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Capri Anderson -- Sheen Drama Is Good for Business

10/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson's XXX stock has gone through the roof ever since she locked herself in a bathroom in Charlie Sheen's hotel room this week  -- TMZ has learned the job offers are pouring in.


Sources close to Anderson tell us she's been hit up with several serious offers ever since TMZ revealed her identity ... most of the offers are "adult" in nature, but since she is a porn star -- nothing's off the table. 

In fact, this morning Anderson received a $50,000 offer to appear in "multiple live adult chat sessions" for a company called iP4Play.

The company claims that, "Due to her recent notoriety, Capri Anderson would be a huge hit among fans of our service."

So far, we're told Capri hasn't made any decisions on her next career move.


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Moe Green    

Hey Charlie, you are a wild and crazy guy. The story would have gone the other way if you had hit the girl. Guess those anger management classes worked, good for you. Not sure where you are from but here are some tips about NYC: a) don't call an escort/whatever without the actual cash in your actual pocket, b) don't have anything valuable lying around (those girls are not exactly honest people), c) if you do get robbed in NYC, replace it and forget about it. Also in Manhattan it's standard for zonked out people to get to go to a hospital instead jail if there is no violence involved, just for the record it's usually a $900 ambulance ride. So let's see the tab.

$12,000 - hooker
$150,000 - watch
$7,000 - hotel damages
$800 - night stay in hotel
$2,000 - hospital bill
$800 - a couple of 8 balls
$30,000 = dinner and hookers for all

Total $200,000 plus for one night of fun. Dude, I want to party with you.

1462 days ago


She's hot, the site is hot and sexy! Get her on there and make sure you don't miss out on the free membership and sexy ladies live on facetime Hope she gets on there so we can see it all

1462 days ago


She was naked in the bathroom and claimed Charlie owed her $12,000. That's a prostitute. Police let the prostitute and stolen watch go home as always.

1462 days ago


people who think Charie Sheen is a good actor
have distroted perception of reality

1462 days ago


see her at socalgirls

1462 days ago


who cares what she looks like
stop blaming her
yes she is a moronic low life whore oops porn star
but lets look at the big picture her folks
is a vile vile wife beater , drug addict, psycho, addict to whores
and he keeps getting paid for all of his addictions and crimes
anyone else would be off the street
he makes over a million bucks an episode
cancel his show
dont give him any more acting work Hollywood
don't reward his behavior and show the world that you can be a pig and still get paid millions
yes she is a low life pig - but she will get paid too
he is scarier to me
what kind of father is this man?
disgusting what is being rewarded now
all of it stinks

1462 days ago

snoop sucks    

Has she thanked TMZ for all this free press? Thanks TMZ for making me a star.. haha

1462 days ago


This bitch has aids. Poor sluts what they do for money, that goes for all the hollywood hoes.. Guys its just ***** after you ***, U just want to bail....

1462 days ago


Capri Anderson is way hot on This stuff is before she really got into porn. She's probably like 18 or 19 but there's some hot girl-on-girl stuff an u dont have to look at that fugly Charlie Sheen.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


Sounds like a great company to work for IP4Play. Good grief LOL Definitely not a job you'd want to write home to Mom and Dad about.

1462 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Great. So she'll look used up sooner rather than later.

1462 days ago


YOU GO GIRL!! Expose every detail of that woman beater and drug addict, Charlie Sheen so NO other woman has to get beat by him. Get everything you have. You are doing what Brooke and Denise don't have the kahunas to do becasue they want their rices rather than getting Charlie exposed for who he is.

1462 days ago


this girl is SO PRETTY! why can't she find work in a legitimate line of work? NOT A HOOKER!! she will get OLD and UGLY real fast doing the nasty stuff on film or with OLD FARTS like Charlie Sheen!! Capri, respect yourself!!

1462 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

Great, now others will follow suit and extort celebrities.

She is a hooker, whore, prostitute, skank. She sells her body for money and was doing so the night in question, yet no charges were filed against the ho' bag.

Charlie is also a s***ball and it doesn't excuse his behavior, but it really pisses me off that this chick was allowed to get away with prostitution and now will make a fortune off it. Opening the door for others to follow suit.

1462 days ago
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