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Capri Anderson -- Sheen Drama Is Good for Business

10/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson's XXX stock has gone through the roof ever since she locked herself in a bathroom in Charlie Sheen's hotel room this week  -- TMZ has learned the job offers are pouring in.


Sources close to Anderson tell us she's been hit up with several serious offers ever since TMZ revealed her identity ... most of the offers are "adult" in nature, but since she is a porn star -- nothing's off the table. 

In fact, this morning Anderson received a $50,000 offer to appear in "multiple live adult chat sessions" for a company called iP4Play.

The company claims that, "Due to her recent notoriety, Capri Anderson would be a huge hit among fans of our service."

So far, we're told Capri hasn't made any decisions on her next career move.


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This proves that Hookers are never on the unemployment lines!!

1433 days ago



1433 days ago


I'm willing to bet she stole the watch and hid it up her cooch. Sheen should have made her crouch and cough. She better hope that watch doesn't turn up in a photo some where. It's Hollywood.

1433 days ago


Capri Anderson made her porn debut in a tickling video by Skelyrata. Visit

1433 days ago

Byron Green    

Just another slut looking for a pay day the cops did not arrest him so story over good luck bitch how much coke did you sniff you probably brought it in the first place,its interesting that most of these stories start with the " we were told by a source " so who is the F-U-C-K'n source the Hilton ***? its always the same BS.
Charlie tell that bitch to go f-u-c-k her self and pleeeeeze will u start getting your poop together your getting up there age wise and you have four kids start acting like a Dad. now go finish another 2 1/2 episode its my fave show your the man.

1433 days ago


So now she's gone from $12k to $50k per trick, err... party, err... porn performance? She was reportedly screaming when removed from Sheen's suite. Now I know what she was screaming, "C-A-P-R-I A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N! Spell my name right! And I'm a porn star not an escort! Did you get that?"

1433 days ago


NSFW: Wonder what Capri Anderson looks like naked? Well, here you go. See uncensored pics of Capri at

Pop Culture From A Different Perspective

1433 days ago


"i'm not a whore, i'm not a bitch i'm you just that i whore for living"

1432 days ago


...meow...(...this "woman" deserves all the notoriety and paycheck for whatever she has gone through, and it is really disturbing that a "married man" would act this way...)

1432 days ago

george luis    

weno aca ps cualquier cosita ya les dej mi nuevo mail privado para toda la gentita y para ti tambien ricse jajajajajajajaj weno si es la proxima semana o el otro es ya estoy haciendo la tesis y estaria viajando alima ala univercidad a inscribirme porcierto no saben de mi cariño de nila que es de su vida ya me entere que se fue co el enamorado para brazil que ya se la robaron ajajajaja ya fue esa baina pero saca peladfas el que se la ha robado a esa flaca si no sabe hacer nada no le gusta cocinar jaja caro te va asalir panson responde ah este urgente
co cariño para ti de luis

1432 days ago


Despite the recession, apparently the hooker business is booming. At least the stars in Hollywood who are making all that money are turning around and putting it back in the economy. If all these hookers were paying taxes we might be out of debt in this country.

1432 days ago

Brandon Hex    

I kinda wish SHE could get away with suing Sheen. Cause if a porn star slutlet that didn't even get assaulted in any form can get money off her 'attacker'.. imagine how much money rape victims can start getting if her flimsy little plan actually works for her own selfish ends.

1431 days ago


I remember the days when the internet was a source for academic research and information without any advertising or porn at all. Now that media advertising and corporate interests have taken over, the internet glorifies and rewards whorish, rakish and generally stupid behaviors which children and adults alike copy. How much porn did this girl watch as a child before deciding on a career path as a sex worker? I don't care if an adult wants to do porn, but it concerns me that a girl heads to a porn studio in her 18th year of life.

Advice to Capri - don't piss it all away, you're gonna need it some lonely day.

Advice to son - never ever date a whore.

1431 days ago


anyone know where i can buy her videos?

1431 days ago


This working girl was just doing her job when the great Charlie Sheen got too spaced out and went wacko again. Maybe if he did not mix cocaine with all the other meds he is on he would be all right. Charlie needs to go away for a while, his crap is getting old. I used to watch his shows but I no longer even watch the station he is on much less his show. Maybe if viewers boycotted his show then maybe Hollywood get rid of him. No never mind he is an important member of a long standing Hollywood insider family so it does not matter how immoral he is, we will have to keep seeing his stupid face on TV.

1431 days ago
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