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Charlie Sheen's Boozy Dinner -- The Photos

10/29/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at the martini and wine fueled prelude to the crazy Charlie Sheen incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Tuesday morning.

Charlie Sheen Capri Anderson
TMZ has obtained pics of Sheen and Capri Anderson at Daniel restaurant in NYC on Monday night ... when Charlie pulled out all the stops and bought/drank some ridiculously expensive wine.

The pictures clearly show Charlie and Capri connecting -- with the help of some good ol' fashioned alcohol.

And the booze didn't come cheap -- Charlie sprung for two bottles of Grand Vin de Château Latour 1959 ... which go for $5,900 a pop.

Then again, when you're in the middle of a $98 million TV deal ... Grand Vin only hurts your pocket like a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck.


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quint davis    

Wonder when she is going to sell the nude pictures she undoubtably took of poor Charlie passed out in the hotel room. You know she wouldn't pass up that extortion possibility. Maybe her removing his watch is what woke him up. Maybe if he lets her keep the watch she will lose the pictures. But Charlie better hurry. She is probably already working on a deal with TMZ to sell them.

1454 days ago


This ASS CLOWN sheen is truly a worthless s***bag that keeps sliding by on his celebrity. OH, GOD FORBID, we CANT put CHARLIE SHEEN in Jail, how could he make his crappy show if he;s in jail. ******* SKATED IN COLORADO ONCE AGAIN, how many chances does this DOUCHE get??? I hope his most recent slut has really got the stuff to put sheen where he belongs, IN JAIL. Perhaps he and LOHAN can be pen pals. WAHHHHHH, he lost his expensive watch. GOOD, I hope he NEVER gets it back. Hell, with what this clown makes, he could replace it 100 times over. Anyone with any morality, would not watch any show with DRUNKY CHARLIE THE WOMAN BEATER!!

1454 days ago


Trash, Trash, and more Trash, where is the dinner? Charlie you could have had a nice dinner with your girls instead of someone elses pathetic daughter.

1454 days ago


OK, this is stale. Lindsay Lohan! Lindsay Lohan! Propaganda! TMZ isn't any fun without the skewed logic of NICOLE.

1454 days ago



a pretty young thing all over an older famous man ... this is a SCOOP

TMZ please please tell me more about this as I still can't believe it

how can this possibly happened?????

what a scoop!

great stuff here .. keep going please

1454 days ago


hmmmmm something about this picture is giving me all the details I need, Charlie is the victim of yet another Uchitel - look how she's desperately trying to get a photo-op with him and most likely SHE'S the one who gave TMZ the photo along with all those GLAMOR shots they've been posting of her.

This Uchitel is gonna MILK this for all she can, poor Charlie - Denise should have dragged him out of that dinner when she left.

1454 days ago

Pretty LL    

These pics are hilarious. She keeps trying to get her face next to his lol!!! He couldn't look any less interested. She sure is proving what a classy women she is by selling the only thing she's got to offer, her vajayjay and her BS stories

1454 days ago


If this loser manchild isn't a danger to himself, but more importantly his sad so called wife who's custody along with his should be questioned seriously for even being there, children and the public at large one is. Hollywood needs a nuke dropped on it and yesterday.

We have a liberally created 'two America's' alright similar liberal lowlife John Edwards once said while lying like a rug to get elected president and almost did thanks to the same mindless liberals running this country into the gutter through the hijacking of Hollywood, the schools, the media and DC to boot.

and those two Americas consist of "us and THEM"..

1454 days ago


I wouldn't bang that claptrap even with Charlies std infected shriveled up cokeweenie for all the ho's in Hollywood.

1454 days ago


Security cameras would show him going to the room with the watch on I'd bet. One thing about drunks is they're not quite as forgetful as you'd think. The only time he would have taken the watch off is to bang it out with her. He probably passed out and she snagged it. He was probably suspicious of her so he looked for his prize possession and it was gone. That's when he went nuts. I'm sure Charlie isn't giving much thought to this incident and just glad he didn't wind up in more trouble with the law.

1454 days ago


I agree with those that say she appears to fully set him up. You can almost see it in her eyes. She had nothing but ill will for him. He isn't even paying her any attention in the photos yet these are the photos that are provided to show how much fun was had. NOT! Charlie got scammed by an average looking, at best, amatuer porn, wanna be, star. And so did he ex Denise cuz the scam artist porn prostitute sleazy girl took the same kind of stick my head by yours and take the picture myself kind of photo to unsuspecting Denise. She knew what she was doing to both of them. How dare Charlie bring such trash around his family, heck himself! Use a better escort agency Charlie!

1454 days ago


People need to stop perpetrating like they don't know what kind of man Sheen is or how disrespectfully he treats women.

Denise knows better than most but was hanging out with him anyway.

No wonder he thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences.

I'm inclined to agree with Sheen. He can disrespect or beat a woman and no one has the "balls" or "clout" to hold him responsible because he is a rich white male "b**tch."

Oops did is say the "B" word? spanking my fingers and LMAO!
Hey just say whats true.

1454 days ago


What was he thinking? She appears to be acting "crazy"!!!

Posted at 2:20 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Sally

Charlie - thinking?!?@?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! If he had lived 400 years ago they would have locked him up as the town imbecile.

1454 days ago


nice dress - NOT

1454 days ago

Ambulance Chaser hater    

funny that she was taking pictures with everyone who didn't even know who the hell she was, Charlie doesn't even realize that she's trying to get a picture with him..

Cheap HO... she should be sued for blackmail!!! what a hefer!

1454 days ago
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