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Capri Anderson's Lawyer Contacts Sheen's Attorney

10/28/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response.

Sources connected with Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, tell TMZ her lawyer contacted one of Charlie's attorneys.  Sources tell us Capri's lawyer sent an email to legal pit bull Marty Singer yesterday ... informing Singer that Capri has lawyered up.  We're told Singer's response was simply, "Ok. So what?"

Capri claims Charlie threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops. 

We're guessing this one won't be as easy as Rachel Uchitel.

Capri Anderson photos.


No Avatar


What a f..... slutbag! This porn whore goes to his room to turn a high $$$ trick, winds up locked in the closet and wants to get paid for that!! She and the lawyer should be locked up for extortion.

1420 days ago


Go after her Marty. Drag her through the mud and make her give him back his watch or sue the ****ens out of her.

1420 days ago


I'm NOT defending Charlie Sheen and his behavior. He should be accountable if he did something wrong. Her actions are completely transparent. The cops are there but you don't mention he held you against your will. It wasn't until she talked to some sleazeball lawyer who contacts Colorado about probation(not N.Y. where the "crime" allegedly occurred) after getting no offer from Charlie's attorney. That's extortion, plain and simple.

1420 days ago


Well if it's not Gloria maybe its her daughter Lisa Bloom. She and her mother represent the same type.

1420 days ago

dearyl coulter    

she was there to get screwed and she did and will again.go charlie

1420 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

She's just another whore. Her claim she's not an escort or hooker is BS!

Charlie Sheen only dates hookers. He got her from a service. She was supposed to be paid $12,000, but didn't get paid because he freaked out.

Now the skank is mad and wants her money. F her!

1420 days ago


What - No press conference from Gloria "All Mistresses-All the Time" Alred?

We know Gloria, it's busy this time of the season with all the ambulances you're driving around chasing them all. Thank God your daughter turned out to be just like you in the land of moral vacancy and ethical challenges.

I'm sure she'll step in to help you since your representation of the illegal alien that provided Whitman with forged and false do***ents blew up on you. That's one less you have to worry about.

1420 days ago

Big Daddy    

The Russian. lol Probably Mels whore. She can't keep her mouth shut, and keeps stepping in it. Gold diggers coming out of the wood work!!!!!!!!

1420 days ago


She needs to make up the 1200$ she lost cause he didn't pay her for the "date" lol. And emotional suffering cause now everyone knows what she does on the side besides porn. HAHAHA you skank pornstars gotta stop escorting it's frigging ridiculous and DANGEROUS the way they have sex with random citizens,stars etc etc for money with no protection when considering in the average month for a pornstar they will get 5-6 std's sometimes more from filming porn.

1420 days ago

KT fr CB    

I bet when he passed out she thought up the who damn thing to get her 15 mins of fame. Bet none of it ever happened.

1420 days ago


Let's see. Charlie, his very expensive watch that he prizes, and a porno star enter a room. The watch disappears and is no where to be found. There's only 2 holes that weren't checked for the watch and they left with the low class, trashy woman. Charlie needs to spend whatever it takes to take down this woman. Why pay off when you've already been trashed?

1420 days ago


If she didn't tell the cops at the time of the incident then you know she's a liar. Filing a complaint would only strengthen her case - so why didn't she do it if it were the truth?

1420 days ago


Saw this one coming...the whore wants big money for silence! I say pay her NOTHING!!! Go get some morals, whore bitch!

1420 days ago


It is obvious what happened. She tried to steal his stuff, he noticed it was gone and went into a rage. She told the cops what she told them so that she could get out of there quickly with what she had stolen before Sheen could become coherent enough to tell the cops that she stole something. If he could coherently tell them that she stole the watch then they would have searched her, even though she probably hid it in a womanly place. Now she comes up with this story to try to get more money. She needs to quit while she is ahead and before she has to account for the missing watch.

1420 days ago

Steelers suck    

They already said her lawyer wasn't Gloria Allred,anyone want to bet it's Lisa Bloom? Like mother, like daughter.

1420 days ago
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