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Capri Anderson -- I Will Sue Charlie Sheen

10/30/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson is getting ready to drop a legal bomb on Charlie Sheen -- TMZ has learned the porn star is planning to sue Charlie for the events that went down during his hotel meltdown in NYC.

Capri Anderson
Sources close to Anderson tell TMZ ... she believes Charlie was acting so crazy in his hotel room at The Plaza Hotel on Tuesday morning -- that she felt her life was in danger ... and she also felt like she was being held in the room against her will.

As we previously reported, Charlie tore the room apart -- busting a chair and causing damage to several hotel items. Capri ended up locking herself in the bathroom and calling hotel security.

Capri claims Charlie also threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops when they interviewed her about the incident.

FYI -- law enforcement sources tell us officials have no plans to file charges against Charlie.


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@Concubine he shot his ex-girlfriend in the arm..She is now Mrs. John Travolta (kelly preston).

1453 days ago


Hookers and hooker/exotic dancers seem to be gold-diggers,always looking to profit at the " Mark's " expense. You're better off not dealing in any way with them, Charley.

1453 days ago

Lee Timmer    

You know, she's a skanky lowlife, but Sheen deserves whatever he gets. When you lie down with a dog, you just might get fleas.

1453 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Charlie should hook-up with Kim Kartrashian, they would make a lovely pair disgusting characters together - They live the same kind of TRASHY Morals!!!

1453 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Money grubbin' fame whore!

1453 days ago


OMG I can smell a Gloria Allred press conference coming soon to tmz..

1453 days ago

todd lee    

SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE.....of course this skank is going to sue, how else is a whore supposed to make a buck, im sure blowing strange men gets old afterawhile

1453 days ago


No way and she is crazy from try make play love and sex Charles.
Charles was his 6 friends from his hotel room. That his ex wife was her friend Capri..... She was lie from herself. Charles didnt drunk from his hotel room. His medication was shocked from his allegery. He went to ER hospital from allergy... She was try play catach love sex for him. She was very too much crazy. Charles won't go to sued for her..... She is lie and try play love sex from most actors and golfers. She will be trouble for go jail......

1453 days ago


That's what whores like her do....keep whoring these body cares about their pathetic crap.

1453 days ago


Lemme see now if I have this right:

1) Charlie Sheen has 98 million dollar contract just signed.

2) Capri is interested in the porn business.

3) She wants to sue him, lets just say for a million dollars.

She's going abount this all wrong, she should marry him and then he'll pay her much more later.

1453 days ago


She will be the most hated woman in america. No matter what Charlie does, he's Charlie. I wouldn't want to be known as the slut that ruined the best TV show on today.

1453 days ago


Wow so this girl is saying " its one thing to get paid to have a man place his penis in my ass and then have me put my mouth on it (its truse,its on video many times with many different people lmao) but to yell at me make me witness a celeb go nuts in a hotel room... thats just wrong!" Sue her for legal fees charlie. I hope that b$%@h gets Aids!

1453 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Is she nuts? Sue because she felt threatened? A prostitute suing because she felt threatened?!? Those lawsuits, if they were allowed would cause the economy to collapse. All of the sudden he threatened her. That would've been one of the FIRST things out of my mouth to NYPD. She is nothing but an opportunist taking advantage of yet another clueless, moronic deuchebag. If the judge is doing his job he will rake her over the coals. Not only that, he should put her away for solicitation of prostitution for as long as the law will allow. Her story is full of holes. Like both of their heads.

1453 days ago


The victim for real is Charlie. This slut whore D-listed porno star stealing a $150,000 watch from him. Look at the bed how it's overturned, he's trying to find the watch. She's so dumb and she's trying to throw the cops off her trail by trying to sue him now. What an piece of **** she is!

1453 days ago


Tmz you need a forum where you can reply to some of these comments. I'm sorry but I would never talk about his sobriety or wish this to happen to anyone. He's just doing what another is thinking about doing or wish could do. It's easy to judge but remember how many are pointing the fingers back at you. You can't honestly believe everything you read. How do you know he knew she was a porn star? For one thing you think he would hook up with someone who could be a carrier of Aids? In addition by looking at her and coupled with her young age you wouldn't think she was a porn star. This life style will catch up with her one day. Folks its just SEX. Should he be more conservative maybe but this is Charlie. Wouldn'T you be mad to if your 150,000 watch disappeared? He or she may have hid it in a vase or something like that and forgot where he put it and or by the way how could she know the value of the watch unless your a collector would you know off hand. My husband hides his keys and jewelry all the time and took him a year to find his keys to his vehicle and one time 6 Mo's to find his jewelry. LOL

1453 days ago
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