this. it's sickening.

1423 days ago


$15 million is chump change to Gibson. Lucia is entitled to be brought up in the same comfort as his other children were.
Posted at 2:30 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by me

The 15 million may be chump change to Gibson now, but it sure wasn't when his kids were growing up. So if Lucia is to be brought up in the same comfort his children were she should be getting a lot less. As it is 15 million is very generous and he is doing a lot more for his child than the mother is. He supports his child she supports the lowers of LA. No take that back the baby supports her mother who is chipping away at her babies fortune trying to get even with the dad. And the lowers sit there and laugh while they rub their hands together, O the Ho is their wet dream come true.

1423 days ago


Yeah, let this man who thinks women should service him whenever the urge hits him with a BJ, be close to a baby GIRL.

omg are you for real. I suppose couple should quit having kids after all there a 50% chance they may have a girl. And lo and behold dad may just want a BJ one day and according to you a man who thinks a woman should give him a BJ should not be near his daughter. Of course should they decide to have a kid and it is a girl they could always leave it an orphanage, on the neighbors doorstep, in a hospital ER or just kill it because it is a girl, like they do in some countries. At least that way mom and dad can still have the sex life of their choosing.

Perhaps he can teach her to growl, roar, spit and knock her boyfriend's teeth out in the future.

That's not such a bad lesson. That may just be the knowledge she may need one day, cos you know boyfriends want BJ's too and she might not.

1423 days ago


Lucia can´t see her dad on her first birthday, poor child!

I hope Mel tells Lucia the truth about that when she gets older, it´s evil!

1423 days ago


Just when you think she can't get any lower

Mel Gibson is facing jail time after Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyers filed a contempt of court charge against him, has exclusively learned.

The Russian musician’s legal team filed the sensational motion on Thursday asking a Los Angeles judge to find the Oscar-winning actor in breach of a court order to handover $20,000-a-month in child support.

PHOTOS: Oksana Grigorieva Has A Mother-Son Movie Date

If found guilty at a hearing on November 10, Mel could be jailed -- or have his wages garnished.

“For three consecutive months, Mel has paid Oksana somewhere between $5000 and $10,000 each month, it varies, but either way, it is well short of what a judge instructed he must deliver the mother of his child," a source close to the legal case told

PHOTOS: Oksana Gregorieva's Broken Teeth was first to report how the actor, worth up to $500 million, had failed to pay child support for their infant daughter Lucia, who turns one-year-old on Saturday.

Speaking exclusively to, Lisa Bloom, said on October 15: “Mel Gibson, at this point, is a deadbeat dad.”

PHOTOS: Oksana Through The Years

A Los Angeles judge had ordered Mel, 54, who is worth an estimated $60......0 million, to increase his monthly child support payment from $5,000 to $20,000 each month.

But as reported, Mel’s camp has been refusing to write the full check, until the judge rules on a dispute over whether Mel can charge rent for the Sherman Oaks home he owns, where Oksana and Lucia live.

PHOTOS: Mel & Oksana In Happier Times

Mel wants $60......00 deducted from the monthly figure, for rent.

When asked to explain why he had failed to pay the child support, Bloom, in this video interview, said: “Because he wants to continue to bully Oksana, this is a pattern of behavior that has gone on and on and he thinks he can take advantage of the mother of his daughter.”

How can she file a contempt when the judge hasn't ruled properly yet?

1423 days ago


Too bad.... Lucia has to spend her birthday with an ice-cold emotional vacuum of a mother. Luckily she too young to really remember at this point.

She'll probably put on her nightie so she can "perform" at the piano.... Hope everyone remembers their earplugs.

1423 days ago


good for thr least he knows the truth and it is better for the child to be in a protective place rather than being with that crazy lunitic on her birthday..

1423 days ago


maybe this is why lisa bloom left the team.

1423 days ago



Are you sure your not Oxy? Hi Oxy we see you.

Why do you keep insisting that we are jealous of a criminally minded extortionist, we are not the ones that are hurting a mans future or his ability to make MONEY for the baby. This is a woman scorned and it isn't because she loved Mel, it was a love of his MONEY and fame. When that dried up she went on the attack not to win back his love but to win back his MONEY. Me, do you not have love in your life? If you do did it look like this? Would YOU want this for yourself? Or are you all about the MONEY also? Mel has been more than generous with this extortionist with everything he has already given her and continues to do so. If he isn't taking care of them then how are they eating, where are they staying (HIS HOUSE) Who is paying the bills to keep the lights on and the water flowing? Also who would be jealous of a face that looks like silly putty? Put her next to a flame and she will start melting? So to put it mildly there is not one reason for us to be jealous and you might as well give it up because you are barking up the wrong tree.

1423 days ago


This is a non-story. Give it up, TMZ. You've drained the Mel/Oksana spectacle DRY.

Get off your dead @sses and smear someone else. We can't wait to see your next tabloid target.

1423 days ago


Too bad.... Lucia has to spend her birthday with an ice-cold emotional vacuum of a mother. Luckily she too young to really remember at this point.

She'll probably put on her nightie so she can "perform" at the piano.... Hope everyone remembers their earplugs.

Posted at 3:53 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by rg1
so i guess it is better to spend it with an abusive drunk ,maybe he can teach her to hate jews and mexican people..

1423 days ago


Makes me laugh - OX called Mel Gibson cheap in her posts here but actually she is the one that isn't working. Take a look in the mirror OX, you are the cheap one with a son that has behavioral problems. So who is the lousy parent - WE KNOW, WE KNOW - IT'S YOU.

1423 days ago


There is one thing I have noticed about TEAM OX, it seems that they either can't read or have no comprehension of the written word. You can throw fact after fact at them but they over look the truth and spew lie after lie like their "fatal beauty" Oxy. Some on TEAM OX are really scary and sick with their accusations that Mel might take advantage of this tiny baby by making it perform BJs when he has her, HOW SICK IS THAT? I will no longer respond to anyone or dignify that train of thought. That is just warped!

1423 days ago


Most mothers claim that their ex's don't spend enough time with their children. What kind of caring mother would claim an ex has too much visitation????

1423 days ago
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