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Another Oksana Lawyer

Bites the Dust

10/28/2010 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has lost another lawyer in the family law case -- Lisa Bloom is substituting out, TMZ has learned.


We don't know exactly why Bloom left the case -- but we're told there were some conflicts between Bloom and Oksana's remaining legal team.  Specifically, we're told over the weekend, Daniel Horowitz was working with Oksana at her home.  Bloom came by and left looking pretty mad.

Bloom tells TMZ, "I still represent her and I have not quit," adding she is just temporarily out of the family law case while she is in Europe speaking at the Climate Change Convention at the House of Commons in London.

Other sources say Bloom is out of the family law case ... period.


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I bet Herzog knows what is going on

1419 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

@TMZGOSSIP What gag order are you reffering to about violet that you asked about in your TMZ Live question?

1419 days ago


I think Sweetheart is right about this and has been all along. I was skeptical, but not anymore. Maria Ashot was also of the same opinion. I think there is more involved here than we know. If you want to start bashing me, then knock your socks off.

Posted at 12:41 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by fuddyduddy



1419 days ago


A lot of people here have been bashing Sweetheart, and those who support Sweetheart have been bashed. BUT, I think all the nay-sayers need to listen to what Sweetheart has said, because I think she is right. The problem is with family lawyers quitting OG. Horowitz hasn't quit OG, and why is that? Horowitz is not a family law attorney. Horowitz is focused on the criminal matters (DV and extortion) and what does not affect those investigations? DNA! He doesn't give a flying flip if DNA proves paternity one way or the other; all he cares about is OG not getting charged with extortion so that he can file a civil suit for damages and collect some big bucks. DNA on the other hand very much affects the family law case and that's where ALL of her attorneys are quitting. I think that once the attorney gets her file and they start reviewing it and getting the true picture of what is really involved; they quit. Who would want to be associated with the biggest lie of all, as kapocta termed it so well? Who would want to be associated with that? And if there is criminal issues surrounding the DNA than any lawyer would jump ship in a New York minute because they would not want to involve with that. The way an attorney handls criminal matters can sometimes dictate discipline from the state bar. I can see how they would not want to be involved. It does take time to review a client's file. Trope wanted to quit after the first week. Lisa had a little time now and she sees what's going on. Jacobs saw the light faster than anyone.

I think Sweetheart is right about this and has been all along. I was skeptical, but not anymore. Maria Ashot was also of the same opinion. I think there is more involved here than we know. If you want to start bashing me, then knock your socks off.

Posted at 12:41 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by fuddyduddy


You know fuddy, the fact that people who believe the POSSIBILITY being bashed is something that really is bugging me. I don't attack or bash those who think the possiblity is ridiculous. I don't throw stones at them. I respect the fact that everyone has a right to their opinion. I respect that fact that not everyone has to believe one way or another. I just don't get why people have to be bashed for having an open mind. I enjoy all the posters here and I find that when I state that I am on the fence, all of a sudden I'm a follower of a cult or I not worth speaking to. It is a shame that others don't respect a poster if their views our slightly different.

1419 days ago


Even if she wanted to end this now, I would hope He say's no.
With 50 percent custody his payment will go down.

Posted at 12:46 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by hellnurse
End what ?
Oksana has no power to end anything, it's a criminal investigation.

1419 days ago



1419 days ago


No surprise there.

1419 days ago


OK. What are the 36 reasons she fired them? Was is that they were ALL bad?

Oksana that is a narcissistic sociopath that is out of control. Each
lawyer tried to get a grip on this runaway train, but she's on a
rampage of destruction.

Posted at 12:46 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by LISA

Apparently Miss Oksana has been dissatisfied with their representation.

I'm guessing she's unhappy because they all keep telling her $200 million is out of the question.

1419 days ago


I hope when it comes down to it...the judge doesn't award her Attorney's fees. It's been her choice to play legal musical chairs to the point that there is probably some confusion as to who does and who doesn't represent her (charge her for every little thing). I hope she's stuck with that bill in a big way.

1419 days ago


hey fuddy. how come I'm brave????? You had a statement to Ashot so I thought maybe you had seen her post. lol, we are getting confused.

1419 days ago


You couldn't write stuff this good -- it's just too outrageous.

Lisa Allred Bloom, JD is not a Climate Change person -- just a TV personality/lawyer. See her website:
There is no reason for Lisa Allred Bloom to go to London about climate change unless it is for a change of her local climate -- i.e. away from Southern Cal to escape the OG smog.

The Lisa Bloom who might have reason to attend the climate change conference and who might have reason to address the House of Commons as earlier suggested is on Lisa E. Bloom, Ph.D., author and visiting professor in communications at UC San Diego. See her UCSD page: & her own website:

Lisa A. Bloom is not the same person as Lisa E. Bloom. They have different birthdates, degrees, job histories.

Just how gullible do these folks think we are?

I can't believe either LB or OG expect us to believe the LB has to go to a London/climate change meeting story.

1419 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Lowers #41 step forward,
take a number, stand in line

-Ok$a's firing/quiting line!


***TEAM MEL***

1419 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Oksana is counting on DV victims to fall for her games, trouble is her stories don't add up. Her story (ever-changing stories) has/have stunk from the beginning. Don't let a sociopath prey on your empathy and intelligence. Btw, her so called Russian therapist, Svetlana Belyaeva, is really a PR specialist.

Perhaps there are too many PUBLIC RELATIONS "experts" spinning while the sociopath Oksana thinks she is smarter then all. Lisa Bloom get what she needed to cover Mommy Gloria's ass?

Posted at 12:30 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by kickaboo

I agrfee kikaboo....I dont think they liked Lisa spiing the supposed abuse allegations about Lucia and the deadbeat dad allegations...I think that they knew she was trotting a fine line with what was truth and fiction and the judge could have come and slpped their hand for the antics

1419 days ago


I suspected all along that most of the high profile attorneys are and were doing this stint with Oksana for the public exposure, which makes them media whores. I also think Oksana is sleeping with her lawyer, Mr. Horowitz. Their relationship in public seems to cozy and friendly for a lawyer and his client. Their relationship seems more intimate than business. My lawyer never came to my house to consult me, it was all done over the phone or in his office. Something stinks here.

Posted at 12:48 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by Gene
I wonder if they debugged the or there are some videos/recordings we might all get to view/hear some day! lol

1419 days ago


the judge is going to sit on both sides of the depos right? So the attorneys have to ask the questions and then the person since there is a lawyer turnover, won't the judge be a bit more inclined to make sure nothing out of order gets asked? I guess I am asking can the judge keep question safe for both sides?

1419 days ago
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