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Capri Anderson -- I Will Sue Charlie Sheen

10/30/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson is getting ready to drop a legal bomb on Charlie Sheen -- TMZ has learned the porn star is planning to sue Charlie for the events that went down during his hotel meltdown in NYC.

Capri Anderson
Sources close to Anderson tell TMZ ... she believes Charlie was acting so crazy in his hotel room at The Plaza Hotel on Tuesday morning -- that she felt her life was in danger ... and she also felt like she was being held in the room against her will.

As we previously reported, Charlie tore the room apart -- busting a chair and causing damage to several hotel items. Capri ended up locking herself in the bathroom and calling hotel security.

Capri claims Charlie also threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops when they interviewed her about the incident.

FYI -- law enforcement sources tell us officials have no plans to file charges against Charlie.


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darcy hill    

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Gee, I didn't see that one coming a mile off. When is the male celebrity population going to realize that picking up women in bars is not a good career move and will cost you lots of money. Just ask Tiger, Mel, etc.

1455 days ago


Who care's what she was doing in that room. Seriously does anyone but me see the big picture here. This guy lost his marbles, went on like a raving lunatic, probably did threaten her since that's his usual MO, and she was held against her will because she couldn't get out of the room without fearing for her life. That's why she locked her self up in the bathroom. To get away from the lunatic.

I can't see how anyone can honestly defend this guy anymore. It's no joke that he abuse's women, has been doing it for a very long time and this is no different. Except she called the police to help her.

Unfortunately there really isn't anything they can charge him with, except maybe threatening her, disorderly conduct, and holding her against her will.

I don't blame her one bit for taking him to the cleaners. What I don't understand is why any woman, knowing his history with women would want to be alone in a room with him after he's been drinking and drugging.

I guess only a hooker would take that risk, because a normal level headed girl wouldn't go near him with a 10 foot pole.

To any guy making supportive comments about him, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. This could have been your sister, your daughter, your niece, your mother. He hates women, he kicks the crap out of them because he's too cowardly to pick on someone his own size. He has absolutely no respect for women.

He needs to be fired from his show, but no, after he brutualized his wife on christmas day, what does the network do, they give a 2 million dollar raise to stay on the show. We are the one's who are paying his salary every time we tune in to watch it. And let's not even get started on all the movies we go to see him in, again paying his salary.

He is a danger to all women ! He's nothing but a cowardly punk, junkie alcoholic. He needs to be put in his place. And I hope that any lawsuit this girl files against him will be huge. She deserves every single penny she will get !!

1455 days ago

two cents    

Charlie: But your honor, I didn't know she was a hooker, I thought she was just a one night stand/date. Then she told me to give her $12K or she would call the cops and say I held her against her will. I had no choice. She set me up and she stole my watch when I told her I would not pay her!

Charlie's lawyers are going to have a field day with her. LOL I can't wait.

Why are people splitting hairs over "hooker" and "porn star". Aren't both women paid money to spread their legs? Same differce. Paid to have sex. She's a (bout to be blacklisted) hooker that picked on the wrong person to try to scam.

1455 days ago


"FYI -- law enforcement sources tell us officials have no plans to file charges against Charlie."

Of course not. Just let him off the hook because he's a "star" and makes MILLIONS. One more Hollywood douchbag doing whatever he wants.

1455 days ago


Steals his watch and now wants to sue him.....typical.

1455 days ago


For his behavior,he'll get what he deserves.......AIDS.She's the nastiest human being on this planet.

1455 days ago


A low life girl
that needs a low life attorney.
Sounds like a job for Gloria Allred!

1455 days ago


#67 who's that ---- are you some kind of hillbilly. New York City does not have Sheriff's they have actual Police Officer's. As a matter of fact they have the largest police force in the country with 11,000 + keeping the city safe ! Maybe they do have a Sheriff's Department that are more like process servers, who go around handing out subpeona's or divorce papers. But no Sheriff's with cowboy hats on, riding on a horse....

1455 days ago


#77 my two cents states : "Same differce " forget about the spelling that doesn't even make sense. It's either a difference or it's the same, it can never be same difference. Where did you go to school, obviously one that didn't teach their children well.

1455 days ago


Charlie pays 12k for a hooker and she steals his 100k watch and then sues him? Charlie really should rethink his current lifestyle as well as his choice in paid companions.

1455 days ago


F this slut they need to put her in jail for being a whore .I hate Fing lawyers .

1455 days ago


Lock them both up! One's as bad as the other. Put them in a cell together and let them f..ight it out. In this case I don't feel bad for either one.
He knew what she was and took her to his room anyway, she knows what he's like and stole his watch. I think their evenly matched in stupidity. It will be interesting to see who wins.
I bet the stocks in her pornos will drop now.

1455 days ago


What about Charlie's missing watch? If she didn't steal it, who did? Worthless piece of trash. Her parents must be so proud. Then again maybe her father is her pimp.

1455 days ago


2 words.....Gold Digger

1455 days ago


Isn't asking for 12,000 fro sex, even a dollar illegal? Isn't that prostitution? I say she better be careful.

1455 days ago
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