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Justin Long & Dax Shepard

Handy Men

10/29/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Platonic same-sex man friends Justin Long and Dax Shepard showed some public displays of affection by holding hands as they left a Starbucks yesterday ... with Dax's fiancée Kristen Bell at their side.

Boys will be boys.


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I think this has to do with the Bullying of young Gay people and the series of suicides lately...We are all human 2 men/women hold hands WTF!! Mind your bizness..just mind YOUR bizness

1462 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

who's yer daddy!!

1462 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

that's not gay, that is very homosexual and wrong! wrong!! wrong!!!

1462 days ago


she didn't want to hold Dax's hand so Dax said, "Fine. Whatever." Then Justin, being a sport and trying to add some humor to the awkward moment said, "I wanna hold your hand."

There was a brief joke about how the Beatles REALLY got the idea for the song and Krisitn was still mad for some unknown reason.

1462 days ago


lol, it's so easy to make the tabloids :D

1462 days ago


i would not be surprised if the anti gay comments are as silly and premediatated just for attention just like those two guys holding hands just to get publicity, maybe they are the ones heating up the discussion with fake anti gay speech here on TMZ, it is so extreme i have a hard time seeing it as being for real, all the hate, everybody knows the hand holding is a joke, just like the time dustin hoffman recently kissed a guy at a sports game, all for publicity

if the really famous celebs who really are gay would dare to come out, nobody would freak over these kinds of photos, it is somehow sad that the only gay images among celebs are the jokes of handholding and kissing just for publicity even though you are not gay, being gay is being turned into a joke, which sort of defeats the purpose, i want real gays to really kiss their real partners in front of the paparazzo, jodie foster, kiss your gf, travolta come out already, you know... and these other famous people who do same sex hand holding jokes to stop faking it just for publicity

1462 days ago


I've spent a lot of time in Asia where that is actually fairly normal between straight guy friends... but it still looks really weird for two straight white guys in the US to be doing it!

1462 days ago

Little Miss Sunshine's Mommy    

This photo definitely looks altered- ( photoshop). Justin wasn't even there with them. Dax's hand/arm position to me clearly indicates he is holding A LEASH- someone erased their dog. All these homophobic comments are pathetic.

1462 days ago



Are you one of those right wing idiots that doesn't understand what Freedom of Speech is? Since this is the TMZ forums I'll keep it short and sweet... Freedom of Speech is about the GOVERNMENT restricting your right to say what you want. Private citizens, companies, and internet sites can restrict it all they want in areas they control.

1462 days ago


they are not holding hands, the guy in the front, his arm is swinging backwards while the guy in the backs arm is swinging forward

1462 days ago

Gary M    

Ok, someone explain to me how thats not Gay? Gee i wonder who is the pitcher and catcher in that relationship and Kristen y wasnt he holding ur hand!

1462 days ago


I live in california. I don't see it shocking or anything.

1462 days ago

My New Name    

To SaraBellum and the rest of you idiots who say they aren't actually holding hands, YES THEY ARE - THEIR FINGERS ARE WRAPPED AROUND EACH OTHERS' HANDS.

My gosh - do you people EVER think before you start talking? THE PICTURE IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU AND IT IS CLEAR AS A BELL.

I don't care if they hold hands or not. I care about stupid people who say stupid things as facts when they don't have a damn clue what they are talking about.

1462 days ago

My New Name    

Oh, and one other thing - people who don't agree with a homosexual lifestyle are not "homophobes." There might actually BE people who have a fear of homosexuals, but most of the people who don't agree with homosexual lifestyles JUST DON'T AGREE WITH HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLES. They aren't in "fear" of anyone.

Labeling people who disagree with that lifestyle as a "homophobe" is exactly like labeling someone who is a homosexual a "***."

Can't we all just learn to live WITHOUT all of these labels?

1462 days ago


You people are pathetic morons and homophobes - grow up. People in many European countries, China, Japan, Korea, other areas of Asia and Southeast Asia all hold hands as good friends - boy/boys, girls/girls, adult girls with their mother or father.

Grow up and join the non-bigot world

1462 days ago
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