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Charlie Sheen's Boozy Dinner -- The Photos

10/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at the martini and wine fueled prelude to the crazy Charlie Sheen incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Tuesday morning.

Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson
TMZ has obtained pics of Sheen and Capri Anderson at Daniel restaurant in NYC on Monday night ... when Charlie pulled out all the stops and bought/drank some ridiculously expensive wine.

The pictures clearly show Charlie and Capri connecting -- with the help of some good ol' fashioned alcohol.

And the booze didn't come cheap -- Charlie sprung for two bottles of Grand Vin de Château Latour 1959 ... which go for $5,900 a pop.

Then again, when you're in the middle of a $98 million TV deal ... Grand Vin only hurts your pocket like a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.


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That's a TRASHED hotel room?? It looks like he threw some pillows around! Ridiculous!! Total set up!

1462 days ago


Charlie has lowered his standards. He's done many whores, but none who've kissed and told.

This opportunist just jumped in next to him and had her pic taken in a lame attempt to be seen with him. How cheap and tourist of you.

It's just as credible as standing next to a cutout of him and posing for the camera and saying they're close friends.

BTW.... How can you attempt to press charges on someone if you locked your OWN ass in the bathroom?

Don't steal and no one will have a reason to kick your ass.

1462 days ago


OMG please not one pic shows the "together" he is looking away from her and not even posing with her. If she had been on his lap and they were making out I'd believe this one was more than her trying to get publicity.

YAWN!!! Now she'll be all over the damn news for weeks to come, anyone smell that lawsuit?

1462 days ago


she didnt his watch in her pusssy proly
she was naked when police arived locked in bathroom
where she could have hide it ? in her pusssy ?
CS story is strangling the bottom

1462 days ago


Who ever sent in this picture helped Charlies case because their is clear evidence to him wearing his watch out that night. Not only that the girl with him who later was in his hotel room is showing herself taking advantage of his intoxication by standing in the pictures. This does not help the girls case at all.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


You know that watch went right up her hoo-haa as soon as she had the chance... fffftttttttt!! Now you see it, now you don't... That's exactly why she locked herself in the bathroom and called the cops. Free and easy escort out of the hotel. What're they gonna do.. make her do the spread and squat on pure speculation??

1462 days ago


I'm still wondering who actually "trashed the hotel room", too. Doubt that Charlie can remember a thing about it, so all we have is the word of this rather dubious "witness". Methinks the police sized her up pretty easily also and had their doubts about who did what.

Has Charlie trashed hotel rooms before? Usually drunks have a pretty established pattern of their behavior under the influence. What's his pattern? Maybe his ex Denise Richards is considering the medial hoopla as very exaggerated not just because of what she herself saw (she went to the hospital with Charlie) but also because she knows his pattern, and this isn't it.

1462 days ago


Geez - guys you really strung those photos out to the nth degree, didn't ya! No matter how many time you cut-in a photo, zoom in, zoom out, fuzz it up - it's still the photo! If ya only have a couple of photos just put them in - don't try to plump it out so it looks like an entire album!!

1462 days ago


charlie"s been robbed look at picture he has a watch on he"s so drunk i would've robbed him.

1462 days ago


Breaking news: and the NY daily news have previously unpublished photos and video of Capri Anderson.

Visit http://www.capria­ and be the first to see exclusive, never before seen VIP Capri content.

1462 days ago


what do you expect from a slut - she does not deserve a cent

1461 days ago

Patrick Henry    

When celebrities are out partying with friends, is it standard for them to be taking photos? You are right, no connection there, she looks like a fan getting off on being close to a celeb. Charlie looks totally wasted and we can't see who else is there. His friends should have stopped him from going up with the "hooker". She is clearly partying on his dime, just like that "hostess" Rachel U.

I am not defending the lifestyles of Hollywood's rich and famous, only that there are plenty of sleazes around them to take advantage of them, encourage their addictions and downfall and make money off of gossip.

I think that Robert Downey ,Jr. credits his wife/producer with keeping him straight. She is present on the sets and make sure that no sleazers get to him. No doubt that Sheen has many addictions, but his attempts at going straight seem to be torpedoed by "friends' associates and "business people" who are willing to hook up with him and bring him down.

Did it help that his wife Brooke was into partying with him as well? Then complains drunkingly when things go awry? When you love someone you want the very best for them: you want them to be well mentally, emotionally and physically. It does not seem to be that way in Hollyweird which seems to be the most decadent and opportunistic town in the US.

It's amazing how even the most sweetest and talented beings find the slippery slope down once they make it big in LA.

We've learned from the Rachel U story how celebs are recorded in booths, encouraged to drink party, have sex, and then are blackmailed in one way or another. And then they are willing lawyers and PI's waiting to create the multi- million dollars lawsuits and divorces.


Not one picture shows they are engaged. I'm also starting to think this was a complete set up. Who is to say she didn't trash the room herself, if he was too drunk to even notice. He needs to be more careful who gets near him. You would think he would pick his tarts a little more carefully. This hooker is looking for a payday, and milking all of her 15 minutes. Her website TMZ showed us yesterday is proof of that. Charlie! Sick the laywers on her a la Mel. lol

Posted at 3:17 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by two cents

1461 days ago


la verdad que no veo a charlie sheen muy interesado en la chica, mas parece que ella quiere ser protagonista y no se ve bien el supuesto destrozo del hotel solo fotos recortadas ya que parece que fuera solamente dos o tres tomas y las cortan y ponen muchas mas... como se dice aqui en peru "hay que hacer leña del arbol caido"... les gusta hacer eso no?

1461 days ago


Looking for money! Easy setup and Charlie an easy target.

1461 days ago
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