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Charlie Sheen -- Free and Clear in Colorado

10/27/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's probation will not be revoked in Colorado because of Tuesday's New York City incident.


Our sources -- and they are connected -- tell us, the Pitkin County D.A. has "no interest" in opening a probation revocation case against Charlie.  The D.A. views Charlie's criminal case in Aspen as a "petty misdemeanor" and is not going to open a case involving a Los Angeles man who behaved badly in NYC.

We're told the D.A. views any investigation as a "waste of [Pitkin County] taxpayers' money."

As we previously reported, Sheen is still on probation in Aspen for another 7 days -- stemming from a Christmas Day domestic incident with his wife Brooke Mueller.

So as far as Pitkin County is concerned, it's case closed.


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Did you not see the pics from the hotel room? It was nothing. All he did was get in a screaming match with someone and cut his toe. Sounds like a family vacation to me.

1421 days ago


Toxic brain, typical of an addict regardless of what may be the substance? In denial? Sounds like it. Leave him alone. Stop rescuing him. Only he can stop the behavior and he's yet to surrender to what he needs to do versus what he wants to do. Leave him alone to do what he wants to do. That's clearly his choice and he can live or die with the consequences. Do not worry about him. Worrying is a waste of time because he does not care if you worry about him.

I feel so sorry for the children. Children often wonder if they did something wrong when a parent is not sober. Kids know. He's probably worn out his friends and family - a very difficult, painful, emotional roller coaster ride for them and he does not care - he'd rather choose drugs and alcohol over respectability, love, honor, and doing the work it takes to conduct a meaningful life like a decent man. Some addicts never make it to sobriety and they die. Why? I don't know why a man gives over the control of his life to something that will surely damage and ultimately kill him.

We do not watch his show anymore. The canned laughter is beyond annoying, the sarcasm and insults are not funny, the storylines repetitive. If we catch a re-run every now then, we put the TV on mute and read the captions.

1421 days ago


He is still great in my book! Thanks Charlie. Being a movie star has to be hard with the stress and all. Keep strong thru this and you will be the one on top, not the idiots that post negative. They cant, and never will, walk in your shoes. I say sc... them and go on with your life. The best of luck, bro.

1421 days ago


It strikes me as odd that people would see that Charlie is "getting away with" anything. I understand the anger at seeing him walk away from his actions without legal issues to deal with, but he is "getting away with" nothing. In fact, 1.5 million per episode, any woman (pretty much) that he wants in his bed, wives, children, fame and still this guy is burying himself in a mountain of alcohol and drugs. We think that we would be happy with all that he has, so why is he sooooo miserable? Well apparently, what we (general public) want to believe about wealth is not true, IT does not make the person. Charlie apparently knows this too and is desparate to fill a huge, gaping hole within and no number of women or amounts of drugs or money that he pulls through the hole, will fix it. That, Charlie, will take some work on the emotional and dare I say, the spiritual side of things. The thing you are seeking to escape (yourself) is the ONLY thing you are taking with you buddy, you will want to have a handle on it before you go, which may be soon if you don't get some help.

1421 days ago


Has anyone else notice...he has less air time on his show? Everything is shot around Alan and Jake...just sayin...who is the funny ones............

1421 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

Charlie Sheen is one guy that I simply don't get.

He has EVERYTHING in the world going for him, yet he continues to trash his life like he's the most downtrodden person breathing. TWO MILLION BUCKS an episode? Fame, beautiful children, women at his beck and call? CBS should fire his a s s so he can grow up and discover what the REAL world is like -- one with no cushy jobs, foreclosed homes, and people scrambling for their next meal. Give those millions to someone who won't blow it on drugs and alcohol.

He makes me sick.

1421 days ago


LOVE HIM! Always have always will...come on people, he's a bad boy. The **** he does is so minor compared to ALOT of people. Generally Charlie is a happy guy and if he wasn't famous, his wild nights would never be known to us.

1421 days ago


He tested positive for cocaine in the hospital!! WHY do they let him walk? Domestic violence, drinking, cocaine, hooker with his children in the next room. I've even more respect for Lyndsay. She at last has admitted her problem and is facing the music. Think she's taking it like a man now and CS is still a pampering baby. He should face a judge for this!!!

1421 days ago


maybe someone will get him help when they find him dead...

1421 days ago


Who knew Charlie Sheen had Allergies?

1421 days ago

There Goes My Show    

To Ali--I agree with you completely--and to There Goes My Show--don't you have more to do than jump on somebody who has as much right to their opinion as you do? And learn how to spell 'narcissistic' as you may be using it a lot.

Posted at 8:27 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by anne

Really ANNE - your gonna call me out for commenting on someone's opinion posted in a comment section - POT MEET KETTLE. And to correct spelling errors shows what a small petty person you are that has probably alienated all of your family and friends for being a twit. My opinion is as valid as anyones. Get down off of your high horse as I have read some of your prior comments on this site and have formed the opinion that you are the most important person in your world. In the future, please don't comment on my post.

1421 days ago


Teflon Charlie!

1421 days ago


am beginning a boycott of anything related to cbs and Two and a Half Men. Including all advertisers. I pretty much stopped watching the show because of Charlie's behavior with his wife last yr. and because it has gotten so disgusting. It used to be so funny but now it has crossed the line. Last week I saw a couple seconds and couldn't believe that it was all about threesomes and masturbating. It's def not funny anymore.

I am especially angry that he is making the kind of money he's making. It's so hard to understand how people like me who are hard working and good barely scrape by while people like Charlie have everthing in the world but don't really deserve it.

I am so angry after this latest episode this week. He is a danger to all around him and cbs is allowing this. He needs to get help before he truly hurts someone. I am going to contact all advertisers and cbs execs and all the stars of the show and tell them that Charlie is ruining it for everyone. My hope is the show will be cancelled soon do to lack of ratings.

Posted at 7:43 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by Ali


You sound terribly jealous. But thanks for the rant, you've just reminded me how awesome Two and a Half Men is and i'm going to start watching it more often! I just wish they could have given the kid drugs to stunt his growth or something because he's not as funny anymore.

1421 days ago


Thanks Ali! Your call for a silly boycott reminded me just how awesome Two and a Half Men used to be and i've just set my DVR to record all of the new episodes

1421 days ago

jean barry    

If I were your parent I would be so dispponted in you. You are no role for your children. I feel so sorry for your parents, your ex-wives and most of all for your children. I have a Master in Psy. and if you do not get yourself together- no money in the world will you have a healthy relationship until you are okay.

1421 days ago
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