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Capri Anderson's Lawyer Contacts Sheen's Attorney

10/28/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response.

Sources connected with Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, tell TMZ her lawyer contacted one of Charlie's attorneys.  Sources tell us Capri's lawyer sent an email to legal pit bull Marty Singer yesterday ... informing Singer that Capri has lawyered up.  We're told Singer's response was simply, "Ok. So what?"

Capri claims Charlie threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops. 

We're guessing this one won't be as easy as Rachel Uchitel.

Capri Anderson photos.


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Another gold digger looking for a pay day because she sees an opportunity. Unbelievable. I hope Charlie Sheen's Lawyer stiifs this bitch all the way. Seems like a fake situation being made up to score some cash, which is not legal. This gold digging **** needs to stop. No bitch woudl do this to somebody that is not successful. I am behind you all the way Charlie (not literally!).

1433 days ago


These sluts are coming out of the rat holes they been hiding in for years now! She won't get a penny out of Charlie and he's not afraid of bad press, been getting it all his life and that hasn't affected him one bit! Charlies lawyer should have this slut whore take a lie detector test to see if she stole his watch. Bet the slut did and if she doesn't take a lie detector test it will turn up sooner of later and her name will be attached to who sold it by her or a third party. She's nothing but a chiseling little lying whore porno D-listed slut! I hope Charlie is finally the first star who stands up to these slimy STD ridden extortionist!

1433 days ago


Normally, I don't like gold digger and people that extort another person for money. But in this case, I'll say, go for it, Walsh, get all the money you want from Sheen. It's time for Sheen to learn a lesson that he cannot use his "celebrity" status to do and get away whatever he wants. If Sheen doesn't learn a lesson, he'll never change!

1433 days ago


She got his watch, a free meal, she already got her just rewards. I hope that bottom dwelling...., er, I mean attorney, told her...

NOT ONE DIME you ho.

1433 days ago


57. I seriously think she hid the watch up her snatch. With all the commotion going on who would have thought to search her; espcially there.

BTW, how did Charlie lock her in the bathroom? Bathroom locks are usually on the inside of the door, not the outside. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, I haven't been keeping up. Enlighten me, please.

Posted at 11:33 AM on Oct 28, 2010 by TXluvsMJ2

She locked herself in the bathroom and called security because he was going to beat the crap out of her.

I'll tell you what most likely happened. The girls got Charlie drunk. Capri offered to go back to his room. After the dirty deed, while Charlie was in the bathroom or passed-out, she gave his wallet and watch to her accomplice out in the hotel hallway. She either tried to get dressed and make an escape OR she tried to blackmail him for money to get his stuff back. Either way, she's a piece of crap lowlife whore that should be in prison!!! As low as Charlie Sheen is, she's way worse!! And now, she is trying to blackmail Charlie that she will press charges if she doesn't get paid. Her parents should be in prison along with her for raising that moneygrubbing whore!

1433 days ago


Wait for the pictures to come out with a scratch from the broken chair, and the pimple on her chin where he hit her. This could get really interesting for Charlie. These poor women, they have to make a living somehow. What better way these days than to take a rich guy to the cleaners.

1433 days ago


Give Chalie his watch back you A cup slut! Trying to get some money off Charlie for a boob job?!! You think you're going to get rich of a Charlie you stupid pig! Charlies' lawyer answer to her lawyer when he emailed him saying she hired him in this case... "OK, So what" LMAO!!

1433 days ago


She wanted her 15 minutes and sounds like she is a thief, too. Say no to hookers and hos. Sober up, Charlie.

1433 days ago


She got caught rolling a drunk. She's a thief.

1433 days ago


Don't give her one damn dime. I am so tired of anyone who gets within 3 feet of a celeb claiming something. It's an epidemic! And I don't belive any of them. NO MORE PAYOUTS! Get her, Marty.

1433 days ago


It's pretty obvious where this is heading. She calls his lawyer right after threatening to go to Aspen and get his probation violated. This is clearly extortion. She's looking for a big payday. I hope she gets nailed for it.

1433 days ago

Oh no!    

Thank god Charlie didn't email a photo of his ****.

1433 days ago


She's a Skank and a low grade Porn Star, as well as a watch thief and liar! $100K watches are registered and have serial numbers. She's got an expensive trophy that she cannot show anyone because everyone in her world will sell her out for $1K, Christina can't pawn or sell it and I'm sure Charlies' Insurance company are already on the "case"! Perhaps she will sell it to Steve her sleezebag Boss at Vivid. Well whore, you have done the Walsh family proud, damn bunch of Losers!

1433 days ago


ALWAYS someone trying to get something for nothing! I don't understand when people decided they were no longer going to work hard to get the things they want! It's like the new trend is to 1) find a way to live off the government 2) find someone who has money and sue them or 3) steal it. It's sad, and even worse, these people can STILL look themselves in the mirror each day and not feel at all lazy, worthless, slutty, or pathetic!

1433 days ago


Sniff, sniff. Do I smell the foul stench of Gloria Allred in the air?

1433 days ago
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