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Capri Anderson's Lawyer Contacts Sheen's Attorney

10/28/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response.

Sources connected with Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, tell TMZ her lawyer contacted one of Charlie's attorneys.  Sources tell us Capri's lawyer sent an email to legal pit bull Marty Singer yesterday ... informing Singer that Capri has lawyered up.  We're told Singer's response was simply, "Ok. So what?"

Capri claims Charlie threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops. 

We're guessing this one won't be as easy as Rachel Uchitel.

Capri Anderson photos.


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There is a new plague in America. The Gold Digging Whore Disease. Or is that the New American Dream. Find a celeb f**k em, sue em and live happily ever after. Of course if you get pregnant in the process or knock up a celeb its even better. K-fed, Birkhead, O the Ho are prime examples of that.

Good for Sheen's lawyer to tell the whore's high profile lawyer to go to hell basically. So much for the high profile lawyer the whore hired. Doesn't have Singer quaking in his boots, he shot that lawyer down like the rodent it is. And its a good thing. It's about time these whores and their pimps ( the lawyers that represent them) get the swift kick in the a s s they deserve.

Now I wonder who this high profile lawyer representing the whore is. These stories always mention the lawyers names. What high profile lawyer doesn't want their name mentioned. Well if its not Gloria Putrid it must be her daughter. (Wouldn't look good for O the Ho if her lawyer was representing yet another whore). Gee if it is I wonder if this victim gets a freebie too.

1454 days ago


This Bit** is nothing but a ******* she first had the nerve to ASK the mother of that man KIDS for a PICTURE knowing very will that she was going to sleep with Charlie.On top of that she also knew his KIDS is in the ROOM A CROSS THE HALL. Turn a round and TOOK HIS WATCH. SHE SHOULD BE ON HER KNEES PRAYING THAT SHE IS STILL ALIVE. WHO**

1454 days ago


Stop ho extortion!

1454 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Like I'm going to believe what a paid prostitute says. Guess she wasn't satified with what Charlie had in his wallet. It's all about the dollars, always the dollars.

1454 days ago


What does this skank think she is going to get? You can't blackmail Charlie. He lives his life out in the open for better or worse. His hit TV show is predicated on his own bad boy image, so no harm done there! This may as well be an advertisement for Two and a Half Men. :)

He's already divorcing so he's got nothing to hide there.

He's well known for womanizing hookers so there's no harm to his reputation there.

He's well known for being a bad boy so no harm there either.

His hit TV show is custom tailored and predicated on his own bad boy image and lifestyle, so no harm done there.

The Pitkin DA doesn't give a flying f*ck about what happened in NY because no charges are pending and his CO case is a petty misdemeanor as far as they're concerned, and even if she flies out there to talk to them she will contradict her own statements to NY police that nothing happened to her, so what's she going to do?

Tell the DA that Charlie was a bad boy who had a drunken temper tantrum in the privacy of his own hotel room and he should have his probation violated for it? lol

Having her lawyer blackmail him with a negotiated settlement is out of the question. Charlie doesn't have a reputation to tarnish.

So what's she going to do? Sue him for emotional distress? LMFAO good luck explaining that one to the jury, Honey. If it even gets that far...

Give Charlie his watch back you dirty whore.

1454 days ago


Here we go again... a certain Alfred in her future?
"so what" .. awesome. Hope this tw*t gets zero.

1454 days ago


Clearly out for money. No charges were laid. Gee, he was naked in his own hotel room? That's a story?! I saw the pictures of the "trashed room" - I saw pillows stacked on a bench at the foot of the bed, and an overturned (not broken) chair. oooooooh baaaaaaaaaaaad

I just want to add Sherri Sheppard's comment about Capri's clarification that she's not a hooker, she's a porn star: "a hooker gets paid for sex, and a porn star gets paid to be filmed having sex ..."

1454 days ago



1454 days ago


Thank G-d somebody finally told one of these tramps to take a hike. That's enough of people becoming rich by blatant blackmail. Good for Sheen's attorney.

1454 days ago


It amazes me about these women, they've seen past reports of Mr. Sheen's explosive behavior. You kinda wonder if they hang with him, they are hoping for an opportunity that this will happen. As I see it, a quick way to make money.

1454 days ago


Oh Capri, aren't you cute. Trying to shake down the big man himself.

Charlie's been doing this long before you were born sweetie.
Go to school and stop doing this stuff.

1454 days ago



1454 days ago


whore to cops "No I wasnt held against my will"

some other whore to this whore "Hey whore you can get some money if you were "kidnapped"

whore to self "damn"

whore to lawyer "omg i was held against my will while i was in the bathroom shoving his 100k watch up my rancid hole"

Hilarity ensues.

1454 days ago


He can do what ever he wants!
She just wanted a little more attention to become famous for.
Business ,Bang!
Now , her picture will be everywhere and the Paparazzi also!!!!!
She did, bang! $$$$$$$

1454 days ago


Will these dumb ass men ever learn??????

1454 days ago
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