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The Salahis -- Real Pinheads of D.C.

10/27/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Everyone's favorite alleged White House party crashers and "Real Housewives of DC" fame whores Tareq and Michaele Salahi exploited themselves at the opening of Bowlmor Lanes bowling alley in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday.


They were actually invited to this event.


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most of those DC housewives were jealous of how thin she is, that cat seemed the worse, slurring her words like a drunk all the time, no wonder her man left her.

what is funny she tried to say was cause or these 2 people! maybe they didnt invite cat the the whotehouse cause she is druken rude euro trash??

1418 days ago


#16 ---This couple is such a joke, and why haven't they been put in jail yet? If it was anyone one of us loyal readers we would be in the slammer in a heartbeat. These celebs and half ass celebs get special treatment all the time, pisses me off. They are such dirt bags these two.What do they even do anyway? Besides steal and complain and act like morons? A-holes.

Posted at 11:38 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by matthew

matthew they are just like us, they are just regular joe's they aren't celebrities. When they went before Congress and pleaded the 5th, they played it out so that any investigation into why they attended that dinner would be put on us the taxpayers. People lost their jobs because of these loser's. They are no one special, they never will be. It's all been caught on tape and in pictures that they were at that State Dinner, so I still don't understand why they haven't been indicted. It might be too much of an embarrassment that it was the security that helped them breach security. They should be indicted, and let's hope that they are.

1418 days ago


#20 I have had MS for 14 years and while I look alright, I have a noticeable limp. It's hard to believe that
she has no signs after 17 years. She also has not spoken of any medication she is on, which is surprising. I smell a non truth.
It's hard to see what she sees in this guy. I wish she would write to me and I could find out if she really has MS Thank you

Posted at 11:58 AM on Oct 27, 2010 by pat

I too have MS and I too have serious, serious doubt's about her having MS. I've had MS for over 12 years now, I'm doing well, I can walk without assistance, I still have a somewhat quality life, yet I suffer from serious chronic fatigue and chronic pain. She on the other hand just sprints around, hops on horse's, wears 6 inch heels, and is always so perky. It is impossible that she has MS, simply impossible. After 17 years there would be something disabling going on with her and I watched very carefully and saw no signs. And Pat when was the last time you wore shoes with heels like the kind she wears ? I know I had to give up the heels only a couple of years later. I had to give up dancing, I had to give up nearly everything I loved doing, she has yet to give up anything. And unless she's hopped up on speed everyday, there is no way on earth that she wouldn't be fatigued or depressed. Absolutely NO WAY ! My doctor consider's me a success story in terms of my condition and how I am doing physically. But she would have to be a miracle if she truly has the MS. She's full of BS !!!!!!

1418 days ago


These two are disgusting. They break the law, take advantage of charities, avoid any responsibility for their actions. I cannot believe that organizations will come NEAR them. I won't bash their appearance ( but trust me I could), I will say that anyone that collects money for "charities" to pad their own bank accounts, are despicable. Sadly, I have seen the gossip mags and online blogs with back and forth angry comments and I won't add to them other than.
Mr. & Mrs. Salahi- no one is jealous of you, your cars, your winery, your status or even your "country home". The majority of Americans are sickened by what you represent- media whoring grifters. PS- I will no longer donate to any cause that you support/ or claim to support or cause that you attend.

1418 days ago


#32 "BABY"....
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....ah, to live in a delusional world such as you .
No one in the world could be jealous of these two.
And Missy, calling people names is well, childish.

1418 days ago


Ehhhhhhhhh the ugly duck Whore has no way MS and that fat ass husband of her is a low ass pimp next week she will be on the street corner in dc somewhere this is sick

1417 days ago


Check out the adams apple on Michael(e)!!

1417 days ago


I see my best friend Wil Brill in the background. Love him to pieces xoxo.
I watched every episode of RHWODC and at first I liked her, shes pretty but she is a big fat fibber!!! The whole Redskin cheerleader thing, then she couldn't prove that she had a invitation to the White House. She is very fake, If I ever did get to meet her in person I would never be negative to her. Shes been humiliated enough. Hopefully she has learned that she doesn't need to lie.

1417 days ago


The Salahis love or hate them we all want to talk about them.
The other wives from DC sure are ugly when you say the name Salahi they go into rage.

1332 days ago


A bowling alley opening is STILL a step up for these two.

1286 days ago


These disgusting excuses for sick human beings should be taken out to the nearest mall, have their undies pulled down around their ankles and flogged. They say that after the first 5 lashes realization begins to dawn in their beady little eyes that they are there for the long haul which would be around 50 lashes each. After 25 lashes they will be willing to sell their mothers down the river just to escape the pain. Before the final 25 lashes, the neural pathways in their little brains are said to rearange themselves, so that they take on the wherewithal of actual humans.

Instead we see media whores fetting these bastards and giving them TV roles that allow them to crash our living rooms.

1286 days ago
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