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Randi and Evi Quaid -- Sprung from Canadian Pokey

10/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evi and Randy Quaid were just released from custody in Vancouver ... after officials learned Evi's father may have been born on Canadian soil.


The two were being held on an active warrant out of Santa Barbara stemming from an alleged squatting incident at a property they once owned.

The decision to release the couple was made after a hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board. Evi received an "unconditional release" in light of the information regarding her father's birthplace ... and Randy was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

Randy may be required to attend another hearing before he's permanently off the hook.

But the most important part -- the two will be reunited with their cute little doggie in just a matter of hours.


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@Christina G, You seriously consider these 2 psychos refugees? I consider a refugee as someone who is trying to escape from a war torn country, NOT idiot Americans on the run from the law. You dont even know anything about our laws here in Canada so you dont even know what you're talking about.

1421 days ago

I Chinee    

So Evi's dad could be canadian... no wonder she is bat **** ****ing crazy! The whacked out Quids will feel right at home in Canada. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM BACK TO THE USA!

1420 days ago


It's simple really, if someone foreign is arrested in Canada with a warrant in USA they held til a hearing takes places then normally deported. This process normally doesn't take very long. A week or two normally.

They quickly got a hold of a lawyer who advised they claim refugee status. This is essentially a massive stalling tactic, because our refugee hearings are backed way up. They would obviously lose as the idea of claiming refugee status from the states is stupid, but process is process.

But this Evi finding out her father being Canadian thing is really jamming it up. Since she is Canadian by right of blood.. she obviously can't be a refugee to Canada. She already has the right to live here.

Thus another set of cir***stances we are now found under. You can't deport a Canadian. Now it will have to go through an standard extradiction process. In fact this might actually be quicker in getting her sent back to Cali to appear in court then had she been able to try the refugee route.

With Randy who knows, husband of Canadian maybe affords some special protection which is why he's released.

Regardless they'll get sent back, just lawyer tricks at the moment.

1420 days ago

what He said    

They are looking good in Canada! It seems to agree with them. And Evi in her royal mounted canadian hat too.

1420 days ago


NO we Canadians are very particular and yanks are not welcome. Yankies go home and I hope they are deported.

1420 days ago


Do these folks actaully have a domicile address, or are they just wandering homeless with a little money???

1420 days ago


Oh Sybil, why did you have to go there??....

1420 days ago


There is absolutely no way that Randy Quaid will be granted refugee status. If Evi is a Canadian citizen then she will have to sponser Randy Quaid and he will have to apply with immigration to remain and live in Canada which is quite a lengthy process. However, if he is charged with this felony vandalism then he is criminally inadmissable to enter or live in Canada for at least 10 years which is the amount of time that has to pass before you are deemed rehabilitiated. How they got into Canada in the first place with pending felony charges is beyond me though. CIC website clearly states that if you have an ongoing trail or open warrants you are criminally inadmissable to enter Canada. Google it.

1420 days ago

Dillanger T. Stockton    

The Quaids are targets of COINTELPRO. Read a book titled "Big Brother NSA and Its Little Brother."

You people really need to wake up. And you terrorist snitches, who the intelligence agencies use/force to conduct these acts of terrorism, need to stop posting the negative comments.

I have been investigating these crimes for over 10 years and let me state to you that your time for getting away with these crimes is about to end and your karma is going to catch up to you. Your exposure is coming.

And understand this, the United States Constitution clearly gives all Americans the right to bear arms to stop all enemies, both foreign and domestic. This applies to terrorist snitches and all agents, both state and federal, committing these offenses against the American people. Also, the Patriot Act gives all Americans the right to stop a terrorist by any and all means deemed necessary, to protect themselves, their family, this country, and its people. All individuals and federal and state agents, and there are millions, are going to be brought to justice.

I am soon launching an independent media company exposing all involved. So far I have over 60,000 people, which is a drop in the bucket, it is clearly in the hundreds of millions around the world, on the website including top officials and federal agents within the NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, and many other agencies including local police officers throughout this country, physicians, attorneys, judges, including federal judges, Hollywood actors and many others who are involved in these crimes.

The NSA has been illegally tapping our phones since the early 80's, with the premise that "we are all guilty of something" With this as there justification, they proceed to infiltrate our lives with these terrorist snitches, to either set us up for a crimes, frame us for a crime, or for some, to catch them committing a crime. Then they force the target to become a snitch.

Don't believe me?

Go downtown Los Angeles and watch the drug dealing. There is a building on Spring Street and 5th Street that the Feds were using, I assume since I have been telling people about this for years that now they must have vacated. I kept getting told that it was a "Check Processing Company" which was clearly false information that the feds wanted me to believe. When I was clearly and adamantly stating that it was the feds, the COINTELPRO terrorism against me was extremely aggressive, which by its very nature is very aggressive acts of terrorism.

I was clearly watching, for several years, the feds and local police, using their controlled snitches to deal the drugs.

I have many more facts to state and so much evidence to show the masses, congress and the courts, but that will come when I launch the media company.

Good luck to all the people being targeted. Good luck in your quest to understanding who is behind these most horrific crimes and what their true agenda is and how mentally ill they truly are to have such a perverse agenda. Good luck in keeping your sanity, because they certainly know how to push people over the edge.

And to those of you involved in these most horrific offenses, which have not been seen since Hitler and the SS, you are going to get what is coming to you. God is just. And what goes around, comes around. Karma!! Believe in it. You best prepare your statements of what is going on and prepare that list of all the people you have had to target on behalf of the Feds, for you will not have much time after my website launches. And may you suffer for your crimes, for I do not believe in forgiveness. And so you need to understand this completely, you are Terrorists, i.e. Enemy Combatants, and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques can and will be performed on you to get the truth out of you. You will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

For those of you who simply want to believe that people like the Quaids and other targets are insane and/or mentally ill, paranoid, delusional etc., just do some research. Look at the history of the FBI, CIA, the NSA, DEA etc. The truth is out there. You just have to open your eyes. They have taken an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and its people. They are clearly violating such and committing the most egregious crimes against us which consists of terrorism, treason and so many other crimes. They must be brought to justice and get the death penalty for this for I will never settle for less. This must be done through the courts.

1413 days ago
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