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Quaids' Dog -- Help Is On the Way!

10/26/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doji the doggie is about to escape the clutches of death -- TMZ has learned a friend of Evi and Randy Quaid has contacted the City of Vancouver in an effort to recover the innocent pooch from a shelter in Canada. 

Quaids arrested.

As we first reported, Doji was placed in an animal shelter after Evi and Randy were arrested in Canada last week on an outstanding warrant in Santa Barbara ... and under Vancouver law, dogs that go unclaimed after several days for more than a week could be put to sleep.

But a rep for the city of Vancouver tells us they received a call today from someone on behalf of the Quaids who informed them that someone will be "coming to the shelter in the next couple of days to pick up the dog."

Doji seems to be holding up well -- we're told, "The dog is in very good health."


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we would love to adopt doji, we have a blue heeler, with the two of them the would make beautiful puppies. why in the hell would they kill a dog because of what the owners did?? we are very interested in giving doji a home. you guys have my email, please contact me.

1458 days ago


Shame on you, TMZ! Stop talking like Canada is a third world country! OF COURSE the dog is being very well cared for, is in a healthy state, and in a safe place. The pooch is better off with the shelter, and finding a new home, than it was with the Quaids. They have no stability, and are jailed on a regular basis, straight up abandoning the dog. It's too bad that a good Canadian couldn't adopt the poor thing and give him the type of life he deserves. If I wasn't on the east coast and didn't have a hubby highly allergic, I would have looked into adopting the pooch, myself. && Thank goodness the two d-bags didn't procreate!

1458 days ago


That's not once but twice you have put us Canadian's down. Even with all our posts you still post crap like this shameful at best.

There is a special place for you when you die gearbox......I hear they bury people like you at the fence line so they do not embaress the rest of the Jewish community.

I honestly don't know how you sleep at night Harvey everything is attention and profit driven media towars the negative side......the heck with Lindsay and Charlie your the one who needs to go to rehab.

All that said and done good luck with your pathetic career and life what you soe you reap and believe me when I say you deserve every negative thing that comes your way karma is a biatchhhh.


1458 days ago


Ps for those who are ticked off at anything on this site my advice is not to respond on forums but to click "GOT A TIP" every comment is read by a live human being, dats what I do :)

1458 days ago

RJ Hunt    

How about a shelter for Randy and Evi?!?!?!?!

1458 days ago


@ 51 TiffC

Read my post #28 and tell me your answer

1458 days ago


I can personally say this dog is bit of a handful like owners! They were in Dallas Texas with their pooch and brought the dog into a nice retail store (not a place for dogs) and the dog barked and jumped up on everyone who got near. I guess I can not blame the dog...even thou he was sorta his parents!

1458 days ago


Where's Dennis Quaid? Come on, Dennis, this is an innocent dog and Randy is your flesh and blood...

1458 days ago

SPCA employee    

Unclaimed dogs after 7 days become available for adoption. I work for the shelter that oversees all City of Vancouver lost/abandoned/siezed pets, they are not euthanized, this is absoloute garbage.

1458 days ago


To TiffC

It is true we do have shelters that put down animals after a certain amount of time however it is also true that we have MANY no kill shelters that only put down animals that are deemed to aggressive, or are sick/injured beyond help.

1458 days ago


LOL TMZ... you need to hire better writers.... they don't put down healthy animals in Canada... even if their in a shelter... come on... at least hire people with common sense combined with an education??/

1458 days ago


The dog is in very good health, unlike it's owners ! This couple have seriously gone over the edge and need to be evaluated for mental illnesses.

What happened to this couple ? Did they take drugs and have a permanent bad reaction to them ? I just don't get it.

As a couple I could understand if one has serious mental issues, but we are talking to people here. The chances of both of them having the same exact mental issue's is nearly impossible.

They need to be separated from each other and given psych exams until someone figures out who the hell is crazy in that pair. It's not even funny anymore. Both displaying such bizarre behavior they need to be evaluated and diagnosed so that they can get the proper treatment.

Personally I think it's the wife who has the most serious mental health issue and Randy got sucked into her insanity.

But then it could all come down to what kind of drugs they are ingesting. That's the only other explanation. It's not amusing anymore to me, there is something seriously wrong with the both of them and it needs to be addressed before they hurt themselves or someone else.

1457 days ago


Please TMZ cover the safe recovery & arrival of Doji.

1457 days ago


Good for the dog. I was very upset by this.

1457 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

The quaids should be put down if nobody claims them... just sayin'

1457 days ago
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