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Woman in Charlie Sheen Hotel Room Will Press Case

10/28/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson, the woman who ended up locking herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom, will ask Colorado prosecutors to violate Charlie's probation ... on ground he allegedly held her against her will.

Capri Anderson

We've also learned Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, has already lawyered up, hiring a high-profile Beverly Hills attorney -- not Gloria Allred.  

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting in and began repeatedly punching the door.  She alleges she feared for her life.

We're told Anderson wants the Pitkin County D.A. to attempt to violate Charlie's probation in the domestic violence case and she plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make her case.

Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County.  We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.

As one person on her team told TMZ, beyond the Pitkin case, "We're weighing our legal options."

Law enforcement sources in NYC tell TMZ ... when cops interviewed Anderson at the hotel, she did not say she felt Charlie was holding her against her will.

Capri Anderson photos.


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SO,,If she was so afraid Of charlie Why did she go with him to his hotel room?? When will these Celebs learn ALL these women are looking for a Free payday.. why on earth would he deal with a Porn star?? I think he can get batter than that.. in fact im sure...

1422 days ago


Just another WHORE wanting to get rich the easy way. Are your knees getting sore bitch????

1422 days ago


This is what happens when Deep Thr*at meets Deep Pockets!

1422 days ago


I wish TMZ would interview her parents and find out how they feel about her being a porn star. That's a far more interesting story than another hooker trying to get a free buck.

1422 days ago


for a pornstar she sure has a nice vajazzerciser! true story.

1422 days ago

Race care nut    

Another golddigger tramp looking for a big win. Nothing new here.

1422 days ago

Boss Gotti    

Not even a whore can keep her mouth shut nowadays!!!.... Tiger ****ed it up for everyone!

1422 days ago


She stole from him, he got angry now she's going for a payday! When he noticed his watch missing he should've called the cops instead of have a fit. She doesn't deserve millions either but I suspect Charlie better get his cheque book out!

1422 days ago

Illinois person    

Finally, let us all guess Cari (pants) will hire Gloria Allred, right? God knows no one loves a good freak show like Allred. And who will foot her bill, Sheen will 'cause he's the idiot of the year.

1422 days ago

Illinois person    

Sheen is the epitome of what money can't buy you: Class & grace. He's a chain-smoking hoodlum who happens to have bundles of cash. How sad that only hookers & ex-wives want to hang around him. He isn't aging well and really is no better than Lindsay Lohan save for his mega-bucks. He's hardly and example setter especially for his own children. Really, how sad is that? His family name alone means Hollywood royalty yet he's spit on it every chance he gets. CBS ought to use this as a last straw, finish out this season and cancel the show. It's too bad that all of the other actors & production crew will have to take it the wallet because of Sheen's own hooliganism. I mean there he is tv's highest-paid actor and what does he give back? Arrogance, hooliganism, foolishness and just a simply I-don't-give-a-damn attitude! Take your millions Sheen, buy an island, and plant yourself there. Then and only then you can run around naked and tear up palm trees and kick the sand around. Best of all no one will care and we won't have to hear about your "breaking news".

1422 days ago


Oh great now we are going to have to hear about this unnews worthy hooker for the next few months. Good god when will the madness end?

1422 days ago


The pro's if any, were paid for their services, an now are lining up. That didn't take long.

1422 days ago


Just trying to get her face out there. What a cheap game she is playing. She just wants money and fame. What a shock!

1422 days ago

the truth    

charlie did not touch her or and she told the cops charlie didn't hold her against her will. they cant help her out much cause of that statement..........get with it girls and stop playing so easy with guys.sick of trashy looking girls of all ages.

1422 days ago


If it's not Gloria Alred trying to get in on the action, it could be her offspring Lisa Bloom.

1422 days ago
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