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Charlie Sheen -- Free and Clear in Colorado

10/27/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's probation will not be revoked in Colorado because of Tuesday's New York City incident.


Our sources -- and they are connected -- tell us, the Pitkin County D.A. has "no interest" in opening a probation revocation case against Charlie.  The D.A. views Charlie's criminal case in Aspen as a "petty misdemeanor" and is not going to open a case involving a Los Angeles man who behaved badly in NYC.

We're told the D.A. views any investigation as a "waste of [Pitkin County] taxpayers' money."

As we previously reported, Sheen is still on probation in Aspen for another 7 days -- stemming from a Christmas Day domestic incident with his wife Brooke Mueller.

So as far as Pitkin County is concerned, it's case closed.


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mrs t    

we love you charlie..
please slow down and count your blessings...
i would love to see you starring in 2and a half grumpy old men... take care of yourself.
and give your beautiful children a big hug...

1393 days ago


Everyone complains about celebrity injustice. Charlie Sheen is the biggest recipient of it. His backers from 2-1/2 Men (which I have never and will never watch because I can't stand HIM) keep getting him free tickets out of trouble. He is an addict who likes to abuse women. Period.

1393 days ago


I still think he should buy all the booze and drugs his money can buy and then lock himself in a closet and never come out again.

His children will be better off without their f*cked up dad in their lives.

1393 days ago


Oh. That's nice. REPEATED Domestic Violence against women is a petty case? We should all be outraged

1393 days ago

Sactown Mac     

T.I... straight to jail ..

Chris Brown can't find an outlet for his music ...

Charlie Sheen becomes the new

"King of the Petty Misdemeanors"

It's not the money honey but there is a differenc int he way Justice is being dished out these days ... Whites make mistakes and need help Blacks are "Thugs" who deserve punishment

Payback will be a "witch"

1393 days ago


sad if that was a normal joe ,he would be in jail ,& probation revoked ,but if u have money & fame you can walk ,sad !!!

1393 days ago


money talks, **** walks

1393 days ago


money talks, **** walks

Posted at 8:22 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by DANA

in this case it flies. on a private cbs jet.

1393 days ago


I think it's about time charlie caught a break. And us "normal" people get breaks all the time. Quit crying about another man's problems and get over yourselves! And the "men" show has always had dirty humor in it so nothing new there.

1393 days ago


We all know Charie has nooo real acting ability,...his dad is the actor in the family,....and now, I am convinced Charlie has a very tiny penis,.....only a male with amicro-tool would act like this. Geeeez Charlie, you scared a hooker,....oh,...sorry,...escort.....Mr Tiny Pecker,....
Can you embarrass your parents and children any more than you have? Man up, you know what tha means? EVEN Max at the TMZ office knows what that means,....and he's not rowing with both oars.

1393 days ago


Ahhh to be a celeb where the world is different for you and the law does not apply.

1393 days ago


why the justice does apply only for black people, woman and normal citizens
he is nothing but a white trash full of cash doing cocaine on a daily basis last few years
i never ever watch 5 sec of 2,5 men in my entire life and wont be watching ever at all
bottom line
cbs = enables of drugs users and women abusers

1393 days ago


To Ali--I agree with you completely--and to There Goes My Show--don't you have more to do than jump on somebody who has as much right to their opinion as you do? And learn how to spell 'narcissistic' as you may be using it a lot.

1393 days ago


When will it end? Hollywood let's their "stars and starlettes" get away with anything. We can go as far back as OJ. When in the Hollywood area, he literally got out of a MURDER charge. Not until he went to las Vegas to get some of "his stuff" (lol) did he get his due. Now we have the Lohan and Sheen fiascos. It truly speaks poorly of the California justice system. I'm betting that if the DA did pursue charges for probation vilolation and sent him to jail he would be out by nightfall because the Sheriff must take payoffs.

1393 days ago

wm desilvio    

when u make 2 million a show u can pretty much do what u want and get away with it its all about money and it will always be that way

1393 days ago
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