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Eddie Cibrian's Ex

Busted for DUI

10/29/2010 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandi Glanville, ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, was busted for DUI early this morning ... TMZ has learned.

Brandi Glanville arrested.
Glanville was arrested at 12:05 AM by Beverly Hills PD. She was pulled over on Sunset Blvd. for an unknown traffic violation. According to law enforcement sources, officers detected the odor of alcohol and Glanville was given a field sobriety test. She was then arrested for suspicion of DUI.

She was held on $5,000 bail and released at 8:21 AM.


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HAHA yourself to the jackass who says people don't walk away from happy marriages....this lady's trashy ex and his trashy mistress he left her and her children for weren't UNHAPPY...that's an excuse some people use instead of admitting their incredible selfishness and nastiness. Only those who have walked in this woman's shoes truly understand this and one can only imagine the emotional pain she and her children have gone through. AWWWWWW....he only get's to see his kids part time....too bad. Their so called happiness has cost two marriages that otherwise could have bee worked on. NO marriage is happy 24/7 but you vow to stay commited no matter what. Her DUI is wrong but their nastiness have destroyed.

1452 days ago


Never trust a cheating spouse they most likely will do it again. Move on Brandi he might be good looking but, looks are not eveything but honesty is. As for Rimes she will reap what she sows one day. She's not all that. Welcome to skanksville Leann

1452 days ago


Totally irresponsible and I'd love to hear the inside scoop from Eddie for a change.

Not a bit attractive and where's the concern for the kids?

1452 days ago


Way to really convey to the world how much you care about your kids, lady. Bottom line is she got wasted, illegally drove and was caught. She broke the law. End of story. Placing the blame and further trying to prove some kind of delusion that this is "the other woman's" fault will only show her for the weak, pathetically irresponsible person that she is. I've thought since the beginning that Brandi is a classless piece of trash (honestly)... She's doing a great job of proving it. Eddie was most likely just waiting for some kind of a lifeline to get out of her hell.

1452 days ago


She looks rather manish-is she a tranny???

1451 days ago


I agree with LoveLivinginCali, this biatch has trolls all day and night who talk crap on Leann, if she focused half of that attention on her kids or her man, maybe Eddie wouldnt have left. Brandi is the loser in this situation.

1450 days ago


Cheese and rice! People get divorced everyday for a number of reasons all day every day. If these people weren't famous who would know or for that matter who would care? Doesn't anyone have anything better to do than bash someone else when in fact don't even know the facts! Who knows what really happened. Maybe Brandi is a lousey mother or a bad cook. Maybe she is terrible in the sheets or maybe just not a good person. Again who knows? On the other hand maybe she is the best person on the planet. People fall out of love all the time. Sad as it is, that's life.

1449 days ago


At the person who said she bad mouthed Leann Rimes that is not true at all. She spoke for the first time on the Talk, and did not have one bad thing to say about Leann. Quit making **** up!

1447 days ago


Brandi is MUCH better looking than Leann. This guy's a loser, he's lost his job so he's latching onto Leann for her money. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

It appears to me that this was a shock to Brandi and so she's not taking it well. Understandable since he tore up the family and now she has to "share" her children with Leann who stole her husband. I bet that's hard to swallow.

1443 days ago


It's real nice that she didn't have her boys with her the stupid B****! However, there were other people out on the road. She made it sound like it was o.k. because her boys were in no danger. That's great, SELFISH A$$, but what about other children or even adults. She can't use alcohol as an excuse for her B.S. She says she wants EC with LR so the boys are not with many women, she wants to be friends with them one day, she wants to get along. Who is she Bullshi*****? The only thing she wants is to cause trouble when she wants to cause it and when she wants ATTENTION. She is the one whwo seems to have her head on a$$backwards. Wake up lady, you're supposed to be an adult, act like one. I have never been so upset except she seems to clear herself of the drinking because her boys were not with her. She's LUCKY NOBODY got hurt!!! GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

1440 days ago
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