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Charlie Sheen's Missing Watch -- Super RARE

10/29/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The watch that Charlie Sheen claims he lost during the night of his hotel meltdown ain't no ordinary Timex ... dude was wearing one of the most sought after watches on the planet ... valued at $150,000.

Charlie Sheen watch collection.
Sources familiar with the situation tell us Sheen was rockin' a Patek Philippe 5970 ... a watch that one expert tells us is always in "crazy high demand" with collectors.

TMZ obtained a photo of Sheen wearing the watch at his dinner party with Capri Anderson just hours before he lost the timepiece.

We're told, "So few people have them ... and so few people trade in them .. that the watch will return at some point."

Kinda explains why Sheen was willing to tear his room apart to try and find it.


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Someone please, put this rabid dog down

1418 days ago


This watch retails for $89,60......0.00!! Not $150,000.00!!

Posted at 10:52 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Il Duce

The Patek Philippe 5970 was only produced from 2004 to 2008 and in very limited numbers. What the original MSRP was is irrelevant to it's resale value today. Availability is limited and they are now worth whatever collectors are willing to pay for one.

Just google "Patek Philippe 5970". The exclusive watch dealers who have one available are asking $135~$160...K for them. If it's the real deal, in good condition, and not stolen... then that's what they are worth.

"Capri", give Charlie his watch back you dirty whore.

1418 days ago


If this chick has the watch,I hope she's smart enough to know what to do with it. A lot of great stuff moves through the underground market because they are a lot of unscrupulous people who have the right connections.
The fact that it was his watch should fetch a good price with private collectors.

1418 days ago


#30 is the truest

1418 days ago


Conspicuous consumption at its finest. Get a nice Seiko and send the rest to charily.

1418 days ago


I wish I loved anything as much as Charlie Sheen loves hookers and cocaine!

1418 days ago


Charlie can save himself a few bucks and get a replica from for about $120...then he's got nothing to complain about when it goes missing...

1418 days ago


Gwendolynicous & Cartman:

So both of you think that the prostitute deserves to have his watch more than he does? Is that his punishment for being rich and famous? The real atrocity here was when the police let her leave with the watch because the male is always assumed to be at fault whenever there's a dispute with a woman. And yes, she's a low class piece of trash who degrades herself daily so that she doesn't have to work a real job. Easy money. she'll be working the streets soon anyways but good luck trying to hock that watch. May as well flush it down the toilet.

1418 days ago


Sure looks like he had a bad reaction to some "medication"! I think his agents are as screwed up as he is. Pass that marijuana law CA! Hurry. You need more whacked out people there!

1418 days ago


Hang in there Charley,been there done that, only it was not a watch and i did not rip the room apart,i started to rip here apart,i think Charley held his cool very well.the lesson here is, if you use whores and loose women,you will eventually get burnt.i learned my lesson,i lock everything up now. ROCK ON CHARLEY.

1418 days ago


Tick, Tick, Tick KAPOOH your career and role as a parent are OVER.

1418 days ago


@ #22 Angel

No, you were raised during a time when color TV was a luxury and the information age we live in didn't exist, perhaps? I promise you, hookers like this chick have been around before currency was currency.

1417 days ago


"Useless, like stealing a Lamborghini in the hood.
You can't sell it and it can't be serviced.
You can't even wear it.
No one will touch it and if the whore does not return it soon she will be charged with felony grand theft and see long prison time.
Ask Charlie for $10K to give the watch back and have it handled quietly, I am sure he will be happy to pay it.

Posted at 1:10 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Anon E Mouse"

LMAO. You're post was spot on till that last part. You know, the extortion part. But maybe you were hoping she'd be stupid enough to go for it so we can all have a laugh?

1417 days ago


$158,000 watch,i would be pretty pissed too. i called the cops when my **** ex wife smashed my Omega with a hammer... Patek Philippe? i would have buried the bitch

1417 days ago

Gordon Gekko    

she defo has it

1416 days ago
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