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Charlie Sheen's Boozy Dinner -- The Photos

10/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at the martini and wine fueled prelude to the crazy Charlie Sheen incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Tuesday morning.

Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson
TMZ has obtained pics of Sheen and Capri Anderson at Daniel restaurant in NYC on Monday night ... when Charlie pulled out all the stops and bought/drank some ridiculously expensive wine.

The pictures clearly show Charlie and Capri connecting -- with the help of some good ol' fashioned alcohol.

And the booze didn't come cheap -- Charlie sprung for two bottles of Grand Vin de Château Latour 1959 ... which go for $5,900 a pop.

Then again, when you're in the middle of a $98 million TV deal ... Grand Vin only hurts your pocket like a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.


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I totally agree with Whamo. The guy is praised for being a morally depraved psychopath. His violent, drug-fueled antics are just him being a "chip off the old block" while people like Lindsay Lohan (who's a stupid bitch, but in all fairness never assaulted anyone) are in and out of jail and rehab.

Two cents, his ex-wives don't have anything bad to say about him because they make BANK when they receive astronomical amounts of child and spousal support from Charlie each month. Why kick the cash cow when he's down???

1457 days ago



Brooke comes from a very wealthy family. So her motive isn't to make "BANK"

Stop spewing **** you know nothing about.

1457 days ago


Who the hell took these photos?????

1457 days ago


I don't see a connection .. ?? I see a star struck porn star taking photos of herself in the same room as a celeb.

I'm willing to bet she stole his watch.

1457 days ago


There are maybe three pictures here all cropped to show the same thing: Charlie Sheen was totally hammered!!! Man, this guy really kills me. I don't even like "Two and a Half Men"...How does a dude like this get $2mil an episode? I guess a lot of other people think it's hysterical, and I know Jon Cryer was freaking out during that negotiation, but seriously. This guy is a lush. Also, she was obviously (at least at this point) WAY more sober than him, so she knew what she was getting into. Dummy.

1457 days ago

Another Story    

A one night stand Hollywood style.Capri is getting her 15 minute of fame.

1457 days ago


This guy is my IDOL..hahahah..booze, hookers, and lots of money, what's better than that? Dude is Spanish,that appetite is on his Charlie you are the man!

1457 days ago


As for Charlie, he, Mel Gibson, and David Arquette should all become drinking buddies. They all seem to have a lot in common.

Posted at 5:46 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by M

Three of the most talented and successful actors in Hollywood. That would be funny. They could hire a bunch of prostitutes, provide piles of booze, and film it all for a new reality show. Would be a big hit and they would make a huge amount of money to continue their lifestyle.

Hollywood has always been so clean cut and now these guys are ruining it! They and all the other closet drunks and drug users should all be thrown out of town. They're not deserving of the money they make? These people didn't get where they are by accident. They had what it took to get to the top. Sometimes their personal lives suffer as a result. Doesn't mean they deserve to be targetted for crimes by common criminals like this woman.

1457 days ago

two cents    

Today's morning shows said this hooker wanted the $12K she was owed for the "date". Yet she swears she's not a prostitute. lol. This amateur better be careful, she's playing with professionals with lots of money. Charlie has the funds for professional call girls, he doesn't need to scrape the bottom of the barrell with girls who don't know how to be behave.

Anyone notice a creepy similarity to his ex Denise? lol

1457 days ago

Cardinal Ximenez    

She hasn't just done a bit of porn, she's done a lot of porn.

Mostly she's doing solo or lesbo, but she's got a handful of hardcore scenes as well.

1457 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Charlie has no class or self-esteem if the best he could do is marry that snot nosed loser Brooke and sport around this no class tramp hooker (Yes, you are a hooker!) at an upscale NY restaurant.

1457 days ago


The wh0re has the watch I bet. He wouldn't take it off anywhere but in his room if it meant that much to him. So it has to be her, unless someone else was in the room.

1457 days ago


SET UP.......BIOTCH.....the only thing sad abouth this story is the amount spent on wine...charlie....take some of that money and send some kids that have never been to baseball game or something worth while...they probly won't rob you...please do not settle with this PIG...she set you up....

1457 days ago


She's just a fame whore. If he had the watch on going into the hotel room and they are the only 2 people in the room she stole it and now is just trying to get publicity out of the incident to have her 15 minutes of fame. The next thing she'll do is hire Gloria Alred another one just looking to get publicity. I'm really sick of Gloria Alred.

1457 days ago


How did Charlie lose the watch? When you are coked, drunk and horny you are usually also limp. You strap on a **** ring to build and hold an erection, in this case, his watch. After he got off, the watch could be behind doors #1, #2 or #3. You can be sure she did not return it. No wonder he was pissed! Hookers are paid to leave quietly, ex wives just to leave. One you pay up front, the others over time. Charlie made a good business decision. He just executed it badly.

1457 days ago
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