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Charlie Sheen's 'Date' Mugs with Denise Richards

10/28/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category ... be careful who you pose for pictures with ... TMZ has obtained a now-awkward photo of Denise Richards mugging with Capri Anderson just hours before The Plaza Hotel incident.

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards

The photo was taken at Daniel restaurant in NYC Monday night.  Capri, aka Christina Walsh, was there with 4 other women, Charlie Sheen and 3 other men.  We're told when Denise walked in, Capri made a beeline for her, saying she was a big fan and wanted a pic with her.  If only Denise knew what would happen ...

We're told Denise was shocked when she saw who was at the table and felt so uncomfortable she left before finishing her appetizer.  Denise went back to the Plaza and stayed with her kids for the rest of the evening, only to be awakened by loud noise in Charlie's separate suite on the same floor at around 2 AM. 

Sources close to Anderson tell us the 22-year-old was "extremely afraid" of Sheen during the hotel incident. Anderson is telling friends she decided to call hotel security because she felt "threatened" by the sitcom star.

And there's more... We've also learned Capri has lawyered up and plans to ask the D.A. in Aspen to violate Charlie's probation in his domestic violence case, on grounds he allegedly threatened her in the hotel room.  BTW, we're told Capri never told NYC cops she was threatened.

As for what set Charlie off in the hotel room, sources tell us the actor noticed that a $100,000 watch had gone missing and he believed Capri took it.  We're told the watch has not been found.


Klum's New Halloween Costume!

Heidi Klum always goes all out for her Halloween costume -- and based on the sneak peek we got of her new one today, she won't disappoint this year either!

The "Project Runway" host was photographed trying on a red and purple robot outfit this week in NYC -- which she'll wear this weekend at the bash she's hosting at LAVO. And yes, that's former contestant Nicolas Putvinski working on her ensemble!

We'll be sure to have photos of Klum full costume after the event -- but check out our gallery of her killer costumes from previous Halloweens above!

Penelope Cruz Goes Bump in the Night

Looking chic in all black, Penelope Cruz tried to hide her growing Bardem baby bump while leaving a London restaurant last night.


The 36-year-old Oscar winner's first baby with husband Javier Bardem is due in the Spring.


The Guy in 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King': 'Memba Him?

In the '80s, Bruce Boxleitner starred opposite Kate Jackson on the TV series "Scarecrow and Mrs. King." Guess what he looks like now!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Can you spot the subtle differences in the following photos? If you can ... than you are a winner!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above pictures**

The Goonies -- 25 Years Later!

"The Goonies" celebrated its 25th anniversary last night in Burbank -- where the cast of the beloved kid's flick gathered for a mini-reunion!

Chunk, Mouth, Data, Rosalita and the Fratelli Brothers were all on hand for the event ... and, wow, have they changed over the years!

Check out how they've grown, plus shots of the rest of the cast as they've been seen out in public in the last few months.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Goonies" comes out on Blu-ray next week.

If They Were Pregnant...

(Which they AREN'T) they might look a little something like this!



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Jocelyn G.    

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Can you spot the subtle differences in the following photos?
If you can...than you are a winner What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

This was written above by AOL. under one of the pictures, do you see how they have wrote (than)? Instead of then. That's how they teach our kids.

1435 days ago


Charlie Sheen has got some obvious impestuousness in his nature, and he'll jump into bed with any homely stupid woman.
Any woman who'll be with him at this point in time is qualifying herself as a FOOL, and there is no shortfall of such FOOLS in America.
This latest ho is going to try and get herself some dough out of it, but it's going to be settled out of court.
She might make 5 grand, but for the rest of her life, people will think degrading thoughts of her.
So what?
She's willing to sell her dignity and all bids are low bids.

Sheen will remain unscathed by the latest scandal.
He's untouchable and too rich to die.

1435 days ago


omg this is soo sweet all this gossip

1435 days ago

Brian Workman    

Why not show Capri in her "working outfit", wearing the Charlie's watch? She lawyered up, so to get a restraining order, and gain more time to pawn the watch off?

1435 days ago

The Dude Abides    

Number one, who gives a damn ,the man is on his own time and it's his private life, hell celebrities used to be worshiped for this kind of behavior! Number two, this woman is a whore, Charlie always had a thing for whores so she more than likely stole his watch,that's what whores do, anything for a buck. If the cops need to investigate anyone it's this slut who makes movies and poses for adult websites that of course none of you ever look at or have ever downloaded, it's just the number one thing that people do on the internet for no reason whatsoever because you don't do it everyone else does. Anyway, like all whores she can't be trusted, especially when you are wearing a one hundred thousand dollar watch. And I'm sure Sheen has been drunker before and would notice if something as valuable as his watch just happened to be missing after he took a woman who, in all likelyhood , he knew what she did for a living, to his room. I'd be a little pissed too, wouldn't you be, if some slattern stole a hundred grand from you? I'd guess yes. And for all of you holier than thou types, he's single so he can sleep with whomever will have him, and there are plenty of woman who become instant whores when a man who has money and fame walks into the room , bar, or wherever, just looking for their fifteen minutes and a nice lawsuit, which this skank has as much chance at winning when she never told the NYPD the story she is saving up for her lawyer and the Aspen Colorado police , makes a hell of a lot of sense to me, if she was so "frightened" of Sheens behavior why wouldn't that be the first thing she tells the cops who have jurisdiction, which is New York, what the hell does Aspen have to do with anything? More of the same old non-event, much ado about nothing. Hell, it sounds like Charlie would make a great Senator!

1435 days ago


Mike's comment is dead on and I couldn't agree more. Celebrity shena****ns are getting awfully boring. Unfortunately, this opinion is in the minority because of the tabloid mentality of not only the media, but a great majority of people who seem addicted to everything celebrity. I guess that's what happens when we become detached from what's real and what's not by being spoon fed entertainment 24/7.

1435 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a s***bag!! It doen't matter WHAT this woman does or doesn't do for her job. Sheen has NO RIGHT to behave the way he does, time and time again with different women. Nor doing this stuff in public AND behind closed doors .Any other person would have been having charges filed against them had they tore up that hotel room. Any other person who's on PROBATION would have been thrown in jail for VIOLATING condistions of that probation! It disgust me to NO END that this guy has done all the things he has, and STILL gets away with ALL OF IT! BOYCOTT his show! He doesn't deserve that money and the show really isn't "that" good anyway. Dirtbag!

1435 days ago


So what!!!! They are all like us.. They just have lots of money.. If we had that kind of money we would all make wrong choices.. The worst choice our stars make is wearing such expensive items.. When the fans support their shows and luxurious life styles. I just wish they threw some money our way... But I'm still a fan.

1434 days ago


I feel sorry for him. I know what it's like to wake up the next day and go...what the hell did I do last night!
It really sucks when it keeps happening over and over again.
I used to have "alergic reactions to drugs and alcohol". He need to find a good sober friend to help him beforr he kills himeself-out of stupidness (which goes with addiction). I have alway liked him and beleive him to be very talented. I just hope he gets help before its too late.

1434 days ago
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