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Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce

He Pulled the Trigger

10/27/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus made the first move in his divorce from Tish -- filing divorce papers yesterday in a Tennessee court.

Billy Ray Cyrus divorce.
According to the divorce papers, obtained by TMZ, Billy Ray is asking for "shared" custody of the couple's 3 minor children. 

He's also asking the court to "approve a parenting plan" to be signed by both Billy Ray and Tish ... and to make an "equitable distribution of the marital estate."

As we previously reported, Billy Ray chalked up the split to irreconcilable differences.


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Ha I knew it the second Miley turned 18 he kicks the wife to the curb.
Het guys its the south I think we all know who the other woman is now dont we.
Give all new meaning to dadies little girl.
gigidy gigidy
Roll your own before you roll others

1434 days ago


I wonder which one of them was responsible for Miley posing semi nude in a mag at 15? Digusting...these two they both prolly had a something on the side...Billy Ray was doing his achy breaky mess on the side year ago I am sure...

1434 days ago


I never liked this redneck with his stupid looking mullet cut,he,s a big time phoney .His wife will be better off in the long run .

1434 days ago


You rate Miley in the same league as Britney and Lindsay but you fail miserable to see that she is not. Outside of her fame (her job) she is a typical teenager, nothing more and I have yet to see anything different. Jerrya

Jerrya: I've now seen all of Miley's private parts and she's just turning 18. She is NOT a normal teen. Normal 17 yr olds don't date 20+ yr old men and frequent LA clubs. They don't own a house and have a 20+ yr old man living with them. They don't give lap dances to old men and certainly don't show off their privates in public over and over again, and with the blessing of their parents. Get your head out of your azz!

1434 days ago

midwest gal    

Isn't her mother very good friend of Bret Michaels?

1434 days ago


Forget it and move on! She ain't going to have sex with you. Not now or ever.

1434 days ago

robert caldow    

NOw maybe billy an dolly will term up again as they did with the song called Romeo were dolly said I let u hang as all romeo

1434 days ago


Banging your daughter will put a strain on the marriage. Isn't that right, creepy dad?

1434 days ago


Billy had better come up with another one hit wonder, cause the only thing he'll walk away from this is his old Mullet in a box ;-)

The only other hopes he has is to turn in to Spears or Lohans Daddy and try and put poor Miley away . . . .

But then again - ya can never tell what those hill folk may do. Miley is quickly approaching legal age - ya just never know - Billy may take Miley's hand in marriage.

1434 days ago

Horse Lover    

Billy Ray has finally wised up. I'm sure he couldn't take it any longer, as this has been a year in the making. It was only a matter of time. Tish living thru her daughter, leaving her family behind. The 2 younger kids have become just as wild as Miley. So discouraging for Billy Ray. I know several people who have worked with them over the last couple of years on the tv series. Tish would only think of Miley and allowed all her wild behavior while Billy Ray was getting the bad rap for everything that went wrong with these kids, especially Miley. He just kept his mouth shut, and never badmouthed Tish in public or in front of the crew. Good for him now to be free of that burden. Now maybe Tish can start to become a mother to the younger 2, since Miley will be of legal age soon. It is good that she has finally taken an in interest in Noah. Saw them riding at the Burbank Equestrian Center. It's not show business and probably not as glitzy as Miley's path, but Tish will just have to suck it up and pretend she's interested. And now she can really go after Brett Michaels! Some one should ask him for a comment.

1434 days ago

Star RE.    

really,you guys need to grow up, who cares if you hate her or can't stand her..."haters make her famous"...and @ genail "miley looks alot like her ugly mother"? lets see someone say that to your mom...i don't really care for her either (and this goes for other people i "hate")at least i have enough maturity to not say **** about them, I don't see how that would accomplish anything...

1434 days ago


dude pimps his daugther out. he's no man.

1434 days ago


Does "Irreconcilable Differences" go by another name? And how soon will TMZ have her picture?

1434 days ago


Neither are entitled to any of Miley's money are they?

1434 days ago


Thats a wrap!!
It's Hollywood.. What did you think would happen...
who gives a ****!!!!
No one has been watching Miley for years! Why do they care now???
Billy has upgraded... TMZ will let us know for sure in a few days... :)

1434 days ago
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