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Mel Gibson Can't See Lucia on Her Birthday

10/29/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson won't be able to spend a second with baby Lucia tomorrow on her first birthday, after being shut down by the judge.

Mel gets Lucia today but is supposed to return her to Oksana in the PM. Problem is ... Mel's primary nanny -- the one who takes the baby back and forth -- is sick, so Mel asked the judge for permission to return the kid on Saturday morning.

But team Oksana objected, arguing Mel has another nanny who is perfectly capable of transporting Lucia.  And Oksana claimed in her legal papers she feels Mel already has too much visitation.

In the end, the judge kept the status quo, which means Mel must return Lucia tonight.


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That thread in ROL yesterday is old news from last week or the week before. Obviously, they have nothing new and are just pulling out anything. It would have been very nice if Ox had let Mel return Lucia tomorrow, but remember, Ox is a bitter, vindictive woman.

1426 days ago


So she's yanked his first father's day, he'll miss her first birthday. My God, if this case isn't filed and won by Christmas she's really going to lay the screws to Mel.

1426 days ago


Does this woman have a personel line straight to the judges chambers or something GEEZ!!! she is constantly filing something or another "she wants her dam money and she whats it NOW " maybe she need to call the guy on the tv adds " JG Wentworth ..........

She can't file against something that has not been descided yet or is being reavaluated ,taking about jumping the gun who are her lawyers now LARRY, MOE AND CURLY . .........

At first I was on the fence with this but dam if all these reduculious lies and stunts this woman has pulled she has pushed me right off the fence and on to Mr Gibson's side. I don't like the man he's just another actor with a lot of money and ego just like the rest of older men in LALA land he went looking for a hottie to prove he's still a man. Well he got one and now he is paying big time cause this one was a black widow with a Russian accent with powerful friends. I won't doult one bit if he wasn't sit up by the Bully Boys of Media land to pay him back going against their little old boy rules.......

Just one more cent's worth this morning folks, the brainless ones seem to be out early today don't they singing the same old song ! We are middle aged ,jealous and abuse loving idiots !!
1. Most of us are not Middleaged (wish I was )
2. What is he!! have I got to be jealous off ....on my bad days
I would put this woman to shame. Real women would.
3. The one and only time a man raised his hand against me , he
back a nub cause I bite the dam thing clean off.
4. Most of the posters on here are highly intelligent people
who use their brains to actually think before they speak.
5. We have something that this woman and her backers will never
have and that is intigity and the sence to know right from
wrong and the grace to know the difference.

1426 days ago


People on here calling MG cheap makes me sick. I would go into court and ask that all child support go into a trust that is supervised by three people. That way they can actually prove that the money goes for the baby. She should have to provide the care and submit receipts, or put in a request before any large purchases. If she fails to use the money it should ac***ulate until the baby is of legal age to use it herself. I'm sure if this was the case he would be more than willing to write that check every month. Too bad it doesn't work that way.

1426 days ago


The sad thing here is that you can't ever get that 1st birthday back. Even if it was just to make herself look better, which it would, Ox should just let baby Lucia see her Father on her birthday.
I don't believe for a second that he would let any harm come to Lucia. The child is being punished here.

If Ox wants this to end with any dignity left at all, she should consider putting her children first!

This woman is unbelievable!!

1426 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

TO #3 and #5: That baby does not need to be with her biological mother who only uses the baby for money. Mel is paying all of Oksana's (and her Mother's, etc. who are living in MEL'S HOME) living expenses, vehicle, health insurance, vehicle insurance, utilities, etc.; therefore, HE IS NOT A DEADBEAT DAD! Get your you-know-what facts in order! Oksana leaked the tapes, she had the tapes doctored, she recorded him without his knowledge, she egged him on, she continually lies every time she opens her mouth, she's a slut/prostitute who sells herself to men and expects payment in return for her services. How in the HELL can you say Lucia is better off with her Mother. Even with Mel's problems, he's by far a better parent! Gosh, you need your head checked!

She's a vindictive bitch; she doesn't love that baby one speck! Lucia is her mother's meal ticket and that's all she has ever been, and will ever be! Last, but certainly not least, she says she's worried about Lucia while in the care of Mel; she's only saying that because she wants full custody so that'll mean Mel will have to fork over more money! Anyone who believes anything this bitch says is as stupid as she is!
Posted at 12:55 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by me

1426 days ago


This is his Karma for cheating on his wife(still)and family. This has been the year of cheaters and they are all getting theirs. It takes two to have an affair. Oksana is getting hers too.
What a f-ed up life these people live.

1426 days ago


Anyone but me notice that she has a 'bump' above the end of her eybbrow? you know where she was suppose to be 'hit'. Strange she has a matching one above the other brow. Could it be that is where the put in the botox?

1426 days ago


This is not a big deal.

The judge is just having both sides stick to the agreed arrangement for Lucia's birthday.

It's a shame that it takes a trip to the court to get a ruling on something. Parents should be able to talk to each other and be flexible. Things happen but parents should be able to work together.

It's obvious OG is upset about the increased visitation Mel is going to be getting.

1426 days ago


Smart Judge!! That baby needs to be with her mother, not her heapskate dead beat dad who refuses to pay adequate support for her and cares for her so little that he hit her mother while Lucia was in her arms.

Posted at 12:55 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by me

The "heapskate" is paying for all of the living expenses of the baby as well as still paying $5K a month. What is the mother contributing? Oh yes, she is running up attorney feels and blowing through her daughter's child support.

I wish I could a "beating" like Ox. A grown man punches you in the face and strangles you and you have no tissue damage at all. She must be some sort of an alien. She certainly doesn't look or act human.

1426 days ago


None of us, not one of us know what happened with Mel and OG. From all accounts she seems to be incredibly manipulative, a schemer and a liar - and that is just for starters. Did Mel need to speak to her that way, NO! BUT, since when do any of us have the right to poke our nose in business that we have no right to? This is their lives, and none of the media's prying business, whether he is a public figure or not.
Yes, he should be allowed to spend time with his daugther on her birthday as from all acounts he has been a great dad to his other kids for many, many years.

1426 days ago


@Angel - on behalf of "stupid America" please accept my one finger salute. Americans know a fraud when they see one. A "severe beating" that caused zero tissue damage? Is that how people react to "severe beatings" in your country? If so, it's no wonder you're buying trout pout's fish tale.

1426 days ago



EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Grigorieva Files Contempt Charge Against Mel Gibson -- He Faces Possible Jail

1426 days ago


Sorry Angel:

You can stick up for her all you want, but I have seen what a lying woman can do to a man. My cousin spent his son's first Christmas in jail because his girlfriend accused him of DV. Now I wouldn't have just waved that charge away if I hadn't been with my cousin the whole day. She chose a time when there were a lot of witnesses around him. Oh did I say that she was not even in the same location? It is easy to lie and claim DV. I like PROOF! Blurry photos that are taken with a phone or webcam are not true proof to me. I want time and date stamps, oh and a police report would be nice too.

1426 days ago


good morning. Majestik I emailed you back.

can't these two not fight about this. Ox stand up and be a good mother and let the father see the baby on important days. What would it hurt a few hours during the day and then return home? Good thing is she is one years old and won't remember it, but in the future holidays/birthdays you might need to remember she will grow up and assess the situtation and could very well decide to go live with dad. I'd make it really comfortable for her before those short 12 years. If she does it, she takes her money with her and you have to pay support.

1426 days ago
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