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Woman in Charlie Sheen Hotel Room Will Press Case

10/28/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson, the woman who ended up locking herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom, will ask Colorado prosecutors to violate Charlie's probation ... on ground he allegedly held her against her will.

Capri Anderson

We've also learned Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, has already lawyered up, hiring a high-profile Beverly Hills attorney -- not Gloria Allred.  

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting in and began repeatedly punching the door.  She alleges she feared for her life.

We're told Anderson wants the Pitkin County D.A. to attempt to violate Charlie's probation in the domestic violence case and she plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make her case.

Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County.  We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.

As one person on her team told TMZ, beyond the Pitkin case, "We're weighing our legal options."

Law enforcement sources in NYC tell TMZ ... when cops interviewed Anderson at the hotel, she did not say she felt Charlie was holding her against her will.

Capri Anderson photos.


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She called from the bathroom and was found nude in the closet

1420 days ago


And the whore cashes in, no surprise here. Wow, is Charlie Sheen stupid!

Wonder when his d*ck is gonna fall off...gotta be some diseases down there! Ewww!!!!

1420 days ago


well well well

from porn/escort whore to fame whore

someone's moving up in the world - NOT

1420 days ago


@Prancy she is a PROSTITUTE and a PORN STAR, how is she a victim of violence she never said he hit her. She sold herself to a drunk, high man with a terrible rep. what did she think was going to happen. Prosecute her for prostitution.

1420 days ago


@Andy you're probably right.

1420 days ago


If she chooses to lock herself into his bathroom and refuses to open the door, then she is trespassing.

Had she been frightened, then she should have left the man's hotel room.

What kind of bimbo refuses to open a bathroom door and leave and then accuse her host of holding her against her will?

1420 days ago


Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County. We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.


the DA just wants to see what Charlie had that night! hehe

1420 days ago

Ms BAB    

Okay.....This chick isn't very smart. If she pursues charges and investigation will be what about the coke and was money exchanged for sexual favor?????? She better just file a civil suit/ask for a settlement...whatever the chick just wants money anyway.

1420 days ago


She stole his watch etc. and when he found out became very angry so she ran into the bathroom naked to get away then finally called security to get him to back off. She probably stashed the watch in there. He probably tore up the room looking for his watch.(the room didn't look all that bad, chairs pushed over etc.) These celebs are playing with fire with these escorts as they'll try to frame them if they can.

1420 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Another Media Whore after Charlie's money. You would think after two Media Whore Gold Digging wifes, he would learn. Charlie, grow up!!!!

1420 days ago


only good thing about this story, its taken Mel Gibson off your radar, guess you will beat this one to death as well for the next 6 months. despite what may or may not have happen, charlie needs mental help and this ho wants money.........nothing new to report!!!

1420 days ago


Oh she is going for the money no doubt about that. She's a porn actress/hooker for crying out loud.

The witch knew what Charlie Sheen is all about yet she still decided to hang with him.

I think Sheen should be locked up but I'm tired of these women looking for the big pay day.

1420 days ago


I think they should teach a class in Histrionic Personality Disorder for teenage males. It might save more than a few from being arrested and/or having their reputation destroyed by women (or men) that suffer from it.

Histrionic women have very strong impulses to seek attention that usually stem from parenting issues. The disorder, part of the Cluster B personality disorders (Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic), usually surfaces somewhere between puberty and early adulthood. They often suffer from more than one Cluster B disorder. They're notorious for acting and attention-seeking and will get your butt thrown in jail for no reason whatsoever just so they can play the damsel in distress while the cops provide them the usually well above average attention they're craving(they tend to have above-average looks). They also tend to suffer from dissociative disorders (multiple personalities/large time span memory lapses/living multiple lives). They are the impossible actesses, the queen bees, the pathological liars, the prima donnas, or, if infantile type, the super dumb little girl(there are several subtypes depending upon which personality traits mix with the Histrionic trait). There's usually always a little girl personality in the mix which is a signal of where their emotional growth was stunted, often as a result of severe abuse.
They tend to follow others leads, seemingly having no direction of their own, and will often agree with seemingly any idea you may have which leads males to think they're promiscuous, which they usually are. They will say no if it's something they don't want to do though. They are incredibly cunning with an pleasant disposition on top (until they get mad).

They are cute and sweet and some professionals in the mental health field compare them to psychopaths. Many psychiatrists won't treat them for fear of being accused of impropriety. They are the femme fatale.

Watch out guys, you can look, BUT DON'T TOUCH!

Good Luck Charlie! They have a way with naive, manipulable, and/or stupid men, which, pretty much, includes most judges.

1420 days ago


Everyone condemns this woman and calls her names. But why none of you speak against Sheen? His children are in the room across from his, and he hired a call girl? Great father, isn't he? Talking about double standard. And I am pretty sure Sheen will get out of this easily, money can talk.

Posted at 7:45 AM on Oct 28, 2010 by silk

I agree , he is a loathesome Father & a drunken drug addict probably, BUT he isn't the one trying to extort someone here, she is, thus the venom for the gold digging wh0re.
All I would say to her is....YOU locked the bathroom door, not Sheen, end of story, now get out of my office before I have to fumigate it.
Also, hasn't Sheen heard about the AIDS scare in the porn industry? Some well known guy in the group just died from it. I bet this twit did some "scenes" with him....

1420 days ago

Zach Swan    

Drag a $50 bill through a trailer park, Charlie, and this is what you will end up with

1420 days ago
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