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Charlie Sheen's Boozy Dinner -- The Photos

10/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at the martini and wine fueled prelude to the crazy Charlie Sheen incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Tuesday morning.

Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson
TMZ has obtained pics of Sheen and Capri Anderson at Daniel restaurant in NYC on Monday night ... when Charlie pulled out all the stops and bought/drank some ridiculously expensive wine.

The pictures clearly show Charlie and Capri connecting -- with the help of some good ol' fashioned alcohol.

And the booze didn't come cheap -- Charlie sprung for two bottles of Grand Vin de Château Latour 1959 ... which go for $5,900 a pop.

Then again, when you're in the middle of a $98 million TV deal ... Grand Vin only hurts your pocket like a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.


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I'm so disgusted by this filty pig charlie sheen, what a waster of space.Please do us a favor, and OD on the crack cocaine you love so much.This is getting ridiculous, how many more women does this guy have to victimized before law enforcement finally does their job, and arrest this jerk.The list of victims keeps growing,and everybody else thinks it is a joke.

He is an embarrassment to his children, I hope the CO DA revoke his probation.I'm on team Caprice all the way, I' can't wait until she meets the CO DA and tells him her side of the story. For CBS not to suspend this drug crazed racist pig is insane.What kind of message is CBS sending out to young boys,it is okay to terrorize women.

I can't wait until this racist pig OD on crack, he is so gross. I can't believe it nutjob, getting naked in a restaurant restroom, his face covered with cocaine, and then screaming the N word against black people. why didn't the police just tase his ass, when the threw the blanket on his naked ass, and tackle him to the ground.

There are so many people suffering right now, and to see how this lunatic is waisting his money on prostitutes,cocaine,booze. "I hope you die, you racist filthy piece of garbage".

1425 days ago


First, he should have had a V8. Second, who'd you rather: Charlie Sheen or Jon Cryer? You decide.

1425 days ago


Charlie return one of those bottles of wine and give me that money, it will pay my rent for a year :(.

Charlie is in serious need of help.

1425 days ago


Uhhh.... looks to me he doesn't even know she's standing there. lol. You never know, she was probably hiding in his bathroom and he didn't even know she was in his room.

1425 days ago


Since when do hookers wear Herve' Leger?

1425 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

What a whore. Heck even she gives whores a bad name! The slut admits to being a prostitute, why isn't she being charged for prostitution?

I would bet that she planned to extort him the entire time and that is why she was taking all the photos the way she did to put link her with him.

I wouldn't doubt she stole his watch the skank sells her vagina for money, so she obviously has no morales.

I bet once Chalies cash register goes "cha ching" enough, she will drop her suit against him.

Money grubbing ho' bag!

Still doesn't excuse Charlies behavior but it doesn't give her the right to extort him either. Unless she has been living under a rock she knows his history and she was dumb enough to go to a hotel room alone with him when he was wasted.

1425 days ago


I cannot believe how many people idolize this guy and are condoning his actions. This is the male version of Anna Nicole Smith. Total tralier park trash, with the benefit of someone elses - in Chariles case daddy's influence and money. These pictures says it all. I dont know how someone this smashed out of his mind would even be allowed to dine in a place like Daniels in that condition. 90% of the wealthy folk who go to places like this are ultra conservative older executives. And to bring known hookers and porn stars in there? I think this incident will give that restaurant a bad name.

1425 days ago

comanche black    

How ever in the world do you think these pics look like they are "connecting?" I can go to a bar and take pics of myself with drunk people in the background but that doesn't mean we are connecting. That being said, Charlie looks drunk and tweaked. Get help Charlie before your children have no father. That and anger management.

1425 days ago


She looks pregnant in the pic from the side.

1425 days ago


Let's see...
$5,900 bottles of wine and a $150,000 watch.

Spending that much on a stupid watch and booze is obscene.

Now why is it that we can't repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy?

People are losing their jobs and homes, and idiots like Charlie and Paris are spending, in one night, what most people make in a year.

Let's quit protecting the wealthy in this country - make them pay like the rest of us.

1425 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

"todays morning shows said this hooker wanted $12k she was owed for the date, yet she swears she isn't a prostitute" Then why on earth was she in the bathroom naked? Hmm

I would like to know who leaked/sold these pictures, i bet that they are directly tied to this skanks bank account!

Charlie is a what he is, everyone knows it, its common knowledge. It doesn't excuse it, but Anyone who makes a choice to be alone with him knows the possible outcome and how he gets.

She is obviously a fan and knew what she was getting into and from the looks of it she was making sure people knew she was with him and planned a bigger payday. I have never heard of paid escorts taking pictures on thier "dates" or escorts being allowed to take pictures, especialy with high profile people like this. Makes me wonder if this wasn't thier first hook up and he was comfortable with the rentaho'

This skank made her choices and is now trying to profit from them.She knew the risks when she went to the hotel with him, she made her choices, bad choices. And now wants to profit for being a moron. Its like making a choice to get in a car with a drunk driver, then trying to sue the drunk driver when the car crashes. You and you alone are responsible for yourself, Capri makes it sound like she is an innocent bystander in all this, she is not, she chose to be a hooker, she chose to go back to the hotel room with him. It doesn't excuse Charlies behavior but come on, if you play with fire chances are you will get burnt.

Either she is the stupidest bitch on the planet, or the smartest, only her bank account will tell.
This ho' had to know what she was getting into when she decided to take the job, and now she sees a payday and her shot at fame and fortune. Her mother must be so proud.

1425 days ago


clearly he doesn't want to be seen with her, not to mention, he's freakin' trashed.

1425 days ago


EXCLUSIVE NEW DETAILS: Charlie Sheen Was Found Naked & Doing Cocaine In Restaurant Bathroom

that's from rabiesonline.

he's a waste of skin.

1425 days ago


Porn Actress in Charlie Sheen 'Rampage' Promotes Website

The woman who was present in the room of a luxury Manhattan hotel during sitcom star Charlie Sheen's alleged alcohol-fueled rampage is using the incident to promote herself.

On her website, Christina Walsh – a porn actress whose stage name is Capri Anderson – has called herself "the hot topic porn star." She has even added three new videos to her site since the incident and cut the site's membership fee.


1425 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

What i want to know is where were Charlies assistants? It is obvious that he was out of it, wasted, and from the sounds of it it sounds like there was already trouble at the restaurant and his assistants had to help him there.

You would think if he was that wasted they would have done more to try and protect him, and thier meal tickets from this money grubbing skank. I am sure this isn't the first time Charlie has behaved this way, and you would think his assistants/staff would know how to handle the situation better than they did. If he was that wasted they should have at the very least tried to prevent the rent a croch from trying to take picture with him. In most pictures it is obvious he isn't even aware he is being photographed!

1425 days ago
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