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Woman in Charlie Sheen Hotel Room Will Press Case

10/28/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson, the woman who ended up locking herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom, will ask Colorado prosecutors to violate Charlie's probation ... on ground he allegedly held her against her will.

Capri Anderson

We've also learned Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, has already lawyered up, hiring a high-profile Beverly Hills attorney -- not Gloria Allred.  

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting in and began repeatedly punching the door.  She alleges she feared for her life.

We're told Anderson wants the Pitkin County D.A. to attempt to violate Charlie's probation in the domestic violence case and she plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make her case.

Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County.  We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.

As one person on her team told TMZ, beyond the Pitkin case, "We're weighing our legal options."

Law enforcement sources in NYC tell TMZ ... when cops interviewed Anderson at the hotel, she did not say she felt Charlie was holding her against her will.

Capri Anderson photos.


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Charlie is a big accident waiting to happen. Does he have to kill a woman before the courts deem him dangerous. That will be the next thing that happens. He is a drug addict and sex addict. When will they just lock him up? All he does is objectify women. He has no respect for them and is going to end up killing one just like OJ.

1465 days ago


Leave this guy alone.....

1465 days ago


Anyone else think she looks like she use to be a dude?

1465 days ago


Obviously Charlie needs some help. Love his sitcom,but he probably keeps on working for the benefit of his co-stars. Doubt if he really needs the money. Although, he might after lawyers get involved in his most recent event. Why doesn't CBS help Charlie out by writing scripts with less drinking involved and show him trying to clean up his act. In a script where Charlie gets married and has his first child could also be funny. He is a good actor and I wish him well.

1465 days ago


it's been a long time coming for Charlie Sheen to go to jail where he belongs. He should rot in jail.

1465 days ago


Denise witnesed what was going on and she will side with Charlie because he's giving her 50 grand a month,.

1465 days ago


126. Sheen is her meal ticket of course! Look at her "career", she was a Bond girl, made a few B flicks, now she has to play a Cougar on Blue Mountain State on the Spike channel! Working it backwards... OUCH

1465 days ago


She is just another piece of crap hoe that will sleep with someone looking for an opportunity to try and get money. Whores use to have a code of honor.

1465 days ago


Yea, since when is it ok to threaten and abuse people to the point that they have to lock themselves behind a door screaming for help?? Who doesn’t go to jail for that??? This crack head needs to be locked up for a long time before he kills someone…I am just shocked that he is not only NOT in jail with probation revoked but texting crap like…”the thing was over blown”…the only thing overblown is his big fat honker!

1465 days ago


Really ? Guess the hooker/porn business is not paying as well anymore. Seems to me the first rule in her business is keep your mouth shut she must have forgot.

1465 days ago


First of all, she's a p0rn star. She's used to publicity and this incident will gain her MORE publicity not to mention guaranteed work. As for Charlie, he probably didn't even get the 'benefits' he would have received with a lady of the evening to make this ordeal worthwhile.

Aside from the dangers and morals of prostitution, - and depending on where you live - a professional prostitute makes a LOT of money. They also do not need - or want - the publicity.

1465 days ago


This chick isn't looking for 15 minutes. She's been all over the web for a few years now.

But what she is looking for is the Out of Court Settlement. A lot of chicks are doing this now hoping to cash in like that broad with Tiger. Seems easy to do if you're good looking.

1465 days ago


They found him passed out on the bed. She was in the closet (probable hiding the stuff she stole).

Stop messing around with these whores. They'll do anything for money. Stealing and extortion.
Anyone who is supportive of her behavior has villainous issues

1465 days ago

Babak Azmoun    

wow, pretty nutty stuff, indeed. Babak Azmoun

1465 days ago


The Girl is smoking HOT and i would bet that most if not all Men would not only give her their own watches but their wives watches as well. She's pure FIRE!!!

1465 days ago
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