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'Bad Girls' Chick -- Shoppin' Her OTHER Sex Tape

10/29/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you do when one of your three-way sex tape partners blocks the sale of the flick? If you're "Bad Girls Club" hell-raiser Erica Langston ... you simply sell your OTHER sex tape. Duh.

Sources tell TMZ Langston and one member of the ménage à trois -- her boyfriend Adrian -- tried to sell their masterpiece to Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steve Hirsch earlier this week ... but sex tape partner numero tres threw a wrench in the deal.

We're told #3 -- who happens to be one of Langston's "BGC" castmates -- demanded way too much scratch for the tape ... around $200k ... so the deal went sour.

But our sources say Langston had an ace in the hole -- another sex tape with Adrian ... sans her financially demanding XXX cohort. 

We're told Hirsch made a new offer for the two-person porno ... and that the deal is all but sealed.


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do not hate the black man with the big WANG!!!

1421 days ago


if you white boys were packing we would not have to satisfy your Women with our BIG WANGs.........

1421 days ago



do not hate the black man with the big WANG!!!

Posted at 11:13 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by truth


if you white boys were packing we would not have to satisfy your Women with our BIG WANGs.........

Posted at 11:15 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by truth

where in the world does a black mans junk come into this conversation? the story is about a wannabe kim kardashian who think selling her sextape will make her famous, which she isn't and never will be. you took this whole story out of context. and your stereotype of all black men having "bing wangs" is the only think you have to be proud about. i'd rather be a successful person living in a mansion with an average, than a broke-a$$ with a big wang living in the projects. fall back my dude, you make yourself look like a complete idiotic retrazado.

1421 days ago


When will white girls, learn? When they date a brother- they are gonna get pimped out!
that or welfare

1421 days ago

Throwback kid    

Another bleached blonde inked up skank doing a ghetto black guy, this is so played out in LA, why is this news?

Now if this brotha can speak proper grammar and not use phrases like (We Was) and call people Dog, that would be news.

1421 days ago


Erica is the true definition of a white trash whore. Why in the hell would I want to see her FAT ass screwing 2 other people?? I would poke my eyes out first. She is ugly as hell. She looks like she hasn't had a bath/shower in about 6 months. She is just NASTY. EWWWWWW!!! I bet she smells like seafood. I have a feeling the "other" person in the video is the walking advertisement for an STD, Danielle Tiana. Now thats the epitome TRASH. LMAO!!!My stomach is literally turning. DISGUSTING in every sense of the word. The mere thought makes me want to take a long HOT shower and scrub my body raw. LMAO!! NASTY!!! Oxygen literally scrapped the bottom of the barrel this year for TBGC cast.

1421 days ago

ebony taylor    

wow i didnt know "Bad Girls" were hoes tryin to get rich the easy way, hell she could of sold her ass on the street and been hood rich!!!!

1408 days ago


look for all u ****in haters i have came here to regulate on your ****in asses, bitch whether shes an actual celebrity or not shes the one on tv. makin 6 figures bitches. and your not so hate all the **** u want u bitches aint **** and i wouldnt doubt if one of you bitches are from the bad girls club just hating. like c section titty kristen. say somethin else bitches

1383 days ago


and kim kardashian aint ****. ericas got more ass than tht bitch. haha and shes a white girl., u seen kim without makeup. i have and blahhh is all i gotta say. erica still looks good without makeup. obviously cause she got a man of steel man.

1383 days ago

umm Next    

white chicks have become an embarrasment and are becoming the butt of jokes,,,sad really they used to be so awesome now they've been reduced to greedy money hungry porno reprobates.Goo luck with the hiv babe.

1366 days ago


I wonder what kind of tape Steue Kirsch's daughter will wind up having. U reap what u sow, Lol

1191 days ago
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