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Mel Gibson Can't See Lucia on Her Birthday

10/29/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson won't be able to spend a second with baby Lucia tomorrow on her first birthday, after being shut down by the judge.

Mel gets Lucia today but is supposed to return her to Oksana in the PM. Problem is ... Mel's primary nanny -- the one who takes the baby back and forth -- is sick, so Mel asked the judge for permission to return the kid on Saturday morning.

But team Oksana objected, arguing Mel has another nanny who is perfectly capable of transporting Lucia.  And Oksana claimed in her legal papers she feels Mel already has too much visitation.

In the end, the judge kept the status quo, which means Mel must return Lucia tonight.


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Posted at 5:23 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Angel

spot? spot? speaking of education.... before casting stones, maybe you should get some yourself, or at least get a refund for the one you have so far

1392 days ago


how do you spend too much time with your child????

1392 days ago


i wonder how long it will be before alexander begins to have resentment issues with lucia.

1392 days ago



It probably won't be long, if it hasn't started already. He is a teenager in a horrible position. Not only does he have to deal with the normal teenage issues he has to deal with his mother's mess. I think that if I were her I would tread very carefully around the mine field that is puberty. Kid's don't forget and only forgive if they want to.

1392 days ago


Trying not to laugh at the absurd comments left here. It is interesting some don't pay attention to the *FACTS*. A woman claiming the father has *too* much visitation??? Most women BEG for their ex's to take the kids and here's a woman who says he's got too much? Wow, that's a first! Mel pays for the house Oksana and the baby live in, child support, for the baby's medical, nannies, transportation and so on **IN** Oksana's home - she pays nothing and you all call him a deadbeat cheapskate dad? which part of the thousands upon thousands of dollars he DOES pay each month for his daughter to have a roof over her head, food on her table, transportation, medical and 24/7 care do you not get? I'm thinking some of these comments are posted by the money-hungry scheming conniving witch Oksana whose 15 minutes of fame never should have been have long since been over. And clearly with all the lawyers who have quit on HER, I'm inclined to believe something is wrong in her little fantasy world. While Mel may not be 'perfect' he IS paying for his child's care, he IS taking responsibility and as his ex. wife of 30 years has said he NEVER laid a hand on her or their children. Now, suddenly a woman who is trying to take this man for every penny he has claims otherwise? I do believe someone can't hide this type of behavior in a 30 year marriage. I'm inclined to believe the one and ONLY Mrs. Mel Gibson, Robyn. Oksana needs to go to jail for extortion and just plain ole being s***! She gives women a bad name! Get a job Oksana and stop living off your kids and other people's hard earned money!

1392 days ago


Good for the judge. It's about time someone considered someone beside this spitting, growling, abusive BJ king. The thought of having a young female in his vicinity makes me shiver. It's clear he thinks we are all his BJ slaves and receptacles.

Posted at 12:58 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by JLS

So... Gibson is not just an "abusive, BJ king" now he is a potential pedophile? That's pretty big leap, doncha' think? Never mind... you don't think or you wouldn't have even written that.

1392 days ago


i wonder how long it will be before alexander begins to have resentment issues with lucia.

Posted at 5:57 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by wondering

I would suspect he already does.

1392 days ago


Would anyone care to help me cast this play?

Actors, dressed in black, perch on stools which are placed in a semi circle onstage. Their faces and shoulders are spotlit, scripts are in hand (think Ojai Playwrights' Conference).

We are well-versed with what we believe to be the basic plot, the revenge of a woman scorned....yet, a remarkable story of sinister intent, fraudulent "love", and betrayal, gradually takes shape.

The dialogue? Why, it consists of streams of TMZ posters' comments; tangents of theories thoughtfully, spiritedly, and even violently, argued from many corners of the globe. This story has stirred opinions worldwide.

We can hear passion, humor, sarcasm, giddiness, friendship and intense dislike. There are detectives at work, and discussions of psychological profiles, cultural differences, conspiracy, and religion. Some writers divulge flashes of their lives; others are fiercely private. Over time, personal characteristics emerge.

How will it end, and who will portray the following diverse mix of characters? What voices can you hear? Whom do they resemble?

*Koala Babe
*Maria Ashot
*Sorntolc (3 actors perched on one stool)
*Shuffle Demon

1392 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Not the judge's fault. He only upheld the status quo.

It was a perfect opportunity for Ox face to show some humanity and simply let Mel bring her back the next morning. But could the Ox, the beast, the monster DO that? NOOOO.

1392 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

In answer to the trolls

It will probably come to pass that the world will see in Playboy, as one troll so charmingly put it, "the nasty gash" that has brought many an unsuspecting man down. In her case the list is long, the latest one (that we know of) being Hertzog. But don't give up yet, she certainly never sells herself short, maybe if they give her an extra thousand she may show us her t.its and! Even though there are at least 100 million better ones to look at.

Oksana has proven herself to be the most coniving, self serving person ever top play out a drama in public! Stalin could have learned a few evils from her. Therefore, let us put the blame for all of this circus squarely on HER shoulders where it belongs. A person does not go through so many lawyers and advisors without being IMPOSSIBLY WILLFUL.

Her main characteristic is that she takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything! It's all somebody elses fault - (except that it isn't anyones fault but hers), hence, this huge series of advisors who have exited! It's "Her way or the Highway"!

She insists on being in charge. She continally finds things wrong and blames others for her own misdeeds, especially those who sympathize or try to help her. She has no concept of gratitude! This is what she does in her relationships with her unending line of men.

That characteristic TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY is heavily featured in Borderline Personality Disorders and Sociopaths, along

with NO MORAL COMPASS, NO REMORSE and COMPLETE SELF ABSORBTION, to name a few. Oksana is not a balanced personality and has demonstrated publicly that she displays all of the BPD and Sociopathic Characteristics.

She has publicly driven us all to a place of anger and digust at her changing stories and self serving lies, so imagine how she could drive anyone of us to a place of absolute disgust and anger, if we were alone with her. I sympathize that MG had to listen to all of her crap and manipulations before we've had to. Ugh.

The whole world, not just us here on TMZ, has had a front row seat, thanks to Oksana splashing her unproven lies all over the media and showing us plainly the mercenary manipulator that SHE IS. Did you know that PROPAGANDA is the number 1 form of manipulation in the world? Almost every country uses it, whether its in the form of news media or military recruitment. No other method of manipulation can affect so many people so effectively. We have seen this MISTRESS OF

MANIPULATION, partner herself with ROL, Gloria Allred (and other fame seeking lawyers) and People Magazine, to accomplish widespread lies in the form of press propaganda.
She has clearly done this to sway public opinion in her favor, even though she was instructed by the court to wait till the appropriate time to present her case.

Question: Why would she do this? Apart from thinking that she is above the law! The majority of people in this world are not stupid enough to believe her lies. If there was any truth to her allegations of DV, she would have kept quiet in hopes that a fair trial would substantiate her claims. It's as simple as that.

However, these claims of hers can never be proven, because her allegations are NOT TRUE. She has calculatingly screamed, cried and lied that she has been a victim of domestic violence. She did not make these allegations until long after the alledged incidents.
These accusations were a smoke screen for damage control, because her extortion plan had fallen apart. Read on.

You can say what you want about MG, but his history tells us that:
1. He doesn't side step issues and,
2. He doesn't try to get out of things. He always takes responsibility for his actions.
3. He isn't violent

He doesn't scream and cry that he is a victim, even though we have seen him persecuted unjustly in years gone by because of making the Passion of Christ. This persecution of him has been over the top!
Look at the hatred displayed by Zach Galisianakis from the Hangover
2. He hates MG and has judged him guilty before the law has but is too cowardly to give a reason. He has a lynch mob mentallity! He is just a hate merchant! Liam Neeson should watch his back with that predjudiced hate ridden hypocrite around him. I see Neeson going in and "vomiting his lines out", hopefully on top of Zachyboys head. But to get back to my arguments:

Let us ask ourselves why Oksana has taken this action against MG.

Think about this for a minute:

What could Oksanas motivation be? Here is my take on it, from all we've seen of her three ring circus.

Imagine you are the worlds worst most money-hungry bitch! And that you are blackmailing/extorting someone with some choice juicy, doctored tapes, threatening this person that you will expose these private phone calls, where you knew you were being recorded and he didn't! Good plan huh?

The plan is that he will fall down at your feet and give you all the money you want. You know this plan will work, as it probably has before. You are so confident (over confident) and happy (deliriously so), because you have a certain person by the balls and all of your dreams of wealth and fame (standing on his back) are about to come true!

But something goes wrong with your plan! Your selected victim refuses to co-operate. He won't cave in to your threats like the others because he has a core of strength and honesty that will not allow him to participate in this lie, and refuses to hand over his manhood to a two bit criminal. On top of this, and far more important is that he realizes that the mother of his child is a ruthless, crazy, manipulating narcissistic monster who brought his child into the world for the sole purpose of getting alot of money from him. So for the sake of rescuing his baby from you (the mercenary mamma from hell), he digs his heels in and refuses to dance to your (crappy piano playing) tune.

You didn't even consider that he wouldn't co-operate! You did not foresee that he wouldn't crumble under your threats!
So now you are in deep trouble. He is going to come after you (criminal that you are) and let it be known that you have extorted him.

"Oh No", you say. "What do I do now? I need to stop him from putting me in jail, so I'll accuse him of a DV crime, to ruin his credibilty and distract the police and public from my big boo boo! Yes, that's what I'll do". I know it's months later, but I will file a DV against him to keep my ass out of jail"!

End of scenario! Except that it hasn't worked.

This next few weeks of exploring oksanas computer should PROVE interesting.

People who have passed judgement on MG, on the say so of Oksana, are guilty of lynch mob mentality. There is still no proof that anything she has alleged is true. None whatsoever. If you want confirmation of her credibility, ask her fallen by the wayside lawyers and lovers. But let us not be too hasty and convict Oksana. Let us just wait and see when the time comes if the evidence gathered will convict her. In the mean time, she surely has shot herself in the foot many times in public, and she seems to have a love affair with ROL. Does she get paid by them every time she gives the an exclusive or was it a package deal?

Lucia's birthday will bring in Oksana another ROL exclusive bundle of cash from her poor little meal ticket, while poor Sascha looks on from the backburner

Posted at 4:08 PM on Oct 26, 2010 by george

1392 days ago

fuddyduddy are so clever and creative!! Loved your cast of players for your play! Put me where ever you think I can play my part best. :)


1392 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Geez, the troll patrol started work early this morning didn't they?

*sigh* it's because of the depo. They have their work cutout for them, don't they? :)

Stupid Ox to spend her money so stupidly--oh wait! Silly me it's MEL's money she spends! No wonder....

1392 days ago

MiMi Mel can't his gear shift broken??? at the very least he has a gazillion people on his payroll.....somebody can drive the baby back to her mom's if Mel is above driving; just another lame excuse to gt his way and be darned about the mom.

1392 days ago


It is just sad that the only pleasure Ox the ho can find in Lucia's birthday is the fact that her daddy won't be able to kiss her that day.

It's okay though: let her have the first one because she'll beg for the next ten to fifteen birthday of that little girl. The jumpsuit is ready for you C8nt!

1392 days ago


wow so much reading. Still catching up on the other thread. Did I miss anything? Keep up the questions its nice to read some of the alternative speculation. Things are not always how they seem and as people have been saying we don't know because we were not there.
Go Team Mel

1392 days ago
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